Albert L. Donaldson

Page 493-494 - Albert L. Donaldson, president and general manager of the Donaldson Motor Sales Company, Grand Rapids, has made a record of successful exploitive service in connection with the automotive trade in his native state of Michigan, his birth having occurred in the city of Detroit, on the 17th day of March 1886, and he being a son of John and Margarita Donaldson. His educational advantages were those afforded by the public schools, in which he continued his studies until his graduation in the Central high school of Detroit. Thereafter he took a two years’ course in electrical and mechanical engineering, and he then obtained employment with the Detroit Edison Company. His ambition and good judgment soon lead him to associate himself with the automobile industry, which offered greater opportunities for individual advancement, and accordingly, in 1907, he found employment in the great Detroit factory of the Packard Motor Company. He gained one year of practical experience in the various construction departments of the extensive manufacturing plant, was in service in the sales department for a similar period, and then passed a year in the factory’s specification department having to do with the production of automobile bodies. The following two years found Mr. Donaldson associated with the general sales department of the plant, and he next passed three years as a salesman in the Packard retail department in Detroit. In all of these connections he applied himself to study and practical work, and thus rounded out an experience that makes him familiar with all phases of the motor car industry and business. In 1919 he came to Grand Rapids and organized the Donaldson Motor Sales Company, which has here developed a large and prosperous business in the exploiting and handling of the Packard automobiles. The company has finely equipped headquarters at 250 Michigan avenue, northeast. Mr. Donaldson is president and general manager, Benjamin P. Merrick is vice-president, and Frank S. Chesley is secretary and treasurer.

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 19 August 2003