P. B. Gast & Sons Company

P. B. Gast & Sons Company. Of the inception and development of this prosperous industrial enterprise of Grand Rapids, adequate record is given on other pages of this work, in the personal sketch of Peter B. Gast, under the head of Gast Motor Sales Company, and whose son is now in active charge of the same. In 1896, Peter B. Gast and Frank A. Pulte here engaged in the manufacture of laundry and toilet soaps, under the title of Gast & Pulte, with headquarters at 42 South Jefferson street, which street was later named Lexington avenue, and the number changed to 310. The original partnership continued until 1910, when Mr. Gast purchased the interest of his partner and changed the title of the concern to P. B. Gast Soap Company. In 1919 he purchased the property at 335-41 Lexington avenue and remodeled it for his growing needs, and added a complete line of laundry and janitor supplies to his soap line. He also took into the business at this time two of his sons, Waldemar B. and Ray A., who immediately took charge of two important departments in the business. The firm name was then changed to P. B. Gast & Sons Company. In 1923 he organized the Gast Motor Sales Company for the purpose of selling and servicing Ford cars, with headquarters at Wealthy, Lake Drive and Norwood streets, and immediately took active charge of the new enterprise leaving his other business in the hands of his son, Waldemar B., who holds the position of treasurer and manager. Waldemar B. Gast was born in Grand Rapids, September 2, 1900, and after attending the Catholic parochial and high schools took a position with Golden & Boter Transfer Company as assistant bookkeeper, until he responded to the higher call of patriotism, when the nation became involved in the World war. He enlisted for service in the United States army and was sent to the military training camp at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, where he received the discipline that fitted him for service as an officer. The war closed before there came a demand for the service of his command overseas, and after receiving his honorable discharge he returned to Grand Rapids, where in 1919, he became active in the affairs of his fatherís business, holding the position of secretary and treasurer until the organization of the Gast Motor Sales Company, when he became the actual manager of the business. In the five years he has been with the P. B. Gast & Sons Company he has done much to expand the business, which includes the manufacture of laundry, toilet, liquid and many other soaps, and the handling of varied lines of laundry, janitor and sanitary supplies. He is one of the representative and popular business men of the younger generation in his native city, is a Republican in politics, and is an active communicant of the Catholic church, in the faith of which he was reared.

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