Charles G. Bullock

Page 302 - Charles G. Bullock, secretary and treasurer of the Grand Rapids By Products Company, was born at Little Falls, New York, a son of Levi and Angeline (Cool) Bullock, and he was a lad of thirteen years at the time of the family removal to Grand Rapids, his father having become prominently identified with the lumber industry of Michigan. The subject of this review gained his rudimentary education in the public schools of Grand Rapids, besides which he completed a course in the Swensberg Business College. At the age of eighteen years Mr. Bullock entered the employ of the E.P. & S.L. Fuller Lumber Company, and about a year later he took a position in the freight department of the Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railroad, which is now a part of the Grand Trunk system. He continued his service with this railroad seven years, and during the ensuing eight years was in charge of the freight department of the Columbia Transfer Company. He next became associated with the Krone & Roden Company, engaged in the hide, fur and tanning business, and in 1922 he became associated with William D. Batt and Peter D. Mohrhardt in purchasing the plant and business of the Grand Rapids Glue Company, this representing one of the oldest of the pioneer industries of the city. The concern was reorganized under the title of the Grand Rapids By Products Company, and the officers of the corporation are as here designated:

William D. Batt, president, he being the subject of a personal sketch elsewhere in this work; Peter D. Mohrhardt, vice-president; and Charles G. Bullock, secretary and treasurer. The principal product of the company’s factory is high-grade poultry food, for which there is demand throughout the various sections of Michigan, and at the factory a corps of twenty-five employes is retained. The company was first in Michigan to utilize the dry-rendering system, and its business is now the largest of its kind in the state. The company has recently purchased the Grand Rapids plant formerly used for the manufacture of picric acid, the buildings are being remodeled, new headquarters of the industry conducted by the Grand Rapids By Products Company, which has in this new location a land holding of seventeen and one-half acres. The new plant will be in full operation before the time this publication is issued.

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Created: 22 October 2003