Unionite: Sense and Nonsense

May 1924

Volume 7, Number 8

"Issued monthly during the School year

by the students of Union High School"

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Single copy 5 cents, by mail 8 Months 55 cents

The Unionite Staff


Literary Department

Editor-in-Chief Miriam Schley

Associate Editor Arie VanKrimpen

Department Heads

Alumni Editors: Frances Huebner, Olga Perschbacker

Art Editors: Edith Jones, Malcolm Bauman

Athletic Editors: Cornella Termeer, Raymond Rasmussen

Humor Editor: Eleanor Skutt

Literary Editor: Margaret Oakes

Assistant: Virginia Read

Exchange Editor: Elizabeth Elenbass

Assistant: Hazel Thiel

News Editors: Marion Lypps, Julius Chase


Business Department

Business Manager: Richard Sporte

Advertising Manager: Harold Troger

Circulation Manager: George Bylsma

Typists: Alex Strokes, Frank Marsden, Alice Huer, Wilma Cusser, Marcella Fitz, Dorothy Newberg


Faculty Advisory Board

Mr. Everst

Mr. Truesdale

Mr. Demmon

Mr. Avery

Mr. Andrews

Miss Keck

Miss Bettes

Miss Westendarp

Miss Heseltine

Miss Jackson




For thirty-four years Mr. William B. Hogadone acted as custodian of Union School. The span of years of his service extendd over two generations of Union students. He saw school principals come and go; he witnessed the arrival and departure of thousands of pupils of this school; he enjoyed their pleasant association and did everything in his power for the welfare of the student body. Today his familiar face is no longer seen. He is gone. On March 29 this ever loyal "Unionite" was called to the Great Unknown. At sixty-eight years of age his life work is completed. The student mourn his passing, for in him they lost a friend. They may well remember in years to come the last words uttered by him, "Always tell the truth; be honest."




Florence Heintz '13, now national field secretary of the Camp Fire Girls, visited Grand Rapids, stopping on her way from the National Convention of Camp Fire Girls at Kansas City to her office in New York. She has been organizing new groups of Camp Fire Girls through the western states.


Both faculty and students were glad to see the smiling face of Charlotte Eckert '18, former clerk in the office, at Union again. She is a junior at the University of Michigan this year.


At the Schoolmasters' meeting in Ann Arbor, Mrs. Elizabeth Slaught saw Anthony Panfil '14. "Tony" wished to be remembered to all his former teachers and said to tell them that he owed all he is to Union. He is now instructor at Cass Tech., Detroit. We certainly wish him all kinds of good luck.


Constance Duin '21 was a recent visitor at Union. She seriously injured her wrist in an accident and has been compelld to give up her musical training at Cincinnati for the remainder of the year.


Lillian Peet '14, who is now teaching English at Central High School, will leave Grand rapids soon to take a position in the American School at Tokio, Japan.


Lenore Bader '17 visited school during spring vacation. She is teaching in Flint.


Grace Armstrong '23 is anticipating a pleasant summer. She recently left for a trip to California.


News has reached us that Harold Ringold '23 is in New York in his desired career, stage dancing! As we remember him we are sure he will be successful on the stage. We recall pleasantly the many delightful solo dances he used to give us.


Ruth Bignell '21 visited school recently. She is teaching music in one of the schools in Muskegon.


A delightful little surprise party was enjoyed by four alumni, Owen Harper '21, Tony Lammers '21, Joseph Schott '22, and Gerhardus Lindemulder '21 at Miss Keck's home in East Grand Rapids. Miss Eugenia Babcock, head of the school of Arts and Industry and formerly of Union's faculty, accompanied the boys.


Spring vacation brought a number of Alumni to Union. Among those who forget-us-not were:


Margaret Goldsmith '22

Phyllis Stokoe '22

Bernice Helsel '23

Dorothy Dunbrook '23

Adelaide Cummings '23

Ernestine Albert '23

Dorothy Tisch '23

Leo Maas '21

Dorothy Marsden '23

Carl Hackmuth '22

Harold McLean '22

"Red" Cherry '22

John Kremer '23

Arthur Kirkpatrick '23

Harriet Oosterhaven

Leone Andree '21

Herbert Keunzel '23

Jimmie Fernamberg '21

Charlotte Burtt '22




The senior mock election brought some startling results:


Prettiest girl: Isabel Adams

Handsomest boy: Harold Thebaud

All-around girl: Ruth Stover

All-around boy: Sid Lammers

Most-popular girl: Marjorie Scott

Most-popular boy: George Fulgoni

Class dunce: Gwendolyn Kremer

Class shark: Clarence Wolven

Girl fashion plate: Thea Diamond

Boy fashion plate: Russel Donker

Thin boy: Robert Toot

Class cutup: Phyllis McRae

Class bluff: Clinton Wortman

Class pest: Edmund Dickerson

Class baby boy: Harold Silverman

Class baby girl: Dorothy Cherry

Class anything: Edward Benson

Inseparables: Jacqueline Winchester & Sid Lammers


Junior Mock Election


The Junior Class held its annual mock election on April 16, in session room 228. The juniors showed their interest in the occasion by being right there with lots of pep and enthusiasm. The election was carried off in a snappy manner and to a satisfactory finish.


Prettiest girl: Marcella Fitz

Handsomest boy: George Bylsma

Most-popular girl: Wilma Schaubel

Most-popular boy: Pete Cornwall

All-round girl: Miriam Schley

All-round boy: James Frieling

Girl athlete: Ila Larkin
Boy athlete: Lester Hanson

Class pest: Jennie Wepman

Class shark: Melbourne Mervene

Class dunce: Eleanor Skutt

Class optimist: Bernice Lodge

Class pessimist: Arlen Lye

Fashion-plate girl: Marguerite Youngs

Fashion-plate girl: Richard Montgomery

Cutest girl: Margaret Kooperes

Cutest boy: Don McLean

Class bluff: Julius Chase

Tallest person: Lois Dohm

Shortest person: Harold Eldridge

Baby girl: Margaret Oakes

Baby boy: Louis Ferrand

Boy vamp: Edward Weining

Girl vamp: Gertrude Frieling

Class cut-up: Emily Masalkowski


"Y" Swimming Team


Marjory Scott

Mildred Quinn

Ellen J. McKay

Polly Strokis

Evelyn Coleman

Josephine Coleman


girls basketball: juniors versus sophomores



Emily Masalkoski (F)

Marion DeJong (F)

Henrietta Lindeman (Capt.) (G)

Elaine Ernsburg (G)

Wilma Kloet (JC)

Wilma Schaubel (JC)

Martha Koopman (RC)


Evelyn Coleman (F)

Ellen J. McKay (F)

Bonita Kegerreis (G)

Johanna Jurgens (G)

Ruth Cornwall (Capt.) (JC)

Ava Haskins (JC)

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