The Helios

(Published monthly during the school year by the students of Central High School, Grand Rapids)

Helios - November, 1918 - Volume XLV, Number 2

The Helios Staff

Editor-in-Chief - Hughston S. McBain
Manager - Elmer G. Wellin
Literary Editor - Marion Sailors
Advertising Manager - Lawrence A. Hill

Associate Editors
Art - Miram Suleeba
Athletic - Robert Gibson, Don Steketee
Alumni - Catherine Raiguel, Elizabeth Crosby
Organization - Margaret Woodruff, Blanche Apsey
Grinds - Paul Rust, Armand Ross
Circulation Manager - Donald Jennings
Auditor - Mr. Felix Wilcox

Literary Staff
Helen Holt, Frieda Vander Haagen, Ida Maude Buell, Harold Allen, Edward Corwin, Louise Leonard, Faye Kinder, Alice Mosier, Donna Baert, Eleanor Reagan

Advertising Staff
Maurice Wood, Arthur Ardiel, Ben Lee, Jr., John Meade, Bradford Apted, Stanley Barnhart, Robert Ames, Frederic Vogt, Harold Freeman, Robert Lindquist, George Whinery

Advisory Board
Hughston McBain, Chairman
Miss Clay, Miss Daniels, Miss Crosby, Mr. Wilcox, Marion Sailors, Elmer Wellin, Lawrence Hill

Session Room Representatives
Session Room 104 - J. Shelley, R. Williams
Session Room 204 - E. Deane, R. Thornquist
Session Room 136 - C. Dickinson, H. Allen
Session Room 236 - M. Brooks, F. Vogt
Session Room 336 - F. Wolfe, H. Freeman


1918 Football Tragedy -When the Central's footballers for the season of 1918 were called out, the prospects were far from bright. We had no coach, and only one veteran, Farley, was back. However the old team spirit was there, and every one was determined to have a team up to Central standards.

Frank Steketee, last year's captain and fullback, offered his services until a permanent coach could be secured. Day by day under him the team gradually welded into shape. Finally "Stek" had to depart for college, but "Heinie" Lichtner was secured as mentor. "Joe" Kerwin was elected yellmaster.

Central-Union Game - A contest that started to be very interesting and close was forgotten when Central's sensational quarterback, Gordon Scott, popularly known as "Scotty" was severely injured. He was rushed to the Blodgett Memorial Hospital where it was found that his neck was broken. The city's best physicians used their utmost skill to save him, but Tuesday night, November 12, 1918, he passed on into the next world. His last words were, "It wasn't Union's fault."

The game was played in a sea of mud and ended in a 6 - 6 tie. Bob Gray played a stellar game for Central both on defense and offense. He caught a punt from Cornwell on his own 35 yard line, and with Palmer's fine interference, he romped down the field for Central's only touchdown. Hulswit, a second team man proved to be a mighty good player. Captain Clemens starred for Union.

Rice L Van Wingen E
Ferguson L Bolier T
Smith L Blickley G
Palmer C Walker C
Skinner R Eckert G
Dunakin R Clemens (Capt.) T
LeRoy R Cherry E
Scott Q Cornwell Q
Gray L Mindell H
Hulswit R Edison H
Farley (Capt.) F Tufts B

Touchdowns - Gray, Cherry
Substitutions - Gray for Scott, Vos for Gray, Hinyan for Ferguson, Fuhrman for Vos, Hultman for Blickley, Guthan for Mindell, Posposkey for Edison
Referee - Olds, Ypsilanti Normal
Umpire -Field, "Y"
Head Lineman - Groening, Herlad

In Memoriam

Deep in the minds of all Central's students and faculty, of hosts of friends throughout the entire city, lies the memory of Gordon Scott, our own beloved "Scotty", who has given his all for Central High. Last year he captained the second team through the entire football season without a defeat, a truly wonderful record. This year it was "Scotty" who was the hero of our first team, it was "Scotty" who as called on when gains were needed, and it was "Scotty" who made the gains.
Gordon Scott was not only the star of the football team, for he was a "star" in his studies also. Night after night, completely exhausted from strenuous football practice, he would sit up and study, study, study. For had not Uncle Sam asked all boys who were too young to go "over there" to get their lessons well, thereby doing their "bit"? And "Scotty" was an "E" student.
It was recently said, "Everybody in Central likes 'Scotty'." No truer statement was ever uttered! Those who didn't know him liked his cherry smile, his dashing plunges through the line, and his fearless character. And to know him was to love him.
"It wasn't Union's fault", his last words, typified his character and aim through life - to make other fellows happy.


The 1918 graduates of Central High School who are attending college this year are as follows:

University of Michigan
Gale Barton, James Crosby, Craig Ferguson, David Gray, Volney Harmon, John Hills, Norma Hudson, Fred Kalmback, Ruth Minor, William Muir, Earl Nicholson, Deming Patton, Cyrus Rice, Kenneth Rindge, Frank Steketee, Robert Taylor, Hugh Wilson
Michigan Agricultural College
Mildred Brink, Jessie Stevens, Ruth Stanton
Business School
Cecil Apsey, Ethyl Chatfield, Louise Fay, Eleanor Greene, Frances Keasey, Thea Palmer
Wheaton College
Eleanor Dickinson, Elizabeth Rogers
Kalamazoo Normal
Arnold Greenbaum, Dorothy Keeler, Esther Price

1907 - Willis Barnhart has received a commission as first lieutenant, and is now stationed at Camp Custer.
1911 - James Kerr is at Fort Leavenworth in the signal corps buzzer school.
1912 - Miss Mae Stone is in the civilian branch of the nurses' work in St. Luke's Hospital, New York City.
1913 - Lieutenant Russell Crozier, who is now stationed at Camp Dix, N. J., has been married to Miss Dorothy Lilly of Coopersville.
1916 - Lieutenant Harold Fletcher is stationed at Camp Taylor.
1917 - Anna G. Lindemulder and Lucretia Nicholson have entered the U. of M. as sophomores
Harold G. Ruffe has entered the U. of M.
C. Voigt Perkins, who has been training at Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky., has been admitted to the officers' training camp at Corpus Christi, Tex.
1918 - A. Wardner Palmer, Jr., is at the quartermaster's school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.
Marion Peeps is taking up secretarial work at the Columbia Institute, Columbia, Tenn.
Ray Honecker, eighteen on registration day, is the youngest Grand Rapids boy who registered in the last draft.
Robert McAllister is attending Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.

Event and Comment, Page 23

At the assembly on September 26, Dr. Merriam of Park Church related many of his experiences during his recent visit to the Western Front. He told especially of the wonderful work of the 126th in which there are many Grand Rapids boys.

S. A. T. C.

On October 11 the induction of the boys into the S. A. T. C. took place, a memorable event in the history of the Unior College and Central High. Superintendent, Mr. Greason, Mr. Homer Freeland of the Board of Education, and Mr. C. R. Sligh, formerly in the service of the U. S., spoke to the boys. Lieut. Allen administered the oath and also read communications from the President and other officials. The presence of the Michigan State Troops added to the impressiveness of the occasion.

1918 Central High School Clubs - Pages 26-28

The House of Representatives - Debates are carried on in a very spirited manner. The following have been admitted to membership: William Matheson, George Whitworth and Jack Palmer

The Paragons - Members: Bob Vos, Frank Winegar, Monroe Dierforf, Robert Fox, Ken Davis, Chuck Matheson, Heine Lichtner, Jed Doran, Mokie Reed, and Harry Whittier. Harry Whittier and Charles "Chuck" Matheson have enlisted in the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps.

The HI-Y Club - There has been a large attendance at the meetings. See Bob Gray if you want to join.

Cavalier Club - Members Jack Bowen, Robert Gibson, Elmer Wellin, Ted Gamble, James Miller and Gordon Scott. At every meeting each member brings a thrift stamp and all the Cavalier, 51 in all, have taken out Liberty Bonds.

K. E. E. Club - A meeting was held in September to decide whether the club should continue.

College Club - Members are Nan Apted, Jane Gibson, Marion Sager, Blanche Apsey, Margaret Chamberlain, Esther Atwood.

Fauna and Flora - Discussion was held about disbanding the club for the duration of the war but it was decided to meet once a month at members' homes.

Good Cheer Club - Members are Frances Streng, Polly Rathbone, Dorothy VanDugteren, Charline Leonard, Elizabeth Deane, Josephine Hart, Marion Streng and Dorothy Greene.

Good Fellowship Club - Members are Moreau Crosby, Robert Rice, John Palmer, Frank McKnight. The club will always remember Randolph Rogers, who died while fighting for his country. During the last campaign the club bought a Liberty Bond.

Sock and Buskin Club - Officer elected: president, Marion Sailors; Vice-President, Grace Marvin; Secretary, Magdalene DeYoung; Treasurer, Frances Louise Seydel. It was decided to hold a try-out for boys.

Philharmonic Club - Members are Ravina Kolkman, Florence Fiebig, Ward Chadwick, Frieda Douglas, Laura Wells, Melva Smith, Seward Bean, Olive Fuller, Rhoda Woodman, Angelus Bigelow, John Miller and Margaret Brooks.

The Rifle Club - It was reorganized this year with the following officers: Armand Ross, President and Range Captain; Bradford Apted, Vice-President; Hughston McBain, Secretary; Bert Souffrou, Treasurer. The following are members: Jack Palmer, Fred Vogt, Donald Jennings, Theron Goodspeed, Walter Goodspeed, William Matheson, Harry Reynolds, Willis Leenhouts, Velsey Burlingame, Joseph Kirwin and George Whitworth. Two shoots have been held at the Bailey Range.

The Art Club - Officers are: President, Margaret Woodruff; Vice-President, Betty Young; Secretary, Frances Enos; Treasurer, Betty Adams; Sergeant-at-Arms, Donna Baert. New members are: Dorothy Bacon, Louise Bequette.


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