Noah L., Alonson H. and Sanford Crocker

Noah L. Crocker was born Dover, Cuyahoga Co., OH on 30 Mar 1819. He was the son of Noah and Betsey (Foote) Crocker. In 1853 he bought 80 acres in Byron and ten years later, added 40 more acres. He was one of the founder of the Methodist class which later helped to form the Methodist Episcopal Church. He married 15 Nov 1879 to Betsey E. Sadler. Four children were born to them in Dover, OH and five in Byron township. He was a republican. They belonged to the Adventist Church.

Alonson H. Crocker, eldest son of Noah L. and Betsey (Sadler), was born in Cuyahoga County, OH on 22 Nov 1846. At the age of twenty-three he became the owner of 40 acres in section 14 to which he added one hundred acres. He married 20 Jan 1870 Frances Willard, daughter of Aaron and Betsey E. (Jaquay) Willard, born in Jefferson Co., NY 24 May 1848. They had a son, Fred Avery, born 4 Mar 1877. Mr. Crocker had two steam threshing machines and a portable saw-mill, which he had in operation at the proper time

Sanford Crocker, son of Noah l. and Betsey E. (Sadler) was born in Dover, OH on 19 Jul 1852. At the age fo twenty-two he purchased 40 acres in section 14 in 1879 and added twenty more acres. He married Miranda Lilly on 16 May 1874, daughter of Albinus and Julia (Sadler) Lilly. Their children were, Leo, born 1876 and Laurel, born 1878. Mrs. Crocker was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Crocker was a republican


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