Published Monthly during the school year

by the Students of Union High School

Grand Rapids, Michigan


May, 1918 Volume 1

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The Junior Department, including the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth grades, is a important part of our High School. These three grades are fully organized and the students are anxious to co-operate with the upper classmen. The following are the officers who were recently elected:

Ninth Year

President Dennis Strong

Vice President Roy Kee

Secretary Muriel Bowbeer

Executive Committee Dorine Lang, Jacob Hoogerhyde, Muriel Bowbeer

Faculty Supervisor Mabel E. Allen

Faculty Assistants Eugenia Babcock, C. A. Everest

Eighth Year

President Derk Duthler

Vice President Joe Alexander

Secretary Lucile Schaafsma

Treasurer Katherine Tyner

Executive Committee Walter Studley, John Venlet, Ruth Smith

Faculty Supervisor C. A. Everest

Faculty Assistants Helen Edmunds, Mabel E. Allen

Seventh Year

President Arthur Zoet

Vice President Goldie Yager

Secretary Dorothy Hamilton

Treasurer Adrian Poley

Executive Committee Julius Riegling, Frank Burnett, Charlotte Burtt

Faculty Supervisor Harriet Thomasma

Faculty Assistants A. Avery, Mary McLennan



Charlotte Eckert Editor-in-Chief

Harry Himelstein General Manager

Samuel Himelstein Business Manager

Edna Groff Literary Department

Theresa Lammers Literary Department

Edythe Lawson Art Department

Louise Gilleo Art Department

Exchange Editor Martin Henry

Alumni Editor Van F. Harper

Athletics Walter Wohlgemuth

Humor Archie Vis

Advertising Herman Wepman

Accountant Henrietta De Boer



Miss Keck

Miss Elsie Duthie

Miss Conlon

Miss Strahan

Miss Riggs

Miss Van Hosen

Miss Dun

Thelma Cook

Ruth Smith

Theresa Lammers

Miss Jennings



The students receiving the highest scholarship honors in '18 class are:


I Edna Groff, 2510

II Jennie Hootkins, 2458


I Henrietta DeBoer, 2459

II Mildred Kuenzel, 2445 1/2


I Charlotte Eckert, 2420

I Maurice Alberda,, 2292



The personnel of our 1918 basketball team includes five Seniors and two Juniors.

Hill, [No first name]

Horn, Harold "Horny"

Krumheuer, Wayne "Crow"

Miller, Irwin "Dutch"

Raman, Ed "Skinny"

Rand, Coach Frank L.

Wingen, Van "Mart"

Younglove, Fred



Roland Tisch, who enlisted in Hospital Unit Q, has been transferred to the tank service, and when last heard from was stationed in England.

Second Lieutenant Roy Johnson, a graduate of 1912, is commanding a company of Sammies on the western front.

Ensign John Bek, '13, visited Union a few days ago in his uniform, and gave a very interesting talk to one of Miss Conlon's History classes on the subject of the different ranks of the Navy.

Lieutenant Avery Gilleo, who is in France, will soon be transferred from the infantry to the aviation branch of the service.

Irvine McColl, '12, is now in the artillery branch of the service in France.

Woldemar Schreiber, '14, has completed his work for graduation at the University of Michigan, and has left for Cleveland, Ohio, for special training in the naval branch of the service.

The wedding of Marie C. Hansen of the class of 1914, and Rev. Charles F. Steck, Jr., of Washington, D.C., took place May the first at Trinity English Lutheran church.

Sophia Eaton, '13, is now director of physical training in the public school of Pontiac, Michigan.

Marguerite Risendorph recently left for Washington to accept a government position.

Good Magazines and Seniors

Outing "Dot" Sharphonr

St. Nicholas "Johnnie" Hancock

Scientific American "Fletch" Failing

Modern Priscilla "Don" Lamb

Literary Digest 2nd Hour English 8 Class

Independent Edith Lawson

Peoples Lenore Gillis

Ladies' Home Journal Harry Belkin

Everybody's "Susie" Fenske

Good Housekeeping "Gert" Rideout

Popular "Shot" Eckert

Top Notch Nettie George

Truth Seeker Eloise Best

American "Unionite"

Snappy Stories "Skinny" Raman

Needlecraft Louise Gilleo

System Irene Faust

Survey Mr. Demmon

Adventure "Wally" Wohlgemuth

Life "Sam" Himelstein

World's Work Lick the Kaiser!!

Country Life Beatrice Omans and Eva Nix

Craftsman Tolan Hammond

Every Week School on Saturday

[Other Names]

Abbott, "Melv"

Crosby, Grace

DeBoer, Henriettea

Duthie, Ella

Failing, Fletcher

Fenske, Ruth

Gerbers, C.

Gilleo, Louise

Glauz, Roy

Himelstein, Sam

Johnson, Alden

Lawson, Edith

Regester, Herman

Seven, Janet

Seven, Jeannette

Slaught, Mrs.

Vis, A.

West, Roma

Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
Created: 1 October 2003