Isaac Winegar

Isaac Winegar, son of Isaac and Leah (Vosburg) Winegar was born 12 Jan 1816 in Chenango County, NY, a descendant of Ulric Winegar.

Isaac was raised in agriculture and at twenty-two years engaged in harnessmaking; afterward he worked at it as a journeyman. His shop was at Crane’s Corners (known today as Winegar’s Cemetery), later on he worked as a carpenter and this he followed since 1845. He did a lot of work on his house, planned and built his barn, a structure 32 x 44 feet and 16 feet from sill to plate.

Mr. Winegar was married to Sarah f. Whitcomb 31 Dec 1840 in Litchfield, NY. Of the five children born to them, two are living: Isaac M., born 11 Apr 1842 and Edith M. born 8 Sep 1866.

He came to Michigan the fall of 1845 and bought 80 acres absolutely wile with no traces of civilization. He owned 80 acres under improvement, the result of his own labor in section 28 and 53 ½. He also, owned two lots and a residence on Main Street at Byron Center. Mr. Winegar received a limited education and set out in the world without aid; has earned for himself a comfortable independence and his name will pass to his posterity as that of a man without reproach.

He was a Lt. in the Regular NY State Inf, commissioned in 1844. He has been Justice of the Peace for a number of years and is connected with the Odd Fellows Encampment at Salem Center.

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