Old Apple Drier and Crew - 1890

    This building was originally the Grange Hall.  In 1890, it was changed into an Apple Drier.
Top of the building: Charles Westcott, David Irwin, Gene Kenney, Charles ------, Les. Colley, ----- Lockwood, Sandford Lockwood, Will Westcott, Fred McConnel, Bert Westcott
In the Windows: Agnes O'Meara, Minnie Colley, William Hirst, Mary Kenney, Lavina McConnel, Will Kreager, Jay Williams in door.  Watson Colley driving team.  J. H. Kenney with wheelbarrow.
Girls from left to right: ------, Ada Colley, Mary and Edith Winegar, Myra Kenney, Mary Christian, Lucy Colwell, Mary Billings, Edna Keeney, Della McConnel, Mrs. Palmer, Lelia Blain

    In this building they dried apples.  They would be sliced first and then go through the drying process.  Then they would be put in large containers and sold in the bulk to the grocery stores.
Customers would buy them and make pies, sauce and various baked pastries from them.  Large numbers of fruits were stored this way and used.
When the fruit was ready to be harvested, the farmers would load up their wagons and take it to the Apple Drier.  There the fruit was placed in large containers until ready to be used.

    In the year 1873, the township had 469 horses and mules and 116 working oxen.  In the same year the township produced 49,000 pounds of maple sugar or about 33 pounds for each man, woman and child.  Much of the maple sugar was exchanged, pound for pound, for cane sugar.

    In 1876 assessed valuation was $330, 933.00.  In 1957 assessed valuation was $3,527,150.00.
Much progress has been made from home made appliances, home made farm tools, horse or mule drawn wagons or the wooden plow, the tractors, some with as many as five plows to work the ground at one time, all kinds of mechanized machinery is in use today.  Where farmers using a team of horses, and stacking his shocks of corn, then in the winter, sit outside and husk it.  Today there is machinery that picks the corn from the stalk in the field, loads into a tractor wagon and hauls it into the barn.


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Created: 30 March 2014
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