Grand Rapids High School
Photo Index, 1896
"The Mirror" Yearbook

 Photo index: Ahnefeldt, Helen Allen, Claude Sheldon Allen, Stanley Anderson, Cora Chamberlain, Glenn Chickering, George (R.) Christ, Helen C. b. of Waterloo, in Ontario Canada.>Indianapolis>Mi. Friedrich, Oscar Ginn, Agnes R. b.Hartford, Ct. Greeson, W. A., Mr. Groesbeck, Burt Guest, Maynard Hunt, Harry James, Alice M., Miss Kerr, Mae Locher, H. E., Dr.-President of the school. Logg, Gilberta Milner, Florence-Autobiography-b.Greensboro, Vt.,> Concord,NH. at age 3>Dowagiac, Mi.>Logansport, In.> Rodgers, Harry Edward Searles, Seekell, Bertha Shuler, Bessie Sproul, Helen Vanderveen/Van Der Veen, Theodore F. Warner, Wilber Weston, Paul Whittemore, C. A.(Charles A.)Curator Kent Scientific Institute Museum-He wrote the article, and is photo'd.
Other photos in the book are listed with surnames, although with the overall graduation index you can then tell what their first name is: Warner*Chickering*Guest*Chamberlain*Groesbeck*Weston*Hunt* Friedrich*Rodgers*Searles*Vanderveen*S.Allen*Ryder*Davidson* Grout*Conger*Shriver*Watts*Bartlett*C.Allen*R.Conger*Stickney* Willey*Ryder*Dodge*Van Amberg*Vyn*Towner*Mudge*Mallette* Hatchmuth*Markwardt*White*Hoertz*Palmer*Tandler*
This book is in Memoriam of: Levi, George Isaac d.Nov.6th, 1895 Warner, Fisher De Viere d. Jan. 16th, 1896 Holcomb, John d. Jan. 31st, 1896 Jones, Lucy d.Feb. 21st, 1896 Woolcott, Allen Wright d. Apr. 5th, 1896
Other Photos in the book are: Robinson's Cash Dental Office Story written by a student: "Reminiscences of the Stone Building" by Della Foote Perkins '1866-3 pages.
Farewell letter from Mr. W. A. Greeson-May 15th, 1896-1 page.   many more........, This wonderful yearbook includes a well done history of the school, a listing and pictures of members of the classes of 1896, and 1897, various sporting teams, the Mandolin Club, and others, there are biographies of teachers, listings of fraternities...... yes fraternities in high school, and alumni class information from 1862 through 1895.

Created: 22 November 2001