Lee A. Fell

 Page 612-613 - Lee A. Fell. One of the new manufacturing and painting concerns of Grand Rapids is the Trio Body Shop, which, although it has been in existence only since June, 1924, has already built up a business which marks it as one of the thriving companies of its kind in the city. The proprietor of this establishment is Lee A. Fell who was born in New York city, November 14, 1883, the son of Samuel C. Fell, who was also a native of that state. Lee Fell began his education in the public schools of New York city, and when his family moved to Petoskey, Michigan, he completed his elementary education in the graded schools of that city. His parents died in Petoskey, and he came to Grand Rapids where he attended high school, being graduated from that institution. His education completed, he went into the automobile body making business. After several years at this work, he was made foreman of a plant and for twelve years thereafter he was shop foreman for a number of large concerns manufacturing automobile bodies. He is thoroughly conversant with every detail of automobile body construction and has specialized in the sheet metal phase of the work. In June, 1924, he established the Trio Body Shop, for painting, trimming and doing sheet metal work on automobile bodies. He has gathered around him a staff of skilled workmen, insuring the quality of the work which the plant puts out as the best that can be had in that line. Mr. Fell, as manager of his company, is known as a man of the strictest integrity and a manager of excellent executive ability. His shop is located at 700 Bond avenue, northwest, and is equipped in the most modern way to handle the cars that are brought to him. He has built up a trade during his short time in business for himself that has stamped him as one of the aggressive men and citizens of Grand Rapids. In 1907 he married Miss Mona Courtier, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Courtier, of Calumet, Michigan, and to this union has been born one son, Merl. Mr. Fell has made football his hobby and in this sport he has played on several well-known teams.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 30 December 2002