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Fallasburg Schoolhouse and Misner Museum Opens to Visitors
Kent County, Michigan

The Fallasburg Historical Society opened the 1867 one-room Fallasburg Schoolhouse and the new Misner Museum on May 30. The two museums will be open each Sunday through October 17. Admission of $1.00 for adults and 25 cents for children age 5-12 will entitle guests to tour both buildings. Members of Fallasburg Historical Society are admitted free.

The schoolhouse, restored to its original appearance, is furnished with desks from many periods. Many class pictures are on display, and the "back room" features a model of Fallasburg Village and periodicals related to history.

The Misner Museum, a new copy of the old house that could not be saved, will feature the Fallasburg Covered Bridge in photographs, artwork, advertisements, cartoons and models.

A photographic record of the bridge restoration of 1995 will be shown, along with a superb model of the bridge by Dwight Nash, and the plans. Older pictures of the bridge and other covered bridges will also be on display.

Fallasburg Historical Community is four miles north of Lowell. On Lincoln Lake Road, follow the signs to Fallasburg Park and Covered Bridge; the Misner Museum and Schoolhouse are across the bridge.

As announced in Grand Rapids Family magazine, June 1999. Mark Dettman, author.

Additional information on Fallasburg:

Fallasburg Village

Fallasburg Village was founded in the 1830’s by two brothers, Silas and Edwin Fallas who operated a flour and lumber mill on the banks of the Flat River

The village consists of 42 acres and included a cemetery, a schoolhouse, which is a museum, a cemetery and three homes, two of which have become museums. A covered bridge is located on the road as you enter Fallasburg Village.

As of 1999, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned by the Fallasburg Historical Society.

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