Early Settlers of Sparta Township,
Kent County, Michigan

William Henry Chapman, of Sparta Township, was a half-brother of Tracy Chapman.  After William's mother, Betsy Blake, died, the father, Harlow Chapman remarried Catherine Van Loon (Liew).  When Harlow died of TB, the widow, Catherine, took her step-children, William H. and Ann Eliza, as well as her own 3 children, Lois, Tracy and Rhoda into the Shakers.  Catherine died of TB while at the Shaker group at Groveland, NY, when Tracy was five years old.  Eventually, it is believed that all of the children left the Shakers.  Harlow was the son of Thomas Chapman and Sarah Gillette, married at Roxbury, CT in 1800.  Sons Harlow, Curtis and Sheldon were baptized there in 1807.  It is believed that there was at least one more child-female.  The family are believed to have moved to NY before 1813.  Thomas's parents are unknown.

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 28 June 2002