Henry Duthler

Page 502-503 - Henry Duthler, who is now one of the reliable, energetic and successful representative of the real estate business in the city of Grand Rapids, was born in the fine old Netherlands of Europe, a son a William and Catherine Duthler, and was reared and educated in his native land. He was twenty-three years of age when he came to Michigan and established his residence in Grand Rapids, where he learned the trade of tool maker, in which he became a skilled artisan. He was employed eighteen months in the adding machine department of the Grand Rapids Brass Company, and during a subsequent period of equal duration he was employed as a tool maker at the plant of the Machine Tool Company of Detroit. Thereafter he was employed by the Mason Motor Company, at Flint, and after his return to Grand Rapids he was for two years employed at the Leitelt Iron Works. His ambition and industry had been directed along progressive lines and he applied himself to learning methods and policies of business in a way that should eventually enable him to engage in business in an independent way. It was within the World war period that Mr. Duthler became associated with the Grand Rapids real estate firm of Harry M. Lehnen & Company, and in this connection he fortified himself well in knowledge concerning the various details and policies of this important line of enterprise. Finally he engaged in the buying and selling of real estate in an independent way and his close application, his discernment and his fair and honorable methods have enabled him to build up a prosperous business, his office headquarters being at 1523 Grandville avenue, southwest. Mr. Duthler is a veritable apostle of the square deal in all of the relations of life, and this has given him secure place in popular confidence and good will--the best of business assets. He has also entered the contracting field, thereby building his own houses for sale.

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