Some Lisbon School Students, 1946-1951

(This information given by William Morrison)

Teacher: Mrs. Josephine Beuschel

  1. Carol Beuschel, sister to Dennis and Virginia

  2. Dennis Beuschel

  3. Virginia Beuschel

  4. Lois Irish

  5. Pat Irish

  6. Barbara May and sister

  7. Leona Mitchell

  8. Robert Morrison

  9. William Morrison

  10. Pat Passmore

  11. Bert Phinney

  12. Charlene Phinney

  13. John Phinney

  14. Darlene Reister

  15. Lawrence Reister

  16. Mary Ann Snyder

  17. Barbara Van Oeffelen

  18. Ruth Van Oeffelen

  19. Stephen/Steven Witt

Additional information:

Darlene and Lawrence Reister were not brother and sister.  Darlene lived west of Kenowa on 12 Mile Road and Lawrence lived north of 12 Mile Road on Kenowa.
The Phinney's lived on the southeast corner of Kenowa and 13 Mile Road
The Beuschel's lived on 12 Mile Road, east of Kenowa.
There were other Passmore's but the names are not known.  They lived near Darlene Reister.
The Irish girls and other siblings lived right in Lisbon on 12 Mile Road just east of Kenowa.
The Morrison brothers lived in the big white house part way between 10 Mile and 12 Mile Roads on Fruit Ridge, right across from the Reister farm.
Steve Witt lived one mile west of the Morrison home on Kenowa..

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 12 February 2004