Grandville High School
Juniors of the 1919 School Year

The Junior Class was organized at the beginning of the first semester of this school year, 1918-1919, with a membership of sixteen. The following officers were elected for the year:

President – Robert Jones

Vice-President – Freda Eikelberg

Secretary – Edna Reister

Treasurer – Floyd Alward

Not long ago after the school term started Lloyd Ohler, one of our classmates, thinking French more than he could master, stopped attending school much to the dismay of his may school friends. Soon after this we welcomed Wayne Shoemaker into our class as an honorable member.

Thanksgiving Eve marks the event of the first Class Party. It was given in the Kindergarten Room and was called a "Hard Time Social". It proved a big success under the supervision of Viola Webb, who much to the delight of those present, served hard cider and doughnuts for refreshments.

After this party, Floyd Alward, finding the duties of treasurer more than he was able to take care of, resigned, and Edna Reister was appointed Secretary and Treasurer for the rest of the year.

Floyd Alward A brilliant ray from the sun above
Norma Andre Why so solemn?
William Comstock Two dancing blue eyes
Ard DeWind A boy wonder
Jennie DeWind Wins her way through all obstructions
Zula DePorter The more you know her the better you like her
Freda Eikelberg Basket ball star
Ralph Hamilton He gets credit by arguing with the teachers
Verna Hoekzema Our scholar
Bob Jones A friend worth having
Geneva Karsten Little, by oh my!
Joye Fulkerson She’s a minister’s daughter – ‘nuff said
Grace Linscott Oh! So studious
Frank Nibbelink Seen but seldom heard
Edna Reister Always beginning to get ready to work
Nellie Sheridan Quiet and demure
Wayne Shoemaker A physics shark
Viola Webb Quiet and ladylike

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Created: 6 May 2008