Arthur F. Crabb

Page 508-509 Arthur F. Crabb - who was born in Grand Rapids, May 3, 1887, and who as a florist conducting a substantial and representative business in his native city is a virtual successor of his father has his well equipped and handsomely appointed retail establishment at 13 Jefferson avenue, southeast, where he utilizes the first floor and basement of the building that has been enlarged and remodeled by him to meet the demands of his constantly expanding business. Mr. Crabb is a son of George F. and Jessie B. (Martin) Crabb, the latter having passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 1923. The father still maintains his home in Grand Rapids, where he was actively engaged in the florist business during a period of virtually forty years, he having in earlier years maintained a partnership alliance with George S. Hunter and controlled a substantial wholesale and retail business. He now gives his attention almost exclusively to landscape gardening, of which he is a leading exponent in this section of Michigan. As a florist George F. Crabb had three large greenhouses, one of which covered the entire block at the corner of Madison and Delaware streets, where are now established public play grounds maintained by the city for the use of the children and youth of that district of Grand Rapids. After his graduation in the high school Arthur F. Crabb continued to be associated with his father's business until 1915, when he established his present and exclusively retail florist business, and his headquarters having been from the start maintained at 13 Jefferson avenue, southeast, though, as previously intimated, he has been compelled to enlarge and otherwise remodel his building in order to make adequate provisions for his now large and well ordered business. He is a member of the Society of American Florists, and the Florist Telegraph Delivery Association, and in 1925 he is serving as treasurer of the Michigan State Florist Association, besides which his is an active member of the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce. Mr. Crabb is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, including the Mystic Shrine, and also with the Knights of Pythias. He has membership in the local Rotary Club, the Peninsular Club, and the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club. In 1911 Mr. Crabb married Miss Margaret Ryan, of Grand Rapids, and they have three children: Robert, Phyllis, and Betty.

Transcriber: Gloria Paas
Created: 13 December 2002