Harold H. Cornelius

Page 289 - Harold H. Cornelius, secretary and treasurer and general manager of the National Co-Operative Oil Company, at Grand Rapids, is one of the aggressive and public-spirited business men of the younger generation of this city who has made his way to prominence and honorable prestige through his own well directed energy and efforts. He has not only achieved success in business, but has gained distinction in the management of large affairs, and well deserves a place in the front rank among the leading business men of the country. Mr. Cornelius was born in the city of Chicago, March 16, 1898, and was an infant at the time his parents, Harold C. and Edith M. (Glidden) Cornelius, moved to Grand Rapids. Here he received the advantages of the public schools, and after his graduation in the Central high school he entered Colgate University, at Hamilton, New York, and was graduated from that institution in 1920 with the degree of Bachelor of Science. He then returned to Grand Rapids, where he soon afterward became assistant to the manager of the National Co-Operative Oil Company and has since been actively identified with this concern. His ability soon became apparent, and in 1924 he was made secretary and treasurer and general manager, and still retains these positions. Besides his business connections, Mr. Cornelius is loyal and public spirited in his civic attitudes and is interested in all measures which have for their aims the advancement of the people and the betterment of existing conditions. He is a Mason, a member of the Commandery and Shrine and of the University, Century, Midday and Cascade Hill Country Clubs, and of the Fountain Street Baptist Church. He was married in 1922 to Miss Eleanor Ward, of Grand Rapids, a daughter of Orin A. Ward, and they maintain a pleasant home at 721 Fountain street, northeast.

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