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Corinth Reformed Church

    The present Community Reformed Church of Corinth was originally a "child" of the First Congregational Church of Dorr, now known as the First Congregational Church of Moline, which is now a Baptist Church.

    For several years previous to 1893, Sunday School services with an occasional preaching service, conducted by men of various denominations were held in the school house.  Several residents of Corinth and vicinity finally became desirous of confessing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and resolved to united as a church.  Twenty-eight persons had the faith and courage to take this step, and on 10 Feb 1893, the First Congregational Church of Corinth, was organized.  Twenty-three members were formally transferred by letter from the Dorr Congregational Church to Corinth.  These charter members were: Oscar & Mary VanLew, William & Kate Allen, Almilela Mochmar, Bertha Mochmar, Jacob & Ruth Hacker, Frank & Mary King, Susie Bates, Carrie Bates, Herman & Harriet Huff, Ellen VanLew, Percy Herman, Ramond Herman, Lydia York, eugene & Hattie Fargo, Labin Treat, Mary Marshall and Earnest Layndyk.  The first election of officers was held on February 11, and the following devoted men were elected as the first officers of the new church: Deacons - Oscar VanLew, Dr. W. E. Allen, clerk, Jacob Hacker and Frank King, treasurer.  Mr. H. Appleton was called to be the first regular pastor.

    A committee was chosen to secure a site for a church building and pledges to finance same.  Plans were made to proceed with the building of a church not to exceed $1,500 in cost.  However, much of the labor was donated.  Dr. Allen, acting as superintendent of the construction.  We are thankful to God that the same Christian Spirit which was so evident in those days is still prevailing today.

    The laying of the corne stone took place on 1 Jun 1893, and on October 22, the building was dedicated with appropriate dedicatory services.  With faith in God and love for their fellowmen this small group launched forth to proclaim the gospel and build up the Kingdon of God on earth.  Already several generations have been the recipients of their prayers and efforts, as the church has grown.

    Rev. Appleton served as pastor until 1895.  He was followed by Rev. P. H. Robinson, 1895-1897; Adam d. Whaley, 1897-1900; Rev. C. A. Reiley, 1900-1901; Rev. John Gordon, 1901-1905; Rev. E. E. Harring, 1905-1906; Rev. A. E. Cragg, 1906-1908; Rev. G. W. Brownback, 1908-1909; Rev. F. E. Laslette, 1910-1912; and Rev. Robert Gordon who served for six years from 1912-1918.  These men served the church faithfully and ministered to the spiritual needs of the community, receiving as remuneration salaries varying from $50 to $150 per year.  This was  possible due to the fact that the pastorate was in conjunction with the mother Church of Moline.

    Following the pastorage of Rev. Gordon, the church was vacant for some time and supply preachers were difficult to obtain.  Much of the time there were no services.  In the meantime, several Reformed families had moved into the community and being familiar with the customs of their Theological Seminary of Holland, of sending out student preachers, prevailed upon the church to try this method of pulpit supply.

    On December 1, 1920, a congregational meeting was held and a resolution was made to change from a Congregational Church to a Reformed Church.  A committee of Classis met with the congregation and organized the Community Reformed Church of Corinth, and transferred the membership to same.  The members of the first consistory were: elders, John Burgess and Frank dean; Deacons - George Ledger and Ren Burgess.  The members who transferred: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Frank King, Mr. & Mrs. Elgin King, Mrs. Mary VanLew, Mr. & Mrs. George Ledger, Mr. & Mrs. John Burgess, Mr. John Blain, Miss Esther Blain, Mrs. Nellie Grantham, Mrs. Mary Carpenter, mrs. Harry Burgess, Mrs. Daniel Burgess, Mr. & Mrs. Ren Burgess, Miss Marie Burgess, Miss Adele Montle and Mrs. Cora King Schantz.  Two couples transferred from the First Reformed Church of Jamestown, namely Mr. & Mrs. John Rynbrandt and Mr. & Mrs. John Nyenhuis.  Also received into membership at this time by confession of faith were Mrs. Hattie Shoemaker and Mr. & Mrs. Bert TerHaar.

    These small beginnings led to greater things for Christ.  The church experienced a gradual increase in membership and attendance, and in the spirit of love an harmony and in devotion to her tasks, her labors being crowned this evening (Tuesday, May 31, 1938) with the building of a new parsonage dedicated to the service of Her Lord and Master.

    From 1921-1932, the church was served with student pastors, but feeling the need of a regular pastor, Rev. John VanZomeren was called in May, 1932.  He served until death claimed him in July, 1934.

    The following spring, A. J. Ebbers, graduate student of Western Theological Seminary was extended a call, and in June of that year he was duly ordained and installed as pastor.  Under his leadership, the church has been richly blessed by God.

    The only charter members still in the church (1938) were Mr. and Mrs. Frank King.

    At the present time (1957) we have with us, Rev. and Mrs. Peter J. Breen and their three children; David, Stephen and Mary.  they have worked so faithfully among the community and church.

    Dedicating ourselves to the glory of His Name, let us resolve anew, that by His help and grace, we shall do greater things for the Master.

"Forward we'll go where Thou shalt lead,
Assured Thou wilt supply our need.
The Thrill of service stirs the soul
When Christ, our Leader, guards His goal.


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