Carroll M. Emerson

Pages 375-376 - Carroll M. Emerson, who is treasurer and general manager of the Richard Storage Company, and also vice-president of the Shank Storage Company, is one of the enterprising business men of Grand Rapids, in which city his parents established their home when he was a child of four months, and in which he was reared to adult age, his public school discipline having included that of the high school and he having thereafter taken a course in a local business college. Mr. Emerson is able to revert to the old Green Mountain state as the place of his nativity, his birth having occurred at Troy, Vermont, May 12, 1878, and he being a son of Moses D. and Etta (Hitchcock) Emerson, the former of whom was born in the year 1840 and the later in 1855. Moses D. Emerson became a furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids and here maintained his home until his death, in 1908, his widow being now a resident of the city of Detroit. Moses D. Emerson was a valiant young soldier of the Union in the Civil war, and in later years he manifested his abiding interest in his old comrades by retaining affiliation with the Grand Army of the Republic. In 1900 Carroll M. Emerson took a position in the People’s Savings Bank of Grand Rapids, which connection he continued for six years as bookkeeper and teller. He next gave ten years of effective administration as manager of the plaster mill and mines of the Albastine Company, and in 1916 he assumed the position of manager at the Ludington plant of the Haskelite Manufacturing Company, an office that he retained until the close of the World war. In 1923, after his return from Ludington to Grand Rapids, he became one of the organizers of the Richard Storage Company, of which he has since continued the treasurer and manager, besides being, as previously noted, the vice-president of the Shank Storage company. Each of these corporations has modern storage plants and controls a substantial business. Mr. Emerson is treasurer of the special police squad of Grand Rapids, is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, and he and his wife hold membership in the Baptist church. He is an enthusiast of outdoor life, and thus finds special satisfaction in maintaining his summer cottage at Whitefish lake. The Emerson home in Grand Rapids is at 352 Hampton avenue, Southeast. In 1904 Mr. Emerson wedded Miss Bertha May McCormick, who had previously been a popular teacher in the Grand Rapids schools, and the one child of this union is a daughter, Mary Janet.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 8 August 2003