Alto, The Market Place

(Grandville Ave. Record, 26 Oct 1917, pg. 6)

Alto is a prosperous farming community. The population of Alto, as of the last census, is 400.

On September 24th the Pere Marquette railway began business in the new concrete and fire-proof passenger station and freight office. It is heated by a furnace.

W. H. Watts will soon move into a new modern two-story store building, built of concrete and tile and faced with tapestry brick with a ground floor space 50 x 85 feet. The second floor will be used by the Odd Fellows as lodge rooms. Mr. Watts has been in business for 23 years, 14 of those as a general merchant. He recently completed a successful Red Cross members drive securing 175 members in this vicinity.

The Alto Co-operative Creamery made 300,000 lbs. of butter and paid out for cream $130,000 last year. The co-op is conducted on a strictly co-operative basis. After the operating cost and a sinking fund, the balance is divided among the members. The business continues to grow due to increased herds and increased membership. Deliveries are made daily to the New York market.

The banking facilities are adequate. The Farmers State bank shows a consistent gain in resources. The current officers are: Edison O’Harrow, president; Volney C. Walton, vice-president; C. M. Campau, vice-president and E. B. Campau, cashier.

The Alto Elevatory has completely remodeled their plant.

Through the efforts of Charles R. Foote of Alto, the Michigan standard school was established. He introduced the state bill permitting districts having 75 or more students to organize a graded school and Alto now has a model standard high school.

The Altos boys were the baseball champions of Kent in 1917. The girls are progressing in the methods of farm household economics under the tutelage of Margaret Johnson, a practical agricultural expert.

Mr. E. F. Lee is superintendent of this school.

Dintman Brothers, hardware and agricultural implement dealers have recently enlarged their store rooms.

Ward W. Proctor, of the Hotel Proctor, states that he will remodel the hotel to keep abreast of the other town improvements.

Charles E. Brown, druggist, is a hard working member of the school board, as trustee, and an Alto booster.

Z. E. Gooding is a new comer to Alto but is a real booster of the community.

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