Ira Blossom

Ira Blossom, general agent for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, has attained success in a long business career, of which over a quarter of a century has been spent in the life insurance business with the company just named. But he came to that business and to that company with a broad foundation acquired in other lines of business. Ira Blossom was born in Allegan county, Michigan, on August 1, 1868. After finishing his work in the public schools of that county he took a commercial course at Ferris Institute at Big Rapids, Michigan. He launched into business circles through employment for the Falcen Manufacturing Company of Big Rapids. He then engaged in the drug business at Morley, Michigan, for himself for a period of four years, and then he clerked in a drug store at Marquette, Michigan for two years. In 1889 he chose the insurance field and started in that work as an agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and in the past twenty-six years has advanced steadily with this company. He remained in Marquette until 1905, when he came to Grand Rapids. Here he worked for G. H. Newell, a well known insurance man, who followed that work in Grand Rapids until his death at an advanced age. In 1910 the efficient service of Mr. Blossom was recognized by a partnership with Mr. Newell and the promotion of Mr. Blossom to a general agency. He and Mr. Newell continued as general agents in partnership until 1920, since which time Mr. Blossom has held that position alone. In addition to his insurance duties, Mr. Blossom is a director in the Industrial Mortgage Investment Company. A very active interest in educational matters has been displayed by Mr. Blossom by virtue of which he now holds the chairmanship of the educational committee in the Association of Commerce of Grand Rapids. In Masonic circles he is a Knight Templar. He was married in 1892 to Miss Olive M. Gilmer of Big Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Blossom and his wife are members the Westminster church, in the affairs of which his wife maintains an efficient activity. She is also a member of the Ladies Literary Club, known as L. L. C. Their children are Clark, born in Morley, Michigan, in 1900, and now engaged in the printing business; Leonard H., born January 11, 1905, and a graduate of the Central high school and now in business with his father, and Chauncy E., born in Grand Rapids on December 25, 1912.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 21 February 2005