Arthur H. Barnes

Pages 378-379 - Arthur H. Barnes, manager of the Grand Rapids branch of the Great Western Oil Company, has notably broad and varied experience along the important line of enterprise of which he is now a representative. In fact, virtually his entire business career has been one of association with the concern of which he is how a representative, he having succeeded his father as manager of the Grand Rapids branch shortly after the death of his father. Mr. Barnes was born in Grand Rapids, February 25, 1892, and is a son of Frank H. and Mary Ellen (McNamara) Barnes, whose marriage was solemnized in this city, where Mrs. Barnes has maintained her home since her childhood. Frank H. Barnes was born, reared and educated in Cleveland, Ohio, his father, a native of England, having settled in that city in an early day. In his native city Frank H. Barnes was long in the employ of the Scofield, Sherman & Teagle Company, engaged in the oil business, and finally he was made manager of the Grand Rapids branch of the company’s business. He retained this position after the business was sold in turn to the Republic Oil Company and the Standard Oil Company. In 1906 the Standard Oil Company sent him to Japan, and after serving three months as assistant manager of the company’s business in Japan and Korea, he returned to Grand Rapids, the many advantages and attractions of which had greatly appealed to him from the time he first established his home here. Here he was made manager of the local branch of the Great Western Oil Company, which had been organized in 1901, and of this executive position he continued the efficient incumbent until his death, in 1915, when his son Arthur H., of this sketch was chosen his successor. In the Grand Rapids public schools Arthur H. Barnes continued his studies until he had profited by the curriculum of the high school, and he then took a position in the office of his father, he having thus run the full gamut of practical experience in the oil business, so that he was well fitted for the executive responsibilities that came to him when he was made manager of the local branch upon the death of his honored father. He has retained this office ten years and in the same has fully justified his selection for the position. In 1919 all of the western Michigan branches of the Great Western Oil Company were sold to the Sinclair Refining Company, but the Great Western continued to maintain its offices in Grand Rapids, and in 1921 the company established headquarters here at 524 Oakdale street, where are maintained its modern storage and service departments, as well as the offices. Mr. Barnes is one of the progressive young business men of his native city, is a Republican in politics and is identified with various business, fraternal and social organizations of representative order. His wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Youell, was born and reared in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 8 August 2003