Unionite Newsletter, October 1918

The Unionite published monthly during the school year by the students of Union High School, October, 1918 Volume 2 Alumni.

Union certainly feels proud of the part her sons have had in moving the Huns towards the Rhine since July 18. The Gilleo brothers, the Townsends, the Lieut. Johnson, I. McColle, Joe Korten, Roy Blandford, Wolcott and Studley have been right in the hottest of the fight, and from what we can glean here and there have done some stunts to be remembered. Not less important, if not so spectacular, is the works of the Ambulance and the Hospital Units in which many of our boys are serving.
Frank M. Townsend, 17, is reported as severely wounded in action.
Warren Townsend, 16, is reported to be on hi way home from France, having been wounded.
Anna Sexton, 13, and Ruth Carmichael, 14, were in the class recently graduated from Butterworth hospital and have enlisted for over-seas service.
Esther Boch, 16, who graduated last June at W. S. N., has a fine position teaching in the high school at Mendon.
John Slykhouse, 15, is now a salesman with the American Sales Book Co.
Paul Leader, 18, was among those called into service recently. He left for Columbus Barracks, Ohio, the first of October.
Carl Dahlstrom, 14, in the Army Motor Truck service, is now across in France.
Allen Risedorph, 18, sends his best to all his friends at Union. He is in New York anxiously waiting to "get over".
Elsie Duthie, 14, has entered the Army Training Course for nurses at Camp Custer.
The following graduates of Union are now enrolled in the Grand Rapids Junior College, a considerable number of them in S. A. T. C.: Melvin Abbott, Clarence DeVries, Frank Small, Arthur Kruse, Carl Rausenberger, John Rindal, Maurice Alberda, Harry Belkin, Fletcher Failing, Tolan Hammond, Harry Himelstein, Samuel Himelstein, Alden Johnson, Isadore Meretsky, Herman Regester, Archie Vis, Walter Wohlgemuth, Stanley Waluszka, Harlan Yarrington, Ruth Stokoe, Edith Lawson, Mary Baloyan.
Howard Sharpe, 17, has entered Oberlin College. George Perry, 18, is in the Army Training Corps at Chicago University.
Ilona Goldsmith, 15, is teaching art in the grades of the city schools. Two days each week she is at Union.
Charlotte Eckert, 18, is with us again, though this time her work is in the office. Elizabeth TerMeer, 18, is in charge of the district school at Lamont, Michigan.
Rose Bosch, 18, is teaching the seventh and eighth grades at the Baxter St. Christian School.
Edith Johnson, 17, died September 19, after a short illness. Her death is sincerely mourned by all those who knew her and the image of her sweet face and sunny smile will live long in our memory.

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