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Grand Rapids High School

Thirty-Ninth Annual Graduating Exercises.


FRIDAY June 21,1901

Ten O’clock. Auditorium.

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Order of Exercises.


Overture and Processional.

Prayer …………………………………………….. Rev. I.P. Powell


Prof. E.A. Strong, Ypsilanti Normal College

"Goddess of the Island Seas"

Sung by the Audience.

Goddess of the Island Seas.

1. Sing no more the fair Aegean

Where the floating Cyclads shine,

Nor the honeyed slopes Hyblaean,

Nor the blue Sicilian brine.

Sing no storied realms of Morning

Robed in twilight memories.

Sing the land beyond adorning

With her zone if inland seas.

2. Here the gods of Hellas wandered

When they left their hills and brooks;

Here a Pan has piped and pondered;

Here the nymphs have filled the nooks;

Here the Satyrs, without warning,

Creep upon the Naiades;

Here the golden god of Morning

Rises from the inland seas.

3. Now the eyes that are anointed

See the blossom-tide of spring;

Ours the blissful age appointed,

Ours the clime the poets sing.

Hark, O Maid of Western Morning—

Wave and woodland, brook and breeze

Hail thee, Queen, beyond adorning,

Girdled with thy inland seas.

4. Lo, the sacred fires of knowledge

In thy temples are enshrined—

Through the cloisters of thy college

Choruses eternal wind!

And, all other incense scorning,

Michigan we bring thee these

Hearts of ours, and songs of morning

Goddess of the Inland Seas.

--Chas. M. Gayley.


Presentation of Diplomas to High School Graduates,

by Principal A. J. Volland.

Address to Graduating Class, - - -

Dr. H. E. Locher, President of Board of Education.

"America" - - - - -

Sung by the Audience.


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Graduating Class of 1901.

Commercial Course

Josephine Albright.

John Adrian Blok.

Thomas Philip Bonner.

Carrie Edith Church.

John Edmund Crahen.

Mary Mildred Field.

Sebastian Hazenberg.

Hattie Ganung Head.

Weslyn George Ingram.

John Henry Kotvis.

Fred William McCormick.

Elizabeth Kundigunde Petersen.

Mathilda Petersen.

Thomas Earle Porter.

Ethel Marion Rice.

Mary Blanche Rice.

Robert Mortimer Teele.

Fred Crittenden Toot.

Charles Nicodemus Zylman.

English-Scientific Course.

Ethel Maud Bale.

Ida Logie Blumrich.

Kathryn Rogers Carpenter.

Margaret Frances Collins.

Earle Latham Crossman.

May Anne Duthie.

Leon Winferd Harrington.

Carrie Bernard Harris.

Mary Maude Horton.

Maude H. Karr.

Wilhelmina Pauline Lowes.

Anna Lucy Morton.

Ellen Reid Murray

Cora Aurilla Nelson.

Clara Marie Nichols

Minnie Clare Proctor.

mary Eleanor Rogers.

Lottie Almira Shoemaker.

Dora Delilah Toland.

Luella Wiley


French-English Course.

Jennie Kahn.


Short German-English Course.

Cora May Beekman.

Adeline Estella Carter.

Flora Alice Ensign.

Clara Ellen Hodges

Mary Josephine Hornstra.

Edna Belle Hosford.

Wilhemina Pauline Lowes.

Marie Caroline Neuman.

Harriet Ogden.

Lily Olive Wimmer.

Nettie Yonkers.

Short Latin-English.

Nellie May Adrians.

Ethel Maud Bale.

Beulah Minnie Blakeslee.

Margaret Frances Ferris.

John Ernest Fisher.

Louisa Janet Fletcher.

Lena Ruth French.

William Alton Morse.

Pearl Isabel Peck.

Velma Jane Smith.

Engineering Course.

Albert Powers Ball.

Leon Taylor Closterhouse.

Franklin B. Elmer.

Lillian May English

Hiram Wesley Fox.

Claude Jesse Fry

Irving Leo Gill.

Edwin Emmanuel Johnson.

William Kletczer.

Marshall Starr Walker.

German-English Course.

Henry Charles Hagy.

Frank Eugene Haugh.

Caroline Wilhelmina Hundemer.

Arthur Emil Kusterer.

Winnie Adelia Norcutt.

Helen Steketee.

Alta Maude Trankler.

Bertha Wurzburg.


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Latin-English Course.

George Joseph Raymond.

Helen Lough Waggoner


Short Latin-French Course.

Emma Ethel Closterhouse.

Grace Mary Coffield Smith.

Short Latin-Short German Course.

Morris Aa Cook.

Carol Mary Holt

Frances Stanley Hughes.

Lilliam Elizabeth Johnson.

Carl Norman Mather.

Corinne Frances May.

Bessie Irene Smith.

Liefy Jeanette Veenboer.

Elsie E. Wilbur.

Scientific Course

Harry Albert Beneker.

Fred John Frueh.

Albert Cary Horton.

Earle Stephen Irwin.

Carl Norman Mather

Marion Louise McVean.

Zennia Jean Reynders.

Edward Addison Rood.

Albert George Schroeder.

Howard Wright Smith.

Harry Carter Stewart.

German-French Course.

Alice Mary Newnham.

Latin-French Course.

Helen C. Bradfield.

Nellie Hough Fox.

Fanny Dickinson Hazeltine.

Marcia Helen Heath.

Lucretia Ruth Hobart.

Fern L. Katherine Richardson.

Blanche May Utley.

Flora Judd Van Vranken

Latin-German Course.

Kate Hamilton Baxter

Verle Frances Coppens 

Edith May Dennis  

Lillian Fallas  

Helen Amanda Ford  

Matie Artemisia Fuller  

Jessie Maude Gleason  

Fanny Dickinson Hazeltine  

Mary Blanche Hendricks   

Isla Helen Jones  

Jeannette Elizabeth Kotvis.

Arthur Emil Kusterer.

Eugenie Newhouse.

Carrie May Pyle.

Frances Rutherford Seamans.

Anna Vancleve Taggart.

Alice Vandervelde.

Lelia Volland.

Marie Volmari.

Short Latin-German course.

Ethelwyn Sweet.

Myrtle Mae Tubergen.

Classical Course.

Nellie Cronkhite.

Harold Lyford Edwards.

George Henry Hobart.

Evelyn Leonard.

Vietta Madge Roselle.

Post Graduate.

Louis Herbert Conger (1900.) Latin-French and Engineering.

Summary, Omitting Duplicates:

Boys 40

Girls 93


Post Graduate 1

Total 134

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