Roger C. Butterfield

Pages 170-171 - Roger C. Butterfield, of the representative Grand Rapids law firm of Butterfield, Keeney & Amberg, with offices in the Michigan Trust Building, is well upholding the professional and civic prestige of a family name that has been one of prominence in the annals of Grand Rapids history during a period of more than half a century, as may be seen by reference to the memoir that appears on other pages of this publication that is dedicated to his father, the late Roger W. Butterfield, who was long an honored and distinguished member of the Michigan bar and who was established in the practice of his profession in Grand Rapids more than fifty years. Roger C. Butterfield was born in Grand Rapids May 30, 1879, in the family home at 231 Paris avenue. His father was not only a leading member of the Grand Rapids bar but was also prominently identified with important financial and industrial corporations in this city, he having been for many years a director of the Grand Rapids Savings Bank, and having been also president of the Grand Rapids Chair Company, director of the Imperial Furniture Company from the time of its organization until his death; president of the Widdicomb Furniture Company from the early nineties until its reorganization in 1915, and financially allied with other important industrial corporations. These brief statements concerning the business interests of the late Roger W. Butterfield are here entered as supplemental to the data appearing in his personal memoir. Roger C. Butterfield was graduated in the Central high school of Grand Rapids as a member of the class of 1897, and in 1901 he was graduated in the University of Michigan with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. In the law department of that university he was graduated as a member of the class of 1903, and after thus receiving his degree of Bachelor of Laws he became associated with the law firm of which his father was the senior member and to membership in which he himself was admitted in 1906. He is a director of the Grand Rapids Chair Company, and the Imperial Furniture company, and has served as a director of the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce. Mr. Butterfield was a director of the Schubert Club of Grand Rapids from 1905 to 1924, was its secretary two years, and was its president six years. He takes deep interest in all that tends to advance the cultural, civic and material progress and prosperity of his native city. He is affiliated with the Psi Upsilor college fraternity, and has membership in the Peninsular, the University and the Kent Country clubs.

Transcriber: Terry Start
Created: 6 January 2003