1918 South High School Yearbook
Includes Faculty, Students and members in WWI


Watson L Adams Etta Fisher Beatrice O'Callaghan
Alfred W Allen Maud Fuller L W Olds
Ethel Andrews Sue Gross Lura Overholt
Kathryn Baxter Mary Harden H W Pabst
Oscar Bishop May Hewitt C W Satterlee
Frances C Bouwman Lena Hoffman Louise Schweitzer
Lena Brockmeier James Hole Rachel V Shaw
Laura Carpenter Hirsch Hootkins Edith Smith
Elizabeth Cavanaugh Lois Inglis Reuben S Smith
P L Churm J R Jensen Ruth Steglich
May Cornell M E Knoll W D Sterling
J C DeBruyn Etta E Lambert Ruth Stone
Edith Dennis Helen Mac Lennan Grace J Strauss
Emilie Donner Evangeline Morrisey L E Swenson
Ruth Dunbar Marie Muller Alice C Vevia
Mary Eaton Hazel Mullins Laura Wilson
Hazel Fairbanks L W Newton Lou Wilson
Bertha Field
Ernest Anderson
Public Speaking Club, '17; Athletic Association, '16-'17; Chairman of Memorial
Committee "18.
"We thank you, Ernest, for your efficiency in typewriting."
Helen Arthur
Patriotic Club '18; Scribbler's Club '16; Athletic Association '17-'18.  Orchestra
"15-'18; Orchestra Club, '16-'18; Stringed Quartet, '17-'18; Public Speaking Club, '17;
Studio Club, '18; Secretary '18; Class Prophetess '18; Commencement Day
Committee "18.
"She is a product to be marvelled at."
Hazen Averill
"I thank you for your company; but, good faith, I had as lief been left alone."
Lloyd Backart
Orchestra, '15-'18; Orchestra Club, '16-'18; Assistant Advertising Manager of
Annual "18; Public Speaking Club '17; Motto Committee '18.
"Ambition personified."
Mary Baker
Fauna and Flora, '16-'18; Patriotic League, '18; Athletic Association '15-'16; Chorus
"16-'17; Glee Club '16-'17; Athena Society '16; Scribbler's Club '16; Chairman of Pin
Committee '18.
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary."
Hazel Barclay
Entered South High as a Senior, September '17; Patriotic League '18; Chorus '17; Atheletic Association '18.  
Athletic Association '18
"A maiden never bold."
Helen Barton
Athletic Association '16-'18; Orchestra Club '17-'18; Fauna and Flora Club '18; Vice
President '18; German Club '16; Pioneer Staff '16.
"A reminder of sweet sixteen."
Milton Brewer
Hi-Y Club '16-'18; Public Speaking Club '17.
"A young man ought to be modest."
Marion Buech
Athletic Association '16-'18; Scribbler's Club '16; Patriotic League '17-18; Chorus
17-'18; Studion Club '18; German Club '16-'17.
"Is she not passing fair ?"
Laura Cavanaugh
Orchestra '15-'18; Orchestra Club '16'-18; Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Patriotic
League '17-'18; Corresponding Secretary '18; Athletic Association '15-'18; Public
Speaking Club '17; Athena Association '16; German Club '16-'17.
"Sweet smiles, and household graces."
Harold Chambers
Public Speaking Club ' 17; Glee Club '17; Chorus '16-'18.
"He was a good man, and a just one."
Cuthbert Chandler
Football, second team '15-'17; Athletic Association '16-'17.
"Oh, that I could be what I am not !"
Randall Clark
Public Speaking Club; '17; Art Editor of Pioneer '15-'17; Track Team '18; Hy-Y Club
15-'16; Basket Ball, second team '16'-'17; Yell Master '15-'16; Assistant Advertising
Manger of Pioneer '15; Snap Shot Editor of Annual '18; Art Club '15; Cast of "Oh
Joy '17; Proprietor School Store '17; Senior Leaders '17; Junior Association of
Commerce '15-'16; Athletic Association '15-'18; Commencement Day Committee
18; Monogram Club '18.
"Innocent of books."
Dorothy Converse
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Treasurer "16; Patriotic League '18; Studio Club '18
Cast of "Oh Joy" '17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Athena Society '16; Chairman of
Color Committee '18; Public Speaking Club '17.
"Thou art pale with studies grown."
Marjory Converse
Studio Club '18; President '18; Patiotic League '17-'18; Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18;
President '17; Secretary '16; Athletic Association '15-'16; Art Editor of Annual '18;
Public Speaking Club '17.
" I love art, for art's sake."
Lloyd Cooper
Hy-Y Club '15; Athletic Association '15-'18; Public Speaking Club '17.
"The eyes of the nation, and farseeing."
Albert Covell
Monogram Club '18; Business Manager of Annual '18.
"Wisdom shall die with you"
Albert Croninger
Entered South as a Senior September 1917; Athletic Assoication '17-'18.
" The magic of a face."
Melvin Dahlin
Entered South as a Senior September 1917.
"Democracy now, and democracy forever"
Logan Degen
Pioneer Staff '15; Joke Editor of Pioneer '16; Athletic Association '16-'17;
Public Speaking Club '17; Hy-Y Club /16-/17; Commencement Day Committee
"How various his employments whom the world calls idle."
Everett Eaton
Athletic Association '15-'18; Public Speaking  Club '17; Cast of "Oh Joy" '17;
Hi-Y Club '17; Commencement Day Committee '18.
"And I would that my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me."
James Fortier
Basket Ball, second team '15-'17; First Team '18; Hi-Y Club '18; Monogram
Club '18; Athletic Association '15-'17; Senior Leaders '17-'18; Usher '16-'17;
Public Speaking Club '17; Color Committee '18.
"His friends were many-his enemies few."
Barney French
Pioneer staff '16; Athletic Association '15-'18; German Club '16; Class Historian "18.
"High erected thoughts, seated in the heart of courtesy."
Charles French
Athletic Association '16-'18; HI-Y Club '17; Basket Ball, second team, '17; Foot Ball,
second team '17; Athletic Editor of Annual '18; Public Sdpeaking Club '17.
" And a wise old owl was he."
Earle W Gordon
Foot Ball, second team '15; Captain '15; Chorus '15-'17; Hi-Y Club '16-'18; Vice-
President '17; Art Club '17; President '17; Usher '15-'18; Yell Master '17; Cast of "Oh
Joy" '17.
"Humor to be had fpr the asking."
Mabel Gordon
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Orchestra '15-'18; Orchestra Club '16-'18; Patriotic
League '17-'18; German Club '16-'17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Athena Society '16;
Public Speaking Club '17; Color Committee '18.
" Blessed with plain reason and common sense."
Roscoe Graves
Entered South as a Senior September 1917; Athletic Association '17; Cross Country
team '17; Captain '17.
"Thou little knowest how great his accomplishments are."
Theron Hammond
Orchestra '17-'18; Orchestra Club '17-'18.
"Blessings on thee, old man."
Leona Hessey
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Vice President "18; Patriotic League '18; Studio Club "18;
Cast of "Oh Joy" '17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Atena Society '16; Flower Committee
" Where pleasure and duty clash let duty go to smash."
Mattie Ingersoll
Athletic Association '16-'17; Scribblers's Club "16; Pioneer Staff '17-'18; Literary Editor
16-'17; Patriotic League '17-'18; Public Speaking Club '17' President '17; Chorus '17-'18;
Literary Editor of Annual '18; Commencement Day Committee '18.
" Haunts the depths where sharks are found."
Florence Jackson
"She's a pearl of great price."
Janet Jenkins
Orchestra '15-'18; Girl's Glee Club '17; Chorus '17-'18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Athletic
Association '16-'18; Organization Editor of Annual '18; Class Musician '18.
"Bent on gentle deeds."
Smith Johnson
Hi-Y Club '16-'18; Athletic Association '17; Memorial Committee '18.
"Hail fellow ! Well met !"
Marjory Kimes
German Club '15-'16; Athena Society '16; Debating Society '16; Athletic Association
16-'18; Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Chairman of Motto
Committee '18; Writer of Class Sone '18.
"Still waters run deep."
Bertha Kirtland
Chorus "16-'18; Glee Club '16-'17; Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; Patriotic Leageue '18.
"All's well to her."
Jean Klaassen
Patriotic League '18; Fauna and Flora Club ''17-'18; Chorus '15-'16; Glee Club '16
Athena Society; Athletic Assocation '16-'18; Debating Club '15; Motto Committee '18.
" Neat as a pin, and blooming as a rose."
Elmer Knee
Basket Ball, first team '16-'17; Hi Y Club '16-'18; Senior Leader '18; Monogram Club '18;
Treasurer '18; Athletic Association '15-'17.
"As proper a man as you will see in the twentieth century."
Jane Lakie
Fauna and Flora Club '15-'18; Patriotic League '17-'18; German Club '15-'16; Athletic
Association '16-'17; Public Speaking Club '17.
"She has the enormous faith of many, made for one."
Mildred Lehnen
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'17; Patriotic League '18; Chorus '16-'18; Glee Club '16-'17.
" A gentle maiden, yet she knows her way."
Minnie Lentz
Entered South High as a Senior February 1918.
"We hoped you liked us."
Harry Lewis
Athletic Association '15-'18; Band '16-'17; Orchestra '15-'18; Orchestra Club '16-'18;
Vice President '16; Treasurer '17-'18; Pin Committee '18.
"Perseverance is his virtue."
Morris Louks
Hi-Y Club '18; Athletic Asociation '15-'18; Proprietor School Store '17.
"He is of a commercial mind."
Carl McManamy
Hi-Y Club '16-'17; Football, first team '16-'17; Athletic Association '15-'18; Monogram
Club '18; Junior Association of Commerce '15-'16; Public Speaking Club '17; Class
Treasurer '18.
"Wisely and slow, they stumble that hurry."
Dorothy Mapes
Fauna and Flora Club '15; Patriotic League '17-'18; Scribbler's Club '16; Public Speaking
Club '17; German Club ' 16; Athletic Association '16-'17.
"The type of Puritan Maiden, modest, sweet, and merciful."
Gladys Marcussen
Cast of "Oh, Joy" '17; German Club '16-'17; Athletic Association '15-'16; Pioneer Staff
18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Treasurer '17-'18; Class Secretary '18.
"Little, but, O my !"
Melitta Miller
Debating Club '15; Athletic Association '15-'18; Athena Society '16' Pioneer Staff '16-'18;
Chorus '17; Fauna and Flora '17-'18; Treasurer '18 ; Memorial Committee '18.
"As a proverb for endless industry."
Irma Neureither
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Athletic Association '16-'18; Athena Society '16; Patriotice
League '17-'18; Reading Circle '18.
" Always, thoughtful, kind and untroubled."
Leo Oppeneer
Entered South as a Senior September 1917.  Athletic Association '17-'18.
" A man for a' that and a' that."
Martha Osborne
Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; President of the Patriotic League '17-'18; Public Speaking
Club '17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Alumni Editor of Annual '18; Staff Orator '18.
"Such a glorious thing is knowledge."
Frederic Plasman
Orchestra '15-'18; Orchestra Club '16-'18; Athletic Association '15-'18.
"The courageous captain of compliments."
Ruth Powell
Debating Club '15; Athletic Association '16-'18; Scribbler's Club '16; Glee Club '17-'18;
Chorus '17-'18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Cast of "Oh Joy" '17; Fauna and Flora Club '16-
18; President '16-'17; Pioneer Staff '17-'18; Humor Editor of Annual '18; Public Speaking
Club '17; Class Poetress '18.
"Mistress of herself though Germany fall."
Wilma A Pratt
Fauna and Flora Club '16; Chorus '16-'17; Glee Club '16-'17; Patriotic League '17-'18;
Studio Club '18; Public Speaking Club '17.
" She is withal a bit of a coquette."
Howard L Richard
Entered South as a Senior September 1917.  Basket Ball second team '17-'18.
" Many a girl is thrilled by him."
Edelaine Roden
Cast of "Oh Joy" '17.
"She is pretty to walk with--witty to talk with, and pleasant to think about."
Thomas Read
Glee Club '17' ; Orchestra '15-'17; Orchestra Club '16-'17; Public Speaking Club '17;
Hi Y-Club '16-'17.
"Let his object be--his country, his whole country, and nothing but his
Gertrude Ryan
Scribbler's Club '16; German Club '16; Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; Patriotic Leauge
17-'18; Public Speaking Club '17.
" Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are."
Hazel Sayles
Fauna and Flora Club '15-'18; Treasurer '15-'16; Chorus /15-'18; Patriotic League '18.
" One of those even temperaments."
Bertha Schipper
Athena Society '16; Debating Club '15; Patriotic League '17-'18; Athletic Association
16-'18; German Club '15-'16; Chairman of Flower Committee '18.
"Short, but sweet."
Henry Schuiling
Athletic Association '15-'18; Public Speaking Club '17; Cast of "Oh Joy" '17; Pioneer
Staff '16; Assistant Advertising Manager of Annual '18; Flower Committee '18.
"An exception, but a good one."
Paul Shepperson
Orchestra '15-'18; Orchestra Club '16-'18; President '16; Glee Club '16; Athletic
Association '15-'18; Commencement Day Committee '18.
"Hear him touch those I-vor-ies."
Carl H Sigtenhorst
Basket Ball, second team '17; First Team '18; Monogram Club '18; Cross Country
Team '18; Public Speaking Club ' 17.
"He knows a thing or two."
Harold L Smith
Hi- Y Club '15-;16; Track Team '16; Second Team '17; Public Speaking Club '17;
Editor of Pioneer '17-'18; Monogram Club '18; Editor-in-chief of Annual '18; Track Team
18; Athletic Association '16-'18.
"A progency of learning."
Hilda G Smith
Scribbler's Club '16; Athena Society '16; President '16; German Club '16-'17; Studio Club
18; Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; Treasurer '17; Secretary '18; Public Speaking Club
17; Patriotic League '17-'18; Athletic Association '17-'18; Cast of "Oh Joy"; Reading
Circle '18; Chairman of Entertainment Committee '198.
" Fate tried to conceal her by calling her Smith."
Raymond Smith
Athletic Association '15-'18; Hi Y Club '17; Public Speaking Club '17; Football, second
team '16; Class President '18.
"The glory of the firm capacious mind."
Ruby Stockdale
Entered South as a Senior September 1917; Fauna and Flora Club '17-'18; Patriotic
League '17-'18; Secretary '17-'18; Athletic Association '17-'18; Cast of "Oh Joy" '17'
Entertainment Committee '18; Subscription Manager of Annual '18.
"Her heart, they say, is not in her work, but elsewhere."
Alice Stover
German Club '16-'17; Patriotic League '17-'18; Athletic Association '17-'18.
" The wisest of the wise."
Everett Swanson
Football, first team '16-'17; Basket Ball, first team, '16; Track Team '16; Senior Leaders
16-'17; Usher '17-'18; Pioneer Staff '16-'17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Monogram
Club '18; Public Speaking Club '17.
"Hurrah for Sweden ! "
Genevieve Taylor
Entered South as a Senior September 1917.  Athletic Association '17-'18; Patriotic
League '17-'18.
"One of us, but not forward."
Marie Townsend
Fauna and Flora Club '15-'18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Public Speaking Club '17.
"Marie--your graces charm us."
Hazen Van Order
Public Speaking Club ' 17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Pioneer Staff '17; Track Team
"Silence has become his mother tongue."
Arthur Van Sledright
Public Speaking Club '17; Athletic Association '16-'18; Pioneer Staff '15.
" All we ask is to be let alone."
Sadie Vonk
Scribbler's Club '16; Athena Society '16; Public Speaking Club '17; Patriotic League
17-'18; Athletic Association '16-'18; Fauna and Flora Club '18; Pioneer Staff '18;
Chairman of Commencement Day Committee '18; Class Vice President '18.
"The power of Thought--the magic of the mind,"
Douglas Walker
Hi-Y Club '16-'18; Junior Assoication of Commerce '14-'17; Monogram Club '18;
Football, first team '17; Track Team '17.
"Looks handsome in two hundred pounds
Lois Waterman
Public Speaking Club '17; Secretary '17; Athletic Association '16-'18; German Club
16-'17; Scribbler's Club '15-'16; Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; President '18; Patriotic
League '17-'18; Reading Circle '18; Pioneer Staff '16-'17; Exchange Editor of Annual
18; Commencement Day Committee '18; Class Prophetess '18.
"Merry, indeed, but always ready to talk."
Virginia Watkins
Athena Society '16; Fauna and Flora Club '16-'17; Patriotic League '17-'18; Athletic
Association '16-'17; Public Speaking Club '17; German Club '16.
"She has learned the luxury of doing good."
Genevieve Willette
Entered South as a Senior September 1917.  Athletic Association '17-'18; Chorus
" Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful."
Madeline Wilson
Fauna and Flora Club '16-'18; Athletic Association '16-'18; Athena Society '16; Studio
Club '18; Patriotic League '17-'18; Reading Circle '18.
"How eloquent are eyes."
Willis A Witkop
Football, first team, '17-'18; Usher '17-'18; Public Speaking Club '17; Monogram Club
18; President '18; Entertainment Committee '18; Assistant Advertising Manager of
Annual '18.
"A mighty gridiron hero."
Harold Worth
Football, first team '15-'16; Captain '17; Yell Master '15-'16; Monogram Club '18;
Coach of Second Basket Ball Team '18; Track '16; Senior Leader '16-'18; Head Usher
15-'17; Cast of "Oh Joy" '17; Entertainment Committee '18; Advertising Manager of
Annual '18.
"Nothing escapes his participation."
Vivian Wright
Fauna and Flora Club '18; Chorus '17-'18; Patriotic League '18; Athletic Association
16-'18; Cast of " Oh Joy" '17; Pubic Speaking Club '17.
"We leave the daintiest last, to make the end sweet."
Peter D'Archangeli
Lenore Hamstra
Audrey Mickam
Joseph Noorthoek
Cornelia Olthouse
Clarence Roth
Helen Spoelstra
Marie Stroonsnyder
Ione Vanderwerf
Bertha Veen
Helen Wissmiller
ROOM 213
Margaret Aikens Harry Fleckner Howard Osborne
Pauline Bigelow Margaret Huighouse Everett Paalman
Richard Boeskool Marion Isaac Harold Payne
Emmett Bolden Smith Johnson Marion Runnels
Frank Bremer Erroll Kenyon Viva Short
John Brummeler Marie Kirkpatrick Daisy Sterling
Ruby Cavanaugh Olga Koch Gertrude Sterling
Ralph Creshaw Leo Kyser Harry Vandermeer
Helen Dale Howard Matheson Marinus Vander Ess
Herman De Ruiter Leonard Merrill Vera Jean Welch
Florence Disk Merritt Moon Florence Williams
Donald Eardley Harold Morgan Dick Wren
Edward Elsacer Bernice Newcomb
ROOM 215
Leonard Adams Grace Hartman Lena Moffitt
Russell Berry Walter Higby Margaret Price
Richard Boulard Katheryne Huizenga Hazel Sayles
Hazel Duiven Marguerite Hunt Doris Sedelbauer
Ellen Forsyth Fred Hutchinson Ethel Simmons
Jospehine Gibson Arthur Kling Mildred Sneden
Dorris Gilbert Waldo Leyda Lewis Tenckinck
Dorothy Goldener Ruth McClain Esther Terry
Alfred Hannah Elizabeth Meyer Erma Turner
ROOM 303
Richard Aument Dorothy Haynes Marie Shoemaker
Ray Backart Hattie Hondorp Frances Simmons
Frederick Brown Harold Howell Gerturde Sonnema
Frances Chapel Edna Larrabee Earle Stadel
Donald Ephlin Floyd Lilly James Tuuk
Perry Galer Carmen Miner Pearl Vanstratt
Werner Groening Chas Osborne Helen Wissmiller
Naomi Hackmuth John Price Frances Wolf
Gilbert Haire Albert Schoonbeck Helen Wright
Randall Harper Harold Schuster
ROOM 215
Cora Allen Claude Dykema Marcellus Verhoek
Hilda Bell Anna Eikenhout Louise Wells
Fern Burd Wilber Krieger Fred Welmers
Nannette Cleveland Ariel Needham Erroll Zipp
Grenville Davis Gerritt Van Ringelesteyn
ROOM 317
Luella Allen Thelma Mae Hattie Cornelia Olthouse
June Beggs Lucille Heth Royal Osterhout
Orland Bennett Beryl Holben Glenn Oversmith
Gerald Bletcher Dorothea Hoogersteger Arthur Quackenbos
Vera Braun Mildred Jones Omer Schoonover
Henry Broersma LeRoy Knudsen Adam Siemons
Forrest Brown Jessie Lake John Siemons
Gertrude Brummeler Marion Loew Bernice Smith
Stewart Christian Harold Mathers Lois Smith
Russell Dawson Audrey Mickam Joseph Tiffany
Ida-del Ely Norma Moore John Vander Stel
Melvin Formsma Albert Mullins Emma Vinkemulder
Erma Gale Joseph Noorthoek John Yeths
ROOM 215
Gretchen Anderson Rollin Davis Edna Proos
Delohr Berry Tessa Howe George Turner
John Bremer Virginia Lupton Thelma Usborne
Elizabeth Brewer Plynn Matthews Minnie Vroonland
Harry Butterfield Hubert Morehouse Geneva Warner
Stella Clark Gayle Price Frances Young
ROOM 202
Howard Dove Frances Maxim Rose Stoker
Mildred Guetschow Stuart McCrath Marie Stroosnyder
Jennie Hoogeveen Henrietta Palder Edward Tangemberg
James La Grand Geraldine Payne Elsie Tracy
Marion Lichty Helen Roorda Hazel Vander Wal
Luanna Mays Helen Spoelstra Marie Van Stavern
ROOM 201
William Achmoody Effie Goodwin Olive Rinn
Leslie Birt Josephine Graham Glenn Seiple
Donald Blett Hannahbelle Hodges Mildred Townsend
Steven Caslow Della Klosterman Leo Waite
Clarence Cline Barlett Murray Max Wright
Florence Fuller Zella Pope Roger Wykes
Harry Gilhula
ROOM 303
Mildred Adair Dorothy Garland Albert Metzner
Minnie Bart Carlyle Gould Esther Minier
Mabel Bowditch Mildred Gruver Owen Mosher
Stiles Brown Ruth Hammond Doris Reuter
Kenneth Clare Bernard Kilmer Thelma Russel
Annetta Cogshall Florence Klaassen Marion Sacia
Dorothy Cornell Agnes Linsley Gertrude Schantz
Louis Dexter Alice Luchts Everett Sparks
James Durkee Lenore Mapes Helen Tracy
Josephine Fortier Chas Matheson Hazel Van Dongen
Mae Fox
ROOM 202
Stuart Atwood Eva Gibbs Myrtle Minar
Pauline Barton Florence Haskins Lorena Norden
Emogene Beaird John Hesselink Percy Robinson
John Beye Frank Hester Ruth Rooks
Ben Borden William Highstone Olive Sharp
Irene Cole Donald Jacques Augusta Van Dyk
Leo Davidson Eloise Knapp M Van Leeuwen
Allen Davis Eric Lambourne Carol Van Spyker
Harold Dillon Bessie Larrabee W Westrate
Margaret Ellis Irene Livermore
Room 303
Don Arnold Ferris Griffen Frederick Noble
Nina Armstrong Carol Griffith Eleanor Perry
Juna Barnes Elizabeth Holden Dorothy Pettis
Wyoma Bethel Onota Holman Elizabeth Ranck
Pauline Brubaker Margaret Hotchkiss Fred Slot
Mabel Carlisle Marion Jones Ruth Snowden
Gay Carman Muriel Keller Frances Sonke
Ethel Croninger Beatrice Kendall Jennie Spalink
Stanley Davis Dorothy Kern Marion Van Heulen
Carrie De Vrucht Anna Knooihuisen Martin Waalkes
Carlyle Dill George McEachron Mildred Ward
Gladys Dodge Catherine Manning Daisy Walbridge
Harold French Russel Meeusen Neva Westbrook
Mildred Fuller Floyd Metcalf Edward Wollander
Vera Geasler John Niemeyer
ROOM 215
Donald Bauer Clarence Medendorf Hermanus Stryker
Lloyd Fausey Floyd Peterson Oscar Stryker
Elsie Knowles Mary Rutledge Florence Vanderhoff
Dwight McConnell Cornelius Stryker Edward Van Kalker
Gladys Mac Kaye
ROOM 317
Boyd Anderson Hermina Johnson Clarence Roth
Alvin Barnaby Clyde King Boyce Salton
Catherine Bos Truman King Chester Smith
Herbert Coker Fanny Klunder Ione Vanderwerf
Leo Collins Helen Knappen Frances Walsh
Dorothy Cronin Henry Knoll Homer Warren
Arthur De Vries Leslie Marzolf Ruth Werner
Ida Graham Clifford Mehrtens William Wierenga
Harold Gretzmiger Cornelia Moll Mildred Williamson
Lenore Hamstra Roland Otton Margaret Zylstra
Bernice Harmelink Josephine Phillipus Winifred Zylstra
Justin Hodges
ROOM 301
Marion Carver Lillian Hardesty Herbert Reynolds
Helen Covert Gerald Hondorp Gerald Ross
Arthur Dalstrom Marie Jasperse Minnie Shireling
Nellie Damstra Minnie Kamp Phillip Snyder
Byrl Davis Maurice Koets Nelson Sperry
Selma DeJonge Caroline Kuiper Harold Vahey
Lloyd Delano Blanche Ladewig Hazel Vander Perel
Marguerite Dykema Genevieve Ladewig Frances Vander Werf
Charles Ederle Laura Martin Bertha Veen
Sybel Englewood Hersel Morgan Kenneth Vonk
Mabel Farr Nelson Muller Gerald Wade
Victor Gilbert Clifford Noordewier Raymond Wenzel
Harriet Graham Genevieve Pray Fred York
Roger Grant Collins Reed
ROOM 202
Lillian Beye Angeline Dyksterhouse Melvin Johnson
Gretchen Bennett Paul Harris Henrietta Pilgrim
Harriett Donahue Anna Hesselink
ROOM 216
Robert Minard Anna Smith Katherine Wasdyke
Pauline Pulsipher Marguerite Smith Forrest White
Mae Belle Root Norman Stiles Arthur Wood
Loraine Sides
ROOM 303
Bonita Davidson Harold Oltman Fred Vander Perl
Gertrude Ensing Hurdon Prescott Agnes Van Dyke
Kenneth Jaqua Marcus Shipley Lester Vinkemulder
Edward Meyers
Room 301
Lloyd Aspinwall Marguerite Gordon Earl Payne
Carleton Becker Clara Griffin Jennie Pylman
Gladys Bethel Elizabeth Haan Amos Poe
Tina Blanchard Florence Habercorn Alberta Quackenbush
Wellington Bradfield Helen Harmelink Ethel Read
William Browers Frank Houman Clifford Ruckle
Winnie Bylsma Madeline Huizinga Helene Salters
Lucile Chadwick Mildred Jameison Alberta Schuhardt
Marjorie Cronin Theodore Kilmer Clifford Simpson
Bertha Croskey Henrietta Kramer Ruth Smith
Taylor Crumback Edna Kruger Howard Sonke
Laura De Lamarter Harold Lillie Eleanor Staal
Helen Dickson Floyd Maier Henrietta Streelman
Gladys Disbrow Ruth Marcussen Harry Stringham
Lucile Dove Mildred Mayer Howard Turner
DeWitt Dupler Marie McCarthy Thomas Van Tuinen
Beth English Duncan McDonald Joel Walbridge
Gertrude Faust Margaret McKrill Harold Weaver
Catherine Fleming Fred Merill Leroy Wenger
Ruth Fleming Russel Meyers Evorah Willoughby
Marion Freeland Katherine Miller John Zeilstra
Lucy Goldner Barley Moore
ROOM 215
Corinne Babb Glen Gilhula Carl Schillinger
Josephine Baumgart Arlene Gretzinger Garry Semeyn
Frank Brumels Ellwood Haney Myrtle Shaver
Francis Bundy Marion Hernam Sammy Simonson
James Burr Lyla Inglis Garnett Smith
Merrill Champion Harold Keyes Sethlyn Snyder
Earl Clark Frank Kirby Roxe Tenckinck
Alma Crum Walter Koch Glayds Thomas
John Davis Dorothy MacCready Claude Todd
Lucille Davis Leone Mc Gowan Glen Valentine
Margaret Duiven Lenore Mc Gowan Alice Van Butzlear
Leo Fortner Lucille Mc Meal Ruth Wheaton
Kenneth Fowle Edwin MacMillan De Maris Wilson
Edwin Frazee Carl Morgenstern Stella Wisner
Eva Freeman Lynn Pangborn
ROOM 201
Ethelyn Blair Walker Enoch Inez Kennedy
Jessie Bowerman Helen Hines Fred McWilliams
Lenora Calhoun Floyd Johnson Helen Moore
ROOM 201
Eradyne Austin Ethel Lief Mildred Signs
Vila Eberhard Albert Misheb Jacob Stroo
Esther Erickson Inez Mosher Lester Vander Bosch
George Helms Roekus Noorthouch Irene Vander Vere
Paul Johnson Helen Patterson Marjorie Warrell
Gladys Joiner Owen Peterson Raymond Wichert
Christine Kennedy Earl Purris Charles Willoughby
Mabel Kugel Myrtle Quartel Ruth Wilmer
William Leach Nettie Schlientz Charles Young
ROOM 202
Lula Alquist Leda Everett Eleanor Oppenneer
Ellen Beyer W Gordan Julius Peters
Henry Blackport Afton Hertzler John Ploeg
William Blackport Ruth Hills Andrew Ritzema
Cecile Brewer Josephine Hovis James Ritzema
Cornelius Bylenga Ruth Hubert Clara Stanfield
Sylvester Campbell Helen Jessup William Steenbergen
George Chadwick Leland Johnson Glen Studt
Conrad DeHoag Clausia Lappinga Charles Tarte
Richard DeMol Thomas Low Christine Ter Beek
George DeNise M Marema Melbourne Troxel
Donald Drake Leonard Martin Andrew Wielinga
Helen English Louise Mauk Gerald Wurzburg
ROOM 303
Roswell Brewer Sidney Quigley Ruth Smith
Adele Herrmann Caroline Sharp
ROOM 216
Harold Anderson Lillian Cumberworth Margaret Douris
Dorothy Balk Henry De Boer Donald Everett
Freida Barber Lucille De Lano Fern Harris
Cecil Blakely Gerald Derrick Frank Holman
Hazel Brockway Edward De Vrucht Rolla Holt
Ruth Cavanagh Margaret De Witt Leon House
Ida Cook Lewis Dipple Johanna Kornoelje
Ruth Crandall Dorothy Dixon Fay Miller
Bernice Crowder
ROOM 317
Laura Alquist Helen Heinrich Orval Sampson
Lawrence Aikin Louise Hilton Hattie Sayles
Veah Austin Peter Hondorp Evelyn Shier
Carl Behnke Mildred Innes Ida Shug
Frances Benson Bert Johnson Ethelyn Smart
Jeannette Boeskool Durand Johnson Jacob Smit
Theodore Breen Joseph Katsma Edith Smith
Kenneth Burd Aileen Kelly Rose Smith
Karl Butterworth Kathryn Kipp Gabriel Spaninga
Dorothy Castle Arthur Kuiper Tressa Spoelstra
Mildred Clair Will Levey Marvin Termeer
Mildred Creeger Floyd Lynn W Townsend
Drusilla Crosby Elmer Marshall Henry Vander Leest
Winifred Dietz Catherine Meyer Hattie Vander Ploeg
Helen Donohue Ada Moerman Anna Vandersloot
Ray Duinjema Ethel Norden Beulah Warren
Leroy Eldred Florence Oneil Parker Watkins
Gertrude Ellen Otto Paulson Christine Wierenga
Clifford Gage Anna Ploeg Thelma Williamson
Maybelle Green Loretta Pomeroy Frances Woods
Jennie Groelsema W Rose Marie Woods
Clare Hantough Elizabeth Ruiter Hazel Zinn
Frieda Heinrich
ROOM 217
Dena Alderink Gertrude Herman Fredrick Raiguel
Leo Anderson Clara Louise Hernam Pauline Riggle
Boyd Arthur Harold Hessy Thelma Robinson
Edith Banninga Doris Hickok Mildred Rolf
Howard Birt Regina Hines Dorothy Rowson
Lloyd Birt Jessie Hooper Richard Royer
Margaret Blackport Robert Horner Donald Saurman
Mildred Bossler Ogden Hotchkiss Jinnette Schram
Claud Bouwman Russel Houseman Clifford Scott
Margaret Brink Leo Huffard Norman Sedlebauer
Gerald Brower Frank Huyge Morton Sheets
Walter Brown Howard Johnson Helen Shepperson
Pearl Burley Melvin Jones Cybil Sherwood
Carrie Carlton Stuart Keller Gladys Shigley
Ernestine Carpenter Wilton Kitchen Irene Shuiling
David Clothworthy Bartel Langeries Gladys Smith
Floyd Cook Frank Linn Ida Smith
Russell Cook Edith Linsley Ray Snowden
Dale Courtier Arthur Logan Lillian Steckle
Audie Crandall George Maier Dwight Supernaw
Beatrice Dalson Bernard Mc Bain Dudley Thompson
Harold De Laney Louise McDonald Kenneth Tibble
Ralph Deremo Donald Mc Ilhiny Margaret Vander Pool
Edwin De Waard Mary Mc Mullen Cornelia Van Dyke
Laverne De Young Sidney Meeter Carol Van Hartesveldt
Edna Duiven Howard Mills Kenneth Van Heulen
Elizabeth Eaton Richard Moore Lila Velzy
Gerald Eggleston Ralph Murray Benjamin Ver Hoek
Edward English Max Needham Blanche Walker
Edward Fortier Etta Neibargar Dorothy Walker
Mildred Furgason Ruth Neibarger Robert Walker
Ruth Galimore Pansy Nicholls Henry Warren
Edward Gallagher Marion Osborne Kathleen Weaver
Dorothy Geib Fredrick Osterle Glenella Webster
Ruth Goodrich Alton Pickett Norine Weeks
Irene Haan Helen Pleune Lynn Werner
Carroll Hartman John Pollie Russell Witmer
William Hartson Mildred Prindle Wenonah Witter
ROOM 201
Thelma Anton Margaret Hollis Herbert Payne
Gladys Austin Louise Jones Louise Pelton
Edith Banninga Helen Kennedy Vernon Rhodes
Elizabeth Banninga Milton Knee Emerson Robinson
Daniel Bart Raymond Knooihuizen Helen Roesink
Eugene Berns Duane Lillie Frances Schaddelei
Elizabeth Blok Adrian Longstreet Henry Schildhouse
Paul Brandel Jack Mac Eltosh Roseina Schillinger
Leon Del Lana Ellen Matheson Ralph Soul
Sylria Douglas Lucille Matteson Fannie Spalink
Elizabeth Dykema Warren McEachron Aurey Strohpaul
Gladys Edwards John Meyer Margaret Thurston
Audrey Fonger Grace Mitchell Martha Tomlinson
Theodore Gessmer William Mitchell Francis Tuthill
Katherine Gibbs Lawrence Mullins Albert Van Liere
Chester Haight Gilbert Nevenyel Minnie Veroline
Marion Hall Sarah Osgood Helene Vouh
Estelle Haney Harold Parker Le Roy Walters
Howard Heagle Clyde Parsons Earle Wright
ROOM 216
Vernie Allen Myron Gruver Mary Lawson
Voila Allen Agnes Hanes Hart Lienaway
Kenneth Baker Edwin Hannah Gerald Lillie
Glenn Baragar Florence Harmelink Burke Manning
Helen Beak Beatrice Haynes Frances McIntyre
Wallace Beckman Irene F Haze Kath Michmershiuzen
Mary Bedford Marguerite Hendershot Rose Modugno
Ardath Brown Archie Hiller Gertrude Neubert
Lucile Verna Brown Elton Hills Dorothy Nicholson
Gordon Buss Georgia Hills Esther Nordheim
Norma Chase Donovan Hodges Lloyd Perrin
Ethel Claydon Gladys Hotchkiss Helen Pettibone
Marvel Coles Norma Hubbard Olive Prince
Lois Conrad Cornelius Huizenga Lawrence Rinn
Florence Crossman Dorothy Johnson Peter Rose
Eva B Davis Helen Johnson Henrietta Rosebloom
Warren H Ebner Leona Kalkofen Louis Rotzell
Audrey Galimore Oliver Keller Gladys Schantz
Harry Garnett Doris Kent Dorothy Schipper
Rae Goodrich Henrietta Knoolhuisen Marion Schuck
Frances E Gould Mildred Kruse William Schultz
Helen Grebel Bernice Lampman Wesley Semeyn
Charles Gress Marion Lawless Edith Shaw
Elwyn Shore Ruth Teachout Helen Whipple
Dorothy Smith Clarence Timmer Gladys Wilson
Norma Snyder Erma Walsworth Raymond Wilson
Mozelle Soule Frank Waterman William Woods
Marguerite Strehl Marion Wernette Gladys Yeo
Lorraine Strohn Gertrude Wierda
1 Earl Beaird Navy
2 Carroll Borgman Navy
3 Niles Borden Navy
4 Boyd Cadwell Navy
5 Morrin Clemens Infantry
6 Vernor Cook Naval Militia
7 Melvin Dahlin Naval Militia
8 Arthur Dahlstrom Naval Reserve
9 John Fish National Guard
10 Forrest Freeland Naval Militia
11 Arthur Graff Canadian Army
12 Stanley Harper Naval Militia
13 Louis Hodgins Navy
14 Lyle Hunting Navy
15 Stuart Johnson Naval Militia
16 James Marema U S Cavalry
17 Clare Mosher Navy
18 Jack Moore Naval Signal Corps
19 Ira Nicoll Naval Militia
20 Earl Osborne Naval Militia
21 Ellis Perkins Naval Militia
22 Don Perry Navy
23 Delbert Powell Navy
24 Thomas Read Naval Militia
25 Carl Rhodes Navy
26 Donald Robertson Naval Militia
27 Frank Ryan Naval Militia
28 Leo Spade Navy
29 Ford Stearns National Guard
30 Harold Symonds Naval Militia
31 Max Thiele Naval Reserve
32 Lester Thomas Naval Militia
33 Gilbert Thurston National Guard
34 Carroll Weaver Navy
35 Harold Worth Navy
36 Gerrit Zevalkink Navy

Transcriber: Beverly Summers
Created: 9 March 2004

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