Adelaide M. Gibson, was born in Detroit, Michigan, 5 Dec 1846. Her parents moved to Byron township, and in her later years she taught at least two years in the Winchester school. One of these years was 1870-1871. On 14 Sep 1871, she married Albert A. Foote, a brother of Frank Foote. They had four children: Ernest G., died at the age of six months, the other lived to maturity. They were all born in Byron Township. Louis Howard, born 21 Sep 1873, died 9 Jul 1954 at Forest Grove, Oregon; Alberta Wade, born 2 Feb 1875, died 27 Dec 1909 at Germfask, Michigan; Grace Adelaide, born 27 Dec 1876. Her married name is Mrs. Anson B. Hodgins, Superior, Montana.

Adelaide M. (Gibson) Foote, was a small slender woman with dark hair and eyes, she possessed both dignity and a sense of humor. She did not sing but when bedtime came, recited poem after poem to her children. Many of these were thrillingly patriotic, others simply lovely and one child who, like her, could not sing but could memorize easily, remembers them all.

A great reader she was, interested in world and community movements and had a keen perception of values in life. In 1880 the family moved onto a homestead in Charlevoix County, and her intellectual qualities made her a great asset to the new settlement though her physical forces were not those needed by a pioneer woman. Many young people sought her assistance in their studies and no child was denied. She was indeed a wonderful mother to all. (This was written by her daughter, Grace Hodgins.)

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