October 1921 Unionite

"As September draws to a close and the normal schools and colleges prepare for enrollment we hear that many of the Alumni are planning to continue their education. Among those who will "burn the midnight oil" throughout the winter are:



VanVliet, Richard University of Michigan
Piteowsky, Leo University of Michigan
Laansma, Johannes University of Michigan
Darling, Marion University of Michigan
Leitz, Fred University of Michigan
Schreiber, Elsa University of Michigan
Goebel, Hubert University of Michigan
Eckert, Charlotte University of Michigan
Cole, Norine Western State Normal
Pearl, Florence Western State Normal
Carpenter, Bertha Western State Normal
DeVos, Magdelene Western State Normal
Noble, Ruth Western State Normal
Kurlanski, Elizabeth Western State Normal
Griffith, Corinne Western State Normal
Guthan, Edna Western State Normal
Kwakernak, Emeline Western State Normal
Clemens, Ethel Western State Normal
Davis, David Junior College
English, Bess Junior College
Petsch, Alfred Junior College
Marckwardt, Albert Junior College
Simon, Lilith Junior College
Mershon, Avery Junior College
Ostrowski, Anthony Junior College
Armstrong, Mary Junior College
May, Ruth Junior College
Martin, Herold Junior College
Mohnke, Clifford Junior College
Strandberg, John Junior College
Rinner, Mathilda Junior College
Bowser, Leola Junior College
Cornwall, Clyde Junior College
Ryan, Morris Junior College
Schaubel, Arthur Junior College
Bowbeer, Norman Junior College
Baloyan, Araxie Junior College
Brandt. Emmet Junior College
Bignell, Ruth Junior College
Davis, Carl Case School of Applied Science
Milne, Robert Michigan Agriculture College
Hennick, Benjamin Michigan Agriculture College
Eckert, Edward Michigan Agriculture College
Stover, William Michigan Agriculture College
Hultman, Vivian Michigan Agriculture College
Nelson, Eva Augustana Theo Seminary
Maas, Leo DePauw University
Alexander, Joe Newark Junior College
Towner, LaVerne Oxford College for Wormen
Hoogerhyde, Jacob Calvin College
Cummings, Florence Michigan State Normal
Putnam, Esther Michigan State Normal
Anderson, Mildred '15 Singing with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Schreiber, Woldemar '14 Harvard
Dahlstrom, Leonene '12 Attended University of Michigan in Prior Year+B25
Atwood, Nelle University of Wisconsin
Hascher, Alice University of Wisconsin, Teaching in Panama
Haseltine, Myrtle University of Wisconsin
Justin, Leonore '17 Teaching Industrial Art in Grand Rapids
Leys, Josephine '20 Butterworth School of Nursing
Shilliday, Willma '21 Butterworth School of Nursing
Ritzema, Margaret '20 Butterworth School of Nursing
Wheeler, Emma '20 Butterworth School of Nursing
Shepard, Ruth '16 Married Lawrence Braun, Living in Detroit
Lund, Maria '14 Now Mrs Frederick Royce, Living in Kalamazoo

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