William C. Chinnick

Page 464 - William C. Chinnick is as popular in Grand Rapids as he is versatile and successful as a progressive business man, and that he provides both entertainment and virtual "public-utility" service in this community is manifest when it is noted that he here conducts a well ordered restaurant that is know as the Stag Cafeteria, well ordered billiard parlors and bowling alleys, and a barber shop of the best modern facilities and service. The Chinnick cafeteria, billiard rooms and bowling alleys are at 119-121 Pearl street. He has billiard rooms also at 91-93 Monroe street, and his popular family cafeteria is at 41 Ionia street, northwest. Mr. Chinnick was born at Chatham, province of Ontario, Canada, September 17, 1864, and is a son of the late William and Elizabeth (O’Connor) Chinnick, the family home having been established in Grand Rapids in 1881 and the father having here been engaged in the restaurant business a number of years and having thereafter removed to the state of Georgia, where he continued in the same line of business until his death, in 1913. William C. Chinnick received his early education in the schools of his native province and was a lad of seventeen years at the time of the family removal to Grand Rapids. He eventually established himself in the restaurant and retail liquor business in this city, and the latter department of the enterprise he conducted, at all times with careful observance of the law and in a distinctly orderly manner, until the national prohibition law brought about its elimination. He still continues his restaurant and billiard parlors in the quarters that he has occupied during the past twenty-eight years, and he takes pride in having the only stag cafeteria in the city of Grand Rapids. He also still conducts his tonsorial parlor, which is located in the same building and is one of the best in the city. In his various enterprises he has large and appreciative supporting patronage, and he has secure place in popular confidence and esteem in the city that has been his home for many years and to which his loyalty is unwavering. He is a member of the Association of Commerce, and is also affiliated with the Elks’ Club, the Peninsular Club, the Cascade Country Club, the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club, and the Grand Rapids Whist club. His family are communicants of the Catholic cathedral church of St. Andrew. Mr. Chinnick married Miss Jeanette Gibson, of St. Clair, this state, and they have three daughters: Helen, Marian and Dorothy. Helen was graduated in the Michigan State College as a member of the class of 1923, and is now engaged in social service work in Lansing, Michigan; Marian is a student in Michigan State College, and Dorothy is attending the Central high school.

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