Carlisle Evangelical United Brethern Church

    In the summer of 1895, the desire for a Sunday School in the Winchester School Community stirred and manifested itself in the hearts of two mothers, who felt the need o religious servies for their children and others.  These mothers were Mrs. Eunice Lilly and Mrs. Agnes Loomis.  Mr. Frank Lohman was also desirous of establishing a Sunday School.

    After a thorough canvass of the neighborhood, a fine Sunday School was organized, with Mr. Lohman as Superintendent.

    Upon the coming into the nieghborhood of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bear and family from Grand Rapids, a minister was secured.  Mr. Bear who was a founder of First U. B. Church of Grand Rapids, was instrumental in getting their pastor, Rev. Goshert, to preach Sunday afternoon at the school.

    In the fall, Rev. Goshert was transferred to Caledonia U. B. Church, with orders to organize a church at Carlisle, Winchester school house.  There were but a few charter members but many more were added to the roll reaulting from a stirring revival which was held that winter.  Services were held in the school house until 1900.

    As the congregation grew, a need for a church building presented itself.  Mr. Bear and Mr. Ackerson were the committee appointed, with $100.00.  $50.00 given by each of these men, a church building was purchased and moved from Fisher Station to its present site.  It was repaired and dedicated in November, 1901.

    In 1910, the building was raised and a fine basement was constructed, also, a furnace installed.  In 1928, a complete kitchen was built.

    A modern seven-room parsonage was built in 1937, and dedicated November 14, 1937.

    Later a small addition was added to the church by two additional outside doors and exit from the basement.

    The present membership is 117, and Sunday School average is 75 attendance. (1957)


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