Joseph C. Bogerd

Page 501-502 - Joseph C. Bogerd, proprietor of the Clifton Hotel in the city of Grand Rapids, was born at Dayton, LaSalle county, Illinois, October 5, 1875, and is a son of Adrian and Mattie (Wagemaker) Bogerd, the former of whom was born in Oudekerk, Holland, and the latter of whom was a resident of Grand Rapids at the time of her marriage, the Wagemaker family, of Holland Dutch origin having early been founded in western Michigan. Adrian Bogerd came to the United States in 1868 and first settled near Dayton, Illinois, whence he later came to Grand Rapids, where was solemnized his marriage to Miss Mattie Wagemaker. He soon afterward returned to Dayton, Illinois, and about eighteen months after the birth of his son Joseph C., of this sketch, he removed with his family to Danforth, Iroquois county, Illinois, in order to be near the church of his wife's choice, that of the Dutch Reformed denomination. Adrian Bogerd continued as one of the substantial farmers of Illinois for many years, but in 1882 he came again to Grand Rapids, where he still maintains his home, on Niles Court, his wife having passed to the life eternal in 1893. The public schools of Danforth, Illinois, and the city of Grand Rapids afforded Joseph C. Bogerd his youthful education, but as a lad of twelve years he found employment in the Comstock pail factory, where he received $2.40 a week for his services. At the same wage he later was employed six months at the factory of the Worden Furniture Company, and at the age of fourteen years he took a position in the Bissell carpet sweeper factory, at a compensation of $3.50 a week, of which amount he gave $3.35 each week to his mother, with the result that he had a reserve of the stupendous weekly fund of fifteen cents to "spend in riotous living." He remained at the Bissell factory about one year, and about this time he witnessed a large parade of union men, and the impression made upon him in this connection was such that he determined to become a member of a union. In consonance with this ambition he served an apprenticeship to the trade of cigar maker, in the factory of John Vanderweiden, his association with cigar making having continued, however, only one year. In 1902 Mr. Bogerd formed a partnership with William Kareman and engaged in the retail liquor business on Lyon street, the business proving so successful that the firm soon purchased the large house which they had thus rented. The business was there continued ten years, when the firm was offered a good price for the property and found it expedient to sell the same. They then purchased the Eagle building, on the opposite side of the same street, and in the following year Mr. Kareman died, his interest in the business having then been purchased by Mr. Bogerd, who later remodeled the building and who has here successfully conducted since that time a well ordered hotel whose charges for accommodations are moderate. Mr. Bogerd married Miss Blanche Joppe, daughter of Cornelius Joppe, of Grand Rapids, and the one child of this union is a daughter, Donna June. John and Leazo Bogerd, brothers of the subject of this review, served the Spanish-American war, as member of Company B of the Grand Rapids Battalion of Infantry, the former of whom also served in the World war overseas, and was commissioned second lieutenant.

Transcriber: Gloria Paas
Created: 25 November 2002