Gordon R. Gamble

Page 523-524 - Gordon R. Gamble is one of the progressive business men of the vital younger generation in the city of Grand Rapids, where he is president of the Stone-Hoult Furniture Company, exclusive wholesale dealers in upholstered furniture. He was one of the Michigan sons who was in active service overseas in the World war, and in this connection he made a record that shall ever reflect honor upon his name. Mr. Gamble was born at Howard City, Montcalm county, Michigan March 18, 1893, and is a son of Edward J. and Elizabeth (Raymond) Gamble, who have maintained their home in Grand Rapids since the year 1904, the father being here the vice-president of the Luce Furniture Company. Gordon R. Gamble obtained his earlier education in the public schools of Howard City and after the removal of the family to Grand Rapids he here continued his studies until his graduation in the Central high school. At the age of eighteen years he established his residence in Duluth, Minnesota, and there he was associated with the retail furniture business during a period of ten years, save for the interval of his World war service. December 13, 1917, within a few months after the United States entered the war, Mr. Gamble enlisted for service in the navy, and was assigned to duty in a naval battery. His preliminary training was received at Great Lakes Naval Station. He saw seven months of service overseas, four of which he was almost continuously under shell fire, while engaged in operating great fourteen-inch guns that were mounted on railway cars. He was in active service until the armistice brought the great conflict to a close, and after his return to his native land he received his honorable discharge, on the 11th of January, 1919. He then resumed his business activities in Duluth, but in 1922 he returned to Grand Rapids, where he is now president of the Stone-Hoult Furniture Company, a concern that is contributing its share to the industrial and commercial precedence of the great "Furniture City" of Michigan. He remains at the parental home, and like his father and mother, he has membership in the Park Congregational Church. He is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity and the American Legion, has membership in the Grand Rapids Motor Club, the Century Club and the Highland Country Club, and is an active member of the Furniture Manufacturers Association, the Grand Rapids Board of Commerce, and the Furniture , Fin and Hunting Club. Mr. Gamble is an enthusiast in aquatic sports, especially yachting and other sailing, and he owns, and keeps in seasonable commission at Ottawa Beach, the schooner "Badger II."

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 25 November 2003