Charles A. Levett, Meat Deliveryman

Mr. Charles A. Levett, on his meat route in 1891.  The customer he waited on was Mrs. Godfrey.  Notice the scale on the back of the meat box.  Those were the days of grocery and meat routes.
C. A. Levett started a meat market in 1890, in the Sam Hoby building on Main Street, where Rynbrandt Hardware and Lumber Company is today (1957). 
Later, he built his own meat market which still stands just east of the Byron Center Hotel.  With failing health, he had to quit business in 1902, and died in 1907,
leaving a widow and four girls, Mrs. Redepha Levett Bieber, Mrs. Eva (Frank) Modreske, Mrs. Joe (Daisy) McCune, Mrs. Lula (Cluade) Hoffman
 and on son, Carl, who did steel roofing and furnace work in Byron Center until 1935, when his family moved to Martin, Michigan.  All live in the vicinity of Byron Center.
Mrs. Ina Levett, mother of above children, celebrated her birthday 15 Nov 1957, at the age of 87 years.

Scanned and Transcribed by ES
Created: 30 March 2014