The Calvin College Prism of 1927

Published by the Junior Class

Volume Number Seven

Forward: If the 1927 Prism projects with a degree of accuracy the activities at Calvin College for the school year 1926-1927, our ideals in the editing of this volume will receive full expression. -- Editor

Order of Contents: Campus Views, Dedication, Faculty, College, Seminary, Alumni

Literary, Organizations, Music, Athletics, The Staff, Calendar, Humor, Ads

Dedication: To Jacob G. Van Den Bosch, Professor of the English Language and Literature, who for more than a quarter of a century has been loved both as a teacher and a friend, this 1927 Prism is respectfully dedicated. Page 9: Photo of Jacob G Van Den Bosch, A.M.

President's "Message": Just recently I finished reading Harvey Cushing's monumental biography of the late Sir William Osler. Already a great admirer of the man, the reading of these two huge volumes has only served to intensify this admiration. What a man! He reminds me of none other so much as William James. What charm! What insight! What generosity! Of course Osler possessed genius, but characteristically he was the only one who never suspected it. I sometimes see some student at school who plainly believes he has genius and adopts the eccentricities supposed to go with it, long hair, negligent dress, and the like. It makes me smile. I am always inclined to be suspicious of the genius which recognizes itself as such. Osler, with characteristic modesty, always insisted that he owed all he ever accomplished in medicine to nothing but industry. That, of course, was not the case, but this is certain that even an Osler could never have climbed to the uppermost rung of the ladder without hard work. Have you ability? Thank God for it, but do not expect too much of it alone. Get busy. Nobody can afford to be lazy, no Christian may be. In the race of life the man of ordinary ability who works, work hard, will pass the man of outstanding ability who loafs. Always. Remember the hare and the tortoise. Page 11: Photo of Prof. Johannes Broene, A.M. President

A Word of Appreciation: To the people whose generous support and far sighted planning has ever maintained our momentum along the road of progress our gratitude will be unfailing.

Page 14: Faculty Photos: Albertus J. Rooks, A.M. Dean, Latin Language and Literature; Jacob G Van Den Bosch, A.M. English Language and Literature; Albert E. Broene. A.B. Modern Languages; Klaas Schoolland, Emeritus; Johannes Broene, A.M. Education; John P. Van Haitsma, A.M. Organic Sciences; James Nieuwdorp, B.S. Mathematics

Page 15: Faculty Photos: Henry J. G. Van Andel, A.M. Holland Language, Literature, and Arts; Peter Hoekstra, Ph.D. History; Ralph Stob, A.B. Greek Language and Literature; Henry J Ryskamp, A.M. Sociology and Economics; Seymour Swets, A.M. Public Speaking and Musci; Harry G. Dekker, B.S. Chemistry

Page 16: Faculty Photos: W. Harry Jellema, Ph.D. Philosophy; Henry Van Zyl, PhB, Normal Training; H. H. Meeter, Td.D, Bible; Peter G. Berkhout, A.M., M.S. Assistant in Biology; Johanna Timmer, A.M. Girls Adviser and Assistant Librarian; John R. Bos, A.M. Assistant in History, English and German

Page 17: Diamonds in the Rough (childhood photos): Prof A. Broene, Miss Johanna Timmer, Mr.  S.  Swets, Prof.  H. G. Dekker, Pres J. Broene, Mr. W. Cornelisse, Mr M.R. Housman, Prof J. P. Van Haitsma, Prof J. G. Vanden Bosch



Page 21 thru 28: College Graduates (photo of each):

Carlton Christian Bachman

Athletic Association '24-'27; Phytozoon Club '25-'27

"Deeds are better things than words are" (Longfellow)

William Berkhof

Athletic Association '23-'27; Choral Club '23-'25; Orchestra (Treas.) '25; Band '25-'26; Phytozoon '25;

Plato Club '26; Prism Staff'26

"He will be anything you ask him to be. He's a sweet nature" (Booth Tarkington's "Clarence")

Jacob Boerman

Vertitas Aeterna Est; Pre-Sem Club; Forensic Association; Men's Glee Club; Athletic Association

"A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market" (Lamb)

Martin Bolt

Calvin Reserves'24; Athletic Association '24-'27; Veritas Aeterna Est '24; Blotter Club '26;

Plato Club, Sec '27; Student Council '27; Varsity Debating Team '27; Pre-Sem Club '27;

Dormitory Board, Sec '27

"Nobility lies in being fired with the truth"

Cornelius Bos

Plato Club '27; "C" Club '26-'27; Men's Glee Club (Accom) '27; Varsity Basket-ball '25; Rival Club '24-'26

"Life without laughing is a dreary blank" (Thackeray)

Brant Bruxvoort

Choral Club '23-'25-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '24; Athletic Association '24-'27;

Nil Nisi Verum '25-'27, Regulator '27; Pre-Sem Club, Vice-Pres '27; Greek Club '26

"My word to me a kingdom is" (Dyer)

Peter DeGroot

Entered as a Senior; Orchestra '27; Athletic Association '27

"I look upon indolence as a sort of suicide" (Chesterfield)

Gerrit DeVries

Athletic Association '24-'27; Blotter Club '27; Choral Club '24; Christian Fellowship Club '24

"The word 'rest' is not in my vocabulary" (Horace Greeley)

John DeVries

Athletic Association '24-'27; Bank '26; Orchestra '25; Book Store '26-'27; Choral Club '26

"A possible answer to the problem of the fourth dimension"

Nick DeVries

Men's Glee Club '25-'26-'27

Athletic Association

"Modesty is a virtue by few attained"

Edward Morris DeYoung

Athletic Association '23-'27; Phytozoon Club '26-'27; Forensic Association '26-'27

"In all thy humors, whether grave or mellow, Thour't such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow,

Hast so much wit, and mirth, and spleen about thee; There is no living with thee, nor without thee"

Arie Disselkoen

Blotter Club; Nil Nisi Verum; Athletic Association; Pre-Sem Club

"A man who controls circumstances; most of us are controlled by them"

John Guichelaar

Christian Fellowship Club '24; Athletic Association '24-'27; Plato Club '27; Pre-Sem Club '27

"Up -- Up! All fame, all power Liens in this golden text, This is my hour -- And not the next, nor next!"

(Geo F Cameron)

Jean Heetderks

Girls' Christian Fellowship Club '24-'27, Sec '25; Student Volunteer Group '25-'27, Sec '26-'27; Michigan

Volunteer Union (out-of-college) Sec '27

"Her life has many a hope and aim" (Browning)

Anne Heyboer

Girls' Christian Fellowship Club '24-'26; Prism Staff '26; K. K. Q. Pres. '26; Girls' Glee Club '24-'27;

Senior Class Sec-Tres '27; Athletic Association '24-'27; Forensic Association (Executive Staff) '26

"Cultured but unassuming"

Stephen Hollander

Plato Club '26, Pres '27; Kant Club '27; Chimes Staff '27; Prism Staff '25; Athletic Association '25-'27

"I would tear down your houses of mud that I may build palaces of marble" (Glen Buck)

Peter Holwerda

Athletic Association '23-'27; Forensic Club '26-'27; "C" Club, Pres '26-'27; Plato Club '27;

Varsity Debating Team '26-'27

"He could on either side dispute, confute, change hands, and still confute" (Bulter)

Jacob Hoogland

Greek Club '26; Baseball '26-'27; "C" Club '27; Pre-Sem Club '27

"My strength is as the strength of ten Because my heart is pure" (Tennyson)

Rens H. Hooker

Choral Blub '24-'27, Pres. '26-'27, Bus Mgr '25-'27; Forensic Association '25-'27;

Athletic Association '24-'27; Chimes Staff, Bus Mgr '27; Men's Glee Club, Bus Mgr '27;

Pre-Sem Club '27; Prism Staff, Bus Mgr '26

"I have discovered that my best luck comes when I work hardest" (Glen Buck)

Jeanette Huizenga

Girls' Christian Fellowship Club '24; Girls' Basket-ball '24-'25; Prism Staff '26; Girls' "C" Club '26-'27;

Pres K.K.Q. '27; Ladies' Glee Club, Pres '27; Senior Class Sec-Tres '27; Athletic Association

"An efficient young lady with a pleasing personality"

Cornelius H. Kickert

Christian Fellowship Club '24; Athletic Association '24-'27; Orchestra '25-'26; Band (Director) '27

"Music is his strength and well he knows it"

Margaret May Klaasse

Ladies' Glee Club; Christian Fellowship Club; Choral Club; Dramatic Club; Athletic Association

"Who deserves well, needs not another's praise"

Gertrude Knoll

Christian Fellowship Club '24-'27; Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '24-'27;

Phi Alpha Club '26-'27; Ladies' Glee Club '24

"A rare modern co-ed with an aptitude for metaphysics"

Gareth S. Kok

Student Volunteer Group '23-'27; Pre-Sem Club '27; C.C.I. '27

"Physical withdrawal from the presence of men has always been much in favor with those in search

of a calmer, surer life" (C. H. Cooley)

Hessel Kooistra

Entered as a Senior

"Silence is deep as eternity; Speech is shallow as time" (Carlyle)

Bert Kruithof

Chimes Staff '24-'25, Editor-in-Chief '27; Plato Club '27; Prism Staff '26; Forensic Association '26-'27;

Broodman Debating Trophy '24-'25; Varsity Debating Team '26-'27; Athletic Association '24-'27;

Pre-Sem Club '27

"Much is required of those to whom much is given. Editor, poet, philosopher, debater --

he has served his college well"

Elizabeth London

K. K. Q. '24-'27' Ladies' Glee Club '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"Thy modesty's a candle to thy virtue" (Fielding)

Charles E. F. de Waal Malefyt

Dramatic Club '26, '27; Forensic Association '26-'27; Athletic Association '25-'27; Pre-Sem Club '27

"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor of the Lord."

John W. Postma

Varsity Debating Team '27; Athletic Association '23-'24-'27; Choral Club '23

"Six feet of oratory"

Richard Rienstra

Dramatic Club '26-'27, Bus, Mgr.; Forensic Club, Pres '26-'27; Broodman Oratorical Contest (1st prize);

Michigan State Orator; Prism Staff '26; Athletic Association '24-'27; Men's "C" Club;

Varsity Baseball '25-'27; Basket-ball Reserve '24; Greek Club

"A wholesome combination of Hamlet and Peter Stuyvesant"

Bert Vander Brink

Athletic Association; Forensic Association; Pre-Sem Club '27

"When a man feels himself incapable of controlling his own affairs, he engages a trustee to manage them."

William Vander Lugt

Athletic Association '24-'27; Choral Club '24; Plate Club '27; Forensic Association '26-'27

"His is the quiet surface that conceals depth of soul and intellect"

John Vander Ploeg

Student Council '26, Pres '27; Class President '27; Roseboom History Prize '24;

Athletic Association '24-'27; Forensic Association '26-'27; Prism Staff '26; Varsity Debating Team '26;

Chimes Staff '27; Pre-Sem Club '27

"Though I am a judge, I am but a man" (Balzac)

Casper Van Dyke

Varsity Debating Team '27; Forensic Manager '27; Chimes Staff '26; Prism Staff '26; Class Sec-Tres '26;

Greek Club '26; Dramatic Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '23-'26, Treas '27; Dormitory Board '27;

Pre-Sem Club '27

"A romantic spirit who enjoys philosophy, cigars, and blue eyes"

Jacob Van Vessem

College Inn Club '24; Dormitory Club '25-'27; Varsity Basket-ball '24-'25, (Captain), '26-'27;

Baseball '25-'26; Tennis Cup '24-'25-'26; "C" Club '26-'27; Athletic Staff '25; Rival Club '24-'26

"To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent" (Amiel)

Henry J. Van Wyhe

Athletic Association '23-'24,'27; Choral Club '23-'24; Dormitory Club '27

"Dangerous when he holds the honors in his hand --

not a man you can get over but one whom you must run over"

John Rooze

Athletic Associaiton '24-'27; Veritas Aeterna Est

"The offer of a medal or a pension induces him to make the sort of picture which is likely to satisfy the authorities"

Arend Roskamp

Entered as a Junior; Men's Glee Club '27

"I, perchance, am one raised up by the Almighty arm to witness some great truth to all the world"


Irene Margaret Schuiling

Girls' League '24-'25; Ladies' Glee Club '24-'27; Athletic Association; K.K.Q. Club '24-'27, Treas;

Girls' Christian Fellowship Club '24

"She needs no eulogy; she speaks for herself"

John Frederick Schuurmann

Entered as a Senior; Athletic Association '26-'27; Forensic Association '26-'27; Dramatic Club;

Pre-Sem Club

"If there were more men of this stamp it would be of benefit to the moral condition of the country"

Ring Star

Orchestra '25-'26; Student Volunteer Group '26-'27; Veritas Aeterna Est '25; Pre-Sem Club '27;

Athletic Association '24-'27

"Many are cold but few are frozen"

William Vander Kieft

Student Volunteer Group '27; Pre-Sem Club '27; Choral Club '25; Athletic Association '24-'27;

Veritas Aeterna Est '24; Christian Fellowship Club '24; Forensic Association '25-'27

"On his broad shoulders he bears the burdens of the world"

Jacob VanWyhe

Varsity Basket-ball '24-'27, Captain '27; Baseball '24-'27; Athletic Association '23-'27;

"C" Club '26-'27; Athletic Staff '27; Dormitory Club '24-'27

"The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well,

and doing well whatever you do, without a thought of fame" (Longfellow)

Conrad R. Veenstra

Athletic Association '24-'27; Broodman Debating Trophy '24-'27; Forensic Association '25, '26-'27;

Pre-Sem Club '27; Vertas Aeterna Est '24-'25; Forensic Staff '27; Varsity Debating Team '26-'27

" Containing all the atoms of St Augustine; not one of Pallieter"

William VerWolf

Entered as a Senior; Dramatic Club '27; Pre-Sem Club '27; Athletic Association '27;

Varsity Basket-ball '27; Baseball '27

"Tall, handsome, reserved -- three qualities honored in man"

Martin Wallace Waalkes

Athletic Association, Pres '27; Class President '26; Men's Glee Club, '26, Pres '27;

Forensic Staff '26-'27; Prism Staff, Editor-in-Chief '26

"A shrewd mind unsatisfied with ideas -- combining thinking with doing"

Thomas Yff

Dramatic Club, Vice-Pres '25-'26; Forensic Association '26-'27; Varsity Debating Team '27;

Blotter Club '27; Choral Club '25-'26; Athletic Association '24-'27

"The plumb-line of his mind is of a length to touch bottoms"

Joe Zandstra

Plato Club '25; Kant Club '27; Athletic Association '24-'25-'27; College Inn Club, Pres '27;

Choral Club '24-'25

"To talk without effort is, after all, the great charm of talking" (Hare)



We the pre-medics have completed another stage in the process which moulds our lives after the pattern of the Great Physician. Our hopes are that as we go forth to other schools for the continuation of our preparation, and as we dip deeper and deeper into the stream of natural Science we will never forget the emphasis which Calvin has taught us to place upon Spiritual values. Looking into the future we find Dr. Durand Smith standing by the bed of a patient whose early day is setting. All his knowledge of bodily cures was to no avail, nevertheless he is able to recommend the Great Physician, who possesses the cure which results in Eternal Life. We might picture Dr. Northouse in the darkness of Africa, bending and stooping, as the One of old to the needy and the suffering. And as for the Dr's Rottschafer cousins, one and inseparable, we expect to hear great things. Probably they will be called "The great Christian Surgeons of China or South America." Finally we shall find the lover and brother of the Red Man, Dr Peter Djopaih Brink, destroying the power of the medicine man and acting as a means of establishing Christ as King over the Indian Nations. Thus may Calvin's sons go forth, warriors against disease, and valiant soldiers of the Eternal Commander.

Graduates (including photographs)

Peter D Brink

Student Volunteer '21 - '27; Phytozoon '25, '26, '27

Henry Rottschafer

Phytozoon '27

John S Rottschafer

Rival Club '25, '26; Basket-ball '27

Peter Northhouse

Phytozoon '26, '27; Band '26, '27

Durand Smith

Athletic Ass'n Treas '26; Bus Mgr '27; Freshman Glee Club '25; Varsity Glee Club '26; Chimes Staff;

Phytozoon; Reserves '25


Pre-Law Graduating Class '27

With a final spurt of its exuberant energy, the Law Department of 1927 plunges into the realm of Calvin Alumni. Characterized by a unity of activities and interests that has led to a close intimacy and fellowship of its members, the class has finished its third lap in the process of schooling. Beginning its career in the same grammar school pushing on side by side in the same high school, and entering upon the next lap in the same college, pursuing like courses throughout, we find ourselves looking forward expectantly to the final sprint in the race. Having delved into history -- ancient and modern; political institutions -- old and new; economics -- somewhat rusted; and sociology -- always interesting, we wait with restrained zeal to apply ourselves to new subjects. Difficulties we've had, only to be surmounted. Friendships true, never to be forgotten. And upon gayety we have feasted. Calvin has schooled us; Calvin has ruled us; may Calvin have left its stamp upon us! Alma Mater -- Farewell.

John H Vander Wal

Orchestra '25, '26; Band '25, '26, '27; Rival Club '25, '26; Athletic Ass'n '25, '26

Adrian W Verspoor

Rival Club '26; Orchestra '25, '26; Boys' "C" Club '27; Basketball Reserves '25;

Varsity Basketball '25, '26; Athletic Ass'n '25, '26, '27


Pre-Engineering Graduate '27

Now I must say, "Farewell," but first let me express my appreciation to Calvin College, Faculty and Students, for the companionship and the good fellowship which I have enjoyed during my short stay here. My hear has warmed to live this institution, and my eyes have caught to a certain measure the vision of the ideals which Calvin College possesses and the traditions she upholds.

Edw. Vander Berg

(no activities)


Normal Graduates - '27

Graduation, -- and the closing of another important chapter in our Book of Life! In reviewing its contents, memories arise, joyous ones; but for some perhaps not unmixed with grief. Our two years stay at Calvin was after all a brief chapter but it was an eventful one for us. The first pages of this our Calvin chapter show a joyous eagerness, a hopefulness, that our cherished dreams might be realized. In turning over the next few pages we find some of the sentences stand out in bold type, while others have become dimmed and are hardly legible. Some of the words are underlined -- such words as contests, clubs, exams, games, and class parties. Faithful teachers gave us main outlines and basic principles upon which we could build our chapter, and to them we give unstinted gratitude and praise. New friendships, new experiences, new ideas have all given color and beauty to the pages and it is with reluctance that we must turn over the pages and end our chapter in order to progress in the Book. It is not with sadness, however, that we leave this chapter, for its pages cannot leave us, they have become a part of us. Our last page of this chapter is finished and tomorrow we start a new chapter on a spotless white page. We shall endeavor to build this new one on the last, that Calvin's spirit with its noble ideals may permeate the coming pages, aiding in keeping out blots and scratches that should mar, and helping us to become fit for a life of true Christian service.


Graduates (including photographs)

Jean Berkhof

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; K.K.Q. Club '26-'27, Tres '27;

Girls' Glee Club '27, Librarian

"Woman's at best a contradiction still" (Pope)

Alberta Brat

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Girls' Glee Club '27; Christian Fellowship Club '25

"My wealth is health and perfect ease; My conscience clear my chief defense" (Sir Edward Dyer)

Marguerite Brinks

Choral Club; Athletic Association; K.K.Q. Club; Christian Fellowship Club, Orchestra;

Girl's Glee Club; Member of Staff for Freshman Handbook

"Why should we defer our joys, Fame and rumor are but toys" (Ben Jonson)

Marguerite Broersma

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27

"Sleeping, waking, still at ease, Pleasing, without skill to please" (Ambrose Philips)

Harry DeBlaey

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Glee Club '26-'27

"He that of such a height hath built his mind, And reared the Dwelling of his hopes so strong,

As neither fear nor hope can shake the frame, Of his resolved powers; what a fair seat hat he"

Fredreka DeJong

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27;

Student Volunteer '26-'27

"Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content, The quiet mind is richer than a crown" (Chapman)

Adriana DeJonge

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27

"Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow rooms, and hermits are contented with their cells;

And students with their pensive citadels" (Wordsworth)

Grace DeRoo

Choral Club '25-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27

"My mind to me a kingdom is, Such present joys therein I find,

That it excels all other bliss, That earth affords or grows by kind" (Sir Edward Dyer)

Edith Dykstra

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association 26-'27

"With gifts of wit and ornaments of nature, Fit for so goodly stature" (Spencer)

Sena Gemmen

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Girls' Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27

"Ye dare lift up her countenance too bold, But blush to hear her praises sung so loud,

So far from being proud" (Spencer)

Pearl Haan

Choral Club '26-'27; Dramatic Club '26-'27; Orchestra '26

"Only a sweet and virtuous soul, Like seasoned timber, never gives;

But tho' the whole world turn to coal, Then chiefly lives" (Herbert)

Cynthia Hartger

Girls' Glee Club '27; Student Volunteers '27

"What are we set on earth for? Say, to toil -- Nor seek to leave thy tending of the vines,

For all the heat o'day till it declines, and Death's mild curfew shall from work assail"

(Elizabeth Browning)

Henriette Heyns

Choral Club '25-'26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Girls' Glee Club '26-'27;

K.K.Q. '25-'26'-27

"It's nice to be natural, when you are naturally nice"

Suzanna Jocobusse

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '27; Student Volunteer '27; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"Alone to Virtue happiness is given, On earth self satisfied and crowned in Heaven" (Hamilton)

Addie Johnson

Choral Club '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure" (Tennyson)

Gertrude Keegstra

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '25-'27

"A hear to resolve, A head to contrive, A hand to execute"

Anna Koeman

Choral Club '27; Athletic Association '27; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"There is nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth" (Cary)

Wilma Koster

Choral Club '25-'26'-'27, Athletic Association '25-'26-'27, Girls' Glee Club '26-'27; K.K.Q. Club '27

"Good sense and good nature are never separated" (Dryden)

Nellie Kramer

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '25-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27

"With modest eyes downcast, she comes; she's here; she's past" (Thackeray)

Helen Kuiper

Choral Club '26; Athletic Association '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '27; K.K.Q.Club '26-'27;

Girls' Basket-ball Team '26; Girls' "C" Club '26-'27; Orchestra '26

"She smiled and the shadows departed" (Symonds)

Alma LaBatt

Choral Club '26-'27

"Silence sweeter is then a speech" (Craik)

Nellie Lam

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '25-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '25-'27

"The mildest manners and the gentlest heart" (Pope)

Josie Nieuwenhuis

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"A firm, yet cautious mind, Sincere, though prudent, constant yet resigned" (Pope)

Gertrude Rooks

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Assn '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '26-'27

"Modesty is a diamond setting to female beauty" (Butler)

Angeline Sietsema

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26; Christian Fellowship Club '27

"The crimson glow of modesty o'erspread her cheek, and gave new lustre to her charms"

Angie VanCoevering

Choral Club '25-'27; Athletic Association '25-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '25-'27

"There's something of heaven in a little woman"

Bertha VandenHoek

Choral '26-'27; Christian Fellowship Club '27; Athletic Association '26-'27;

Women's Oratorical Contest '27

"Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance"

Henriette VanLaar

Athletic Association '25-'27; Girls' Glee Club '26-'27; Class Secretary '27

"The pass over the world who trip over it lightly"

Ida VanWyck

Choral Club '26-'27

"A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded"

Margaret Veenstra

Choral Club '26-'27; Athletic Association '26-'27

"Deeds, not words"



Page 38 - with photos of each

E. VanDyk; J. Star; G. Slingerland; G. Stuart; A. Boot; H. Groteler; J. VandenBosch; J. Kerkhoff; J. VanLaar; G. Peterson; H. Verspoor; J. Tulls; C. VanderPloeg; F. Leeuwenberg; T. Prins; N. Beute; J. Holwerda; A. Bouwma; G. Pals, D. Smith; J. VanBruggen; F. VandenBout; J. Kingma; P. Monsma; H. VanderKlay; E. Tannis; J. DeBorst; J. Koedam

Page 39 - with photos of each

D. DeKryger; J. VanderWal; S. VanTil; D. VanderMey; G. Schipper; A. Lanning; H. Rottschafer; E. Heckman; J. Rottschafer; D. Mellema; J. Vugteveen; A. Vespoor; M. Vos; J. Van Loo; C. VanSchouwen; T.Ferwerda; J. Cremer; O. Bolt; J. Kenbeek; C. Beukema; S. Frieswyk; M. DeYoung; J. Ledeboer; C. Oldenburg; W. Radius

without photos

G. Bos; E. Vertregt; J. Bosch




Page 40 - with photos of each

P. Haan; En. Keegstra; F. VanderStoop; M. Brinks; G. Rozeboom; D. DeYoung; K. Zierleyn; J. Nieuwenhuis; A. Labatt; S. Stuk; H. Hoekstra; H. Fryling; J. Bult; G. Deroo; A. Sietsema; M. Broersma; J. Buddingh; E. Dykstra; J. DeVriew; A. Kortman; C. Rooks; A. Heeringa; N. deLeeuw; S. Kingma; E. Wezeman; J. Lightenberg; A. Brat; J. Westra

Page 41 - with photos of each

H. Ledeboer; T. Doi; N. Lam; H. Schripsema; M. Berg; W. VanRees; M. VanVuuren; A. Paauwe; L. Voskull; H. Kuiper; J. Hoeksema; I. VanWyck; H. Heyns; J. Berkhof; E. VanderBerg; S. Gemmen; G. Keegstra; A. Johnson; D. Hanenburg; D. Frericks; P. Slingerland; J. Bontekoe; M Bachman; E. Roelogs; A. Koeman; H. VanderSchalie; S. Jacobusse; H. Deblaey

Page 42 - with photos of each

J. VanderMey; G. Braendle; D. Mouw; H. Drukker; M. VanderValk; A. VanDongen; S. Rooon; J. Bolt; P. Tolsma; G. Yff; A. VanCoevering; J. Stuart; M. Tubergen; C. Hartger; A. Dejonge; M. Magaw; B. VanderHoek; W. Monsma; H. VanLaar; J.M.G. Rooks; W. Koster; A. Yonker; N. Kramer; M. Veenstra; P. DeBoer; W. Vertregt; R. Bielema

without photos

A. DeLeeuw; M Batts; F. DeJong; J. Klasse; B. VanderKolk; J. Bos



Page 43 - with photos of each

M. Wilderom; J. Smith; J. Boelema; R. Holwerda; J. Dalman; J. Verniel; R. Hager; L. Westmaas; J. DeVries; M Scholten; A. Bakker; G. Weeber; V. Roelofs; A. Klunder; C. Deboe; J. Huizinga; O. Stehouwer; M Huizenga; H. Meyer; J.A. Meeter; P. Bouma, R. DeGroot; W. Frankena; A. Wegmen. R. VanderWall; G. Vannette; R. Feenstra; J. Broersma; T. Heyen

Page 44 - with photos of each

J. Hollander; W. Steenland; L. Peters; D. Wondergem; J. VanderMolen; W. Pastoor; J. Verhage; M Gezon; J. Westfield; D. VanderWal; C. Michielsen; E Swets; E. Haan; C. Feenstra; A. Nydam; H. Weyenberg; J. Stehouwer; M. Gezon; D. Walters, J. Rooks; P. VanderJagt; J. Kromminga; C. Boonstra; C. Bushouse; H. Stevens; M. Tinholt; M. Schaap

Page 45 - with photos of each

V. Drost;p H. Voss; R. VanderWall; E. Vredevoogd; M. Vos; D. Drost; N. Hulstein; G. Workman; M. Deboer; G. VanderZiel; P. Honderd; J. TenCate; H. Radius; H. DeHaan; R. Bouwman; J. Mulder; J. Noordewier; J. DeKok; G. Berens; J. Brat; C. Pott; E. Rozema; G. Fynewever; E. Thomasma; M. Bredeweg; C. Shoemaker; J. Zandstra

Page 46 - with photos of each

J.H. Brink; R. Wezeman; J. Timmer; R. Heyen; C. Plantiga; J. Ruster; G. Cooper; S. Roelofs; H. Schram; G. VanderWall; T. Bajema; M. Faber; G. Oosterheert; N. Weeda; H. Lobbes; F. Volbeda; G. Stob; N. Folkertsma; H. Kalsbeek; J. Bosma

without photos

J. Bruinooge; J. Westra; A. VanderTuin; J. Heeren; J. VanVuren; J. Clever


Page 48 - RECTOR'S PAGE {text not transcribed}

Page 49 - SEMINARY FACULTY - with photos of each

Rev Louis Berkhof, B.D. Secretary, Professor of Dogmatic Theology

Rev Samuel Volbeda, Th. D., Rector, Professor of Practical Theology

Rev Martin J. Wyngaarden, A.M. B.D., PhD, Registrar; Professor of Exegetical Theology; O.T.

Rev Foppe M TenHoor, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology

Rev William Heyns, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology

Rev Clarence Bouma, A.M., Th D., Professor of Ethics and Apologetics

Rev Henry Schuyltze, A.B., B.D., Professor of Exegetical Theology; New Testament

Barend K. Kuiper, A.B., Theol. Doctorandus, Professor of Historical Theology

Page 50 - A LAST WORD FROM THE SEMINARY GRADUATES {text not transcribed}

Page 51 - SEMINARY GRADUATES - with photos of each

Marinus Arnoys; John Henry DeHaan; William Hendriksen; Peter Hoekstra; Arthur Henry Kort;

John Edward Meeter; John L. Shaver; Joseph VandeKieft; John VanDyk

Page 52 - Middlers - with photos of each

J. Hoogstra; Peter Vos; D.J. Hoitinga; Clarence Groot; Henry Rikkers; Jacob M Kooyers; Joe Betten;

M.J. VanderWerp

Juniors - with photos of each

Leonard Verduin; John Hanesburg; A.R. Banning; Menzo Dornbush; John Geels; John Weidenaar; Cornelius Witt; R.S. DeHaan; Adam Pensenaire

Page 53 - CORPS: "Credimus ut Intelligamus"

Photo - last names only listed

Geels, Verduin, Hoekstra, DeHaan, Hanenburg, Dornbush, Witt, Rikkers, Vox, DeHaan, Banning, Arnoys, Schaver, Meeter, Kort, Hoitinga, VandKieft, VanDyk, Henderiksen, Groot, Vanderwerp, Betten


William Hendriksen, Praetor; Joe VandeKieft, Vice-Praetor; Marvin Vanderwerp, Secretary; Clarence Groot; Treasurer; Adam Persenaire; General Adjunct; Joseph Betten, Regulator; John VanDyk, Falx Editor



Page 56 - Letter from Rev Jacob Bolt to Calvin Students {text not transcribed}

Page 57 - Letter from Herman VanLunen to fellow students {text not transcribed}

Mr. Herman VanLunen, now pursuing his second year to theological studies at Harvard expects

to continue his graduate work at the Yale Divinity School during the year 1927-'28.

Page 58 thru 60 - Letter to Mr. Fred Alumnus, Calvin College Prism

Page 82 - Student Council

photo with last names only: Monsma; Bolt; Timmer; Waalkes; Oldenburg; Wondergem; VanLaar;

VanderPloeg; Bolt

OFFICERS: John VanderPloeg, President; Cornelius Oldenburg, Vice-President; John A Bolt, Secretary;

David Wondergem, Treasurer

CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Martin Bolt, Senior; Martin Waalkes, Senior; John VanLaar, Junior;

William Monsma, Sophomore; John Timmer, Freshman

Page 83 - The Plato Club

photo with last names only: Bos; Schipper; Holwerda; Kruithof; Monsma; VanLaar; Hollander; VanderLugt; Berkhof; Witt; Guichelaar; Bolt; Jellema

OFFICERS: Stephen Hollander, President; Martin Bolt, Secretary-Treasurer; Dr. W.H. Jellema, Faculty Advisor

Page 84 - The Phi Alpha Club

photo with last names only: Vertregt; Slingerland; Jellema; DeKryger; VanderValk; Timmer; Knoll; Peterson; VanderMey; Michmerhuizen; Vos

OFFICERS: Grace Peterson, President; Frances VanderMey, Secretary; Dr. W.H. Jellema, Faculty Advisor

Page 85 - Chimes

photo of Chimes staff with last names only: Witt; VanLaar; Smith; Hollander; Oldenburg; Hooker; Monsma; Vos; Kruithof; Verspoor; VanderPloeg

EDITORAL STAFF: Bert Kruithof, Editor-in-Chief; John VanderPloeg, Associate Editor; John VanLaar, Associate Editor; Business Department: Rens Hooker, Business Manager; Helene Verspoor, Circulation Manager; Stephen Hollander, Circulation Manager; Local Editors: C. Oldenburg, College; J. Weidenaar, Seminary; Other: Marianne C. Vos, Co-eds; Neal Witt, Alumni Editor; Durand Smith, Athletic Editor; Wm Monsma, Staff Artist

Page 86 - The Blotter Club

photo with last names only: VanSchouwen; Kenbeek; VanderKlay; DeVriew; Yff; Disselkoen; Holwerda; Lanning; VandenBout; Yff; Mellema

OFFICERS: Frank VanderBout, President; Arthur Lanning; Secretary; Geo Yff, Treasurer

Page 87 - Phytozoon Club

photo with last names only: Bachman; DeYoung; Batts; Smith; Bolt; Buddingh; Kingma; Holwerda; Magaw; Monsma; Meyers; Berkhout; Stuart; VanHaitsma; VanderKolk; VanderSchalie; Bachman; Hager; Westra; Cremer; Kerkhoff; Hoekzema; DeLoo; Brink

OFFICERS: John Cremer, President; Jack Hoekzema, Vice-President; Jacob J Westra, Secretary-Treasurer; Jack VanLoo, Publicity Manager; Prof. J.P. VanHaitsma, Faculty Advisor

Page 88 - K.K.Q.

photo with last names only: Verspoor; London; Feenstra; Gezon; Heeren; Bos; Kuiper; Brinks; Schuiling; Heyns; Heckman; Huizenga; Berkhof; Koster; Heyboer; Leeuwenberg

OFFICERS: Jean Huizenga, President; Evelyn Heckman, Vice-President; Jean Berkhof, Treasurer;

Faith Leeuwenberg, Secretary

Page 89 - Student Volunteer Band

photo with last names only: Star; VandenBout; VandeKieft; Jacobusse; DeJong; Cremer; Dornbush; Brink; Hartger; Wegman; Kolk; Heetderks; Kingma; Kortman; VanderStoep

OFFICERS: Alberta Kortman, First Semester - Group Leader; John Kingma, Second Semester - Group Leader; Jean Heetderks, Secretary; William Muller, First Semester - Treasurer; Floris VanderStoep, Second Semester - Treasurer; Prof Peter Hoekstra, Faculty Advisor; Jean Heetderks, State Out-of-College Secretary; Frank VandenBout, Business Manager of the State Bulletin

Page 90 - Nil Nisi Verum

photo with last names only: Tanis; Betten; VanDyk; VanderKlay; Bruxvoort; Radius; Hanenburg; Monsma; VandeKieft; Meeter; Hanenburg

OFFICERS: Professor Samuel Volbeda, Faculty Advisor; Joseph VandeKieft, President;

PERSONNEL: John VandeKieft; Joesph VanDyk; Hiram VanderKlay; William T Radius; Evert Tanis; Brant Bruxvoort; John Hanenburg; Gerlof Monsma; Joseph Betten; JOhn E Meeter; John Weidenaar; Jacob Hanenburg

Page 91 - The Dramatic Club

photo with last names only: Malefyt; Banning; Magaw; Haan; VanTil; Schuurmann; VanDyk; Bienstra; VanderMolen; Zierlyn; Meeter; Roelofs; Star; Bouwsma; Verwolf

OFFICERS: Casper Vandyk, President; Charles deWall Malefyt, Vice President; Agens Bouwsma, Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Rienstra, Business Manager; Prof. J.G. VandenBosch, Faculty Advisor

Page 92 - Girls' Christian Fellowship Club

photo with last names only: VanCoevering; Rooks; DeRoo; Gemmen; VanderWal; Lam; Rooks; DeLeeuw; DeBorst; Jacbusse; Nieuwenhuis; DeJong; Heetderks; Koeman; Slingerland; VandenHoek; Slingerland; Vos; VanderPloeg; Stuart

Page 93 - Pre-Sem Club

photo of officers with last names only: Radius; Bruxvoort; Vroon; Mellema; Monsma

OFFICERS: P. Monsma, President; B. Bruxvoort, Vice-President; D. Mellema, Secretary; S. Vroon, Treasurer; H. Radius, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Page 94 - Calvin Handbook

photo of staff with last names only: Schripsema; Zierlyn; Ligtenberg; Yff; DeVries; Brinks

STAFF: John DeVries, Editor; Katherine Zierlyn, Assistants; John Lightenberg, Assistants; George Yff, Business Manager; Marguerite E Brinks, Assistants; Herman Schripsema, Assistants

Page 95 - College Inn Club

photo with last names only: Schripsema, VanderBerg; Roskamp; Kok; Zoerman; Verwolf; VanTil; VanderKolk; VanDyk; Stevens; Zandstra; Stob; Drost; Zandstra; Verhage; VanVuren; DeGroot; Degroot

OFFICERS: Joe Zandstra, President; Henry Stevens, Vice-President; George Stob, Secretary-Treasurer

Page 96 - Forensic Association

photo of Executive Staff with last names only: Kruithof; Friewsky; Ligtenbert; Brink; Heyboer; Holwerda; Fynewever; Kortman; Bouwsma; VanderPloeg; Waalkes; Rienstra; VanDyk; Veenstra

Calvin Forensic Association EXECUTIVE STAFF OFFICERS:

Richard Rienstra, President; Bertha Kortman, Vice-President; Casper VanDyk, Secretary-Manager; Bert Kruithof, Recording Secretary; Siebolt Frieswyk, Publicity Manager; J. Herbert Brink, Treasurer

STATE ORATORS AND COACH: (with photo) Swets; Roelofs; Rienstra

Page 97 - Debating Teams

photo with last names only: AFFIRMATIVE: Kruithof; Veenstra; Holwerda; VanDyke

NEGATIVE: Ligtenberg; Bolt; Yff; Postema


... The results of last year's oratorical contests were as follows: In the Heyboer Contest for Ladies Miss Marie Bouwman won first, Miss Bertha Kortman, second, and Miss Jewel Lieffers, third. TheBroodman winners were: Richard Rienstra, first; Ted Peters, second; and John Weidenaar, third. Since Miss Bouwman did not return to school this year, this year's Heyboer contest was held in January. Miss Sadie Roelofs won first, Miss Dena DeKryger second, and Miss Bertha VandenHoek third. Sadie Roelofs and Richard Reinstra represented Calvin in the State Oratorical Contests held at Olivet on March 4. ...

Page 98 - Our Dormitory

photo with names: J.A. Meeter; M Bolt; J. VanLaar; C. VanDyk; J. Hannenburg; Mrs P. DeBoer; Miss Hattie Oelen; R. Hooker; H. Rikkers

DORMITORY BOARD: John Meeter, President; John VanLaar, Vice-President and Room Inspector; Martin Bolt, Secretary-Treasurer; Rens Hooker, Floor-head (First Floor); Cap VanDyk, Floor-head (Second Floor); Henry Rikkers, Floor-head (Third Floor)

DORMITORY STAFF: Mrs P. DeBoer, Superintendent; Miss H. Oelen, Cook; J. Hanenburg, Engineer

Page 101 - Men's Glee Club

no photo

CLUB MEMBERS: Accompanist: C. Bos; Director: S.Swets; Bus. Mgr: R. Hooker

First Tenors: D. Hanenburg, N. DeVriew; J. VanLaar; G. Rozeboom

Second Tenors: D. Freriks; J. VandenBosch; H. DeBlaey; J. Kenbeek

First Basses: J. Klaasse; S. Bajema; R.H. Hooker; A. Roscamp

Second Basses: M. Waalkes; J. Holwerda; F. VandenBout; A. VanDongen

Page 102 - The Calvin College Quartette

photo without names

MEMBERS: G.G. Rozeboom, First Tenor; J. VandenBosch, Second Tenor; S. Bajema, Baritone;

F. VanDenBout Basso, C. Bos, Accompanist

Page 103: Ladies' Glee Club

photo with last names only: Bouwsma; Smith; Brat; Tubergen; Koster; Kerkhof; Jonker; Schuiling; Heyns; Klaasse; Peterson; Kortman; Berkhof; VandenHoek; Swets; London; Brinks; DeLeeuw; Timmer; Stuart; DeKryger; Huizenga; Heyboer; Hartger; VanLaar

OFFICERS: Jean Huizenga, President; Gezina Stuart, Business Manager; Diena deKryger, Sec'y and Treas; Jean Berkhof, Librarian

Page 104 - Freshmen Glee Club

photo with last names only: Bouma, Heynen; Hulstein; Brink; Huizenga; Westfield; VandenBosch; Honderd; Fynewever; Timmer; Vannette; Roelofs; DeVries; Walters

MEMBERS: First Tenors: P.H. Bouma; R. Heyen; D Walters; Second Tenors: M. Huizenga; V. Roelofs;

G. Vannette; Baritones: G. Fynewever; J. Timmer; J. Westfield; Basses: H. Brink; N. Holstein; P Honderd

OFFICERS: J. VandenBosch, Director; G. DeVries, Accompanist; V. Roelofs, President; P.H. Bouma, Sec'y-Librarian

Page 105 - Calvin Choral Club

OFFICERS (with photos): President and Business Manager, R.H. Hooker; Secretary and Librarian, David Wondergem; Accompanist, Helene Verspoor; Director, Seymour Swets

Page 106 - Calvin College Band

photo with last names only: Meeter; Berkhof; Northouse; DeGroot; VanderWal; Wezeman; Kickert; VanSchouwen; TenHolt; Drost; VanDongen; Kingma; Kenbeek; Braendle

OFFICERS: D. Mellema, President; Peter Northouse, Business Manager; C.H. Kickert, Director

Page 108 - Athletic Board

photo with last names only: VanderSchalie; Waalkes; Ledeboer; Cornelisse; VanDyk; VanWyhe; Smith

Page 109 - The Boys' "C" Club

photo with last names only: Hoogland; Rienstra; Ledeboer; VanWyhe; Cornelisse; Tuls; Keegstra; Geurkink; Oldenburg; Bielema; Rozeboom; VanVessem; Bos

OFFICERS: Henry Geurkink, President; Cornelius Oldenburg, Vice-President; Casey Bos, Secretary; Jacob Ledeboer, Treasurer

Page 110 - The Girls' "C" Club

photo with last names only: Feenstra; DeBorst; Kuiper; Houseman; Slingerland; Stuart; Vox; VanderVennen; Lieffers; Groteler; Cornelisse

OFFICERS: Jewel Lieffers, President; Janet DeBorst, Treasurer; Marianne C Vos, Secretary

Page 112 - With the Knights

Wm (Bill) Cornelisse - Coach

To Bill go our sincere wishes for more successful seasons of basketball. It indeed was a paramount year for him, and we as a team appreciate his work and the strong desire he displayed to put Calvin on the map.

Durand (Angel) Smith - Manager

Angel never sprouted any wings but he sure knew how to get a hard schedule. Our sincere hope is that Smitty may be as good a manager in other phases of life as he was in basketball.

Jacob (Es) VanWyhe - Captain-Guard

When it came to oratory Es was no Bryan, but as a player he stands out as one of the bright lights of the team. Shifted from running center to guard did not incapacitate him for brilliant work. We as team members appreciated Es' work as captain, knowing the difficult task which he had to face.

Jacob (Jackie) VanVessem - Forward

Jackie, our versatile forward, again led the team in scoring. His keen eye did not leave him although closely guarded by opposing guards. Jack stands out as a heady and a real team player among his mates.

Adrian (Abie) Verspoor - Forward

Abie, with his uncanny eye for picking holes in the opposing team proved himself to be a real running mate for Jack. He undoubtedly was the fastest man on the floor and coupled with his quickness of shooting he became a more valuable player than he was the previous year.

Wm (Bill) VerWolf - Center

"Little Bill" with his 6'5" of humanity acquitted himself marvelously for so tall a man. It being his first year on the varsity, Bill gave a good account of himself.

Garret (Rozie) Rozeboom - Center

Rozie came to us the second semester. He began to do his stuff in short order, consequently becoming the best all-round player that Calvin had. In every department of the game he proved to be at home.

John (Hans) Tuls - Guard

Han's first season as regular showed that he is a great player. His style of dribbling cannot be surpassed. Along with this his long shots now and then came in very handy.

Julius (Goof) Bontekoe - Forward

Although Goof did not get into as many games as some of the other players, he showed possibilities of becoming an exceptional forward some day. Through his pleasing personality, Julius was a favorite with the crowd.

John (Rodeheaver) Rottschafer - Guard

A steady consistent player was Rotch. For so big a man he could handle himself rather gracefully, shown by the fact that he often came within striking distance of making a basket.

Cornelius (oldy) Oldenburt - Guard

no narrative

Page 115 - Meet Our Reserve (Basketball) Team

photo with last names only: Zandstra; Roelofs; VanBruggen; Hollander; Timmer; Bielema; Fynewever; Cornelisse; DeHaan; Smith; Drukker

Page 116 - The 1927 "PRISM" Staff

photo of William T Radius & Frank VandenBout

William T Radius, Editor-in-Chief; Frank VandenBout, Business Manager; Grace Peterson & Meindert DeYoung, Literary Editors; Dick Mellema, Organizations; Marianne C Vox, Alumni; Cornelius Oldenburg, Athletics; Arthur Lanning, Advertising Manager; Siebolt Frieswyk, Subscription Manager; Cornelius VanSchouwen, Humor; Catherine VanderPloeg & Gezina Stuart, Snaps; Jeanette Star, Calendar; Evert Tanis, Photography

Page 122 thru 156 - Advertisers

Kline Mitre-Lock and Art Co; Inc

The Michigan Trust Company

The Jaqua Company

Ryskamp Bros Market

Holsum Bread

Allersma Greenhouses

Broersma's Department Store

The Grand Rapids Press

Vredevoogd Bros

Hekman Biscuit Co

Kent State Bank

Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co

J. N. Trompen & Co

Preusser Jewelry Company

Calvin College Book Store

John G Oom Hardware

Walk-Over Shoes

Hotel Hermitage

Jurgens & Holtvluwer

Freyling & Mendels

Sunshine Laundry

Columbian's Warehouse Furniture Dept

Jos. Siegel Jewelry Co

The Old National Bank

Grand Rapids Trust Co

Herman H Dosker & Co

Morton House

C.A. Justin, Cruises and Tours

VanDenBerg Bros

Standard Builders' Supply and Fuel Co

The Camera Shop, Inc

Michigan Candy Co

Dr. J.C. Foshee

Michigan Lithographing Co

Grand Rapids Nat'l Bank


Riverside Auto Wrecking Co

Oldin Cigars

Wallace Waalkes Meats

Calvin College

Holland Rusk Co, Inc

Hong Ying Lo Cafe

Holland Lumber & Supply Co

Goebel and Brown Inc

Breen & Halladay

Geo. Hoekzema, General Contractor

Hazenberg's Clothes Shop

Kuiper's Clothing Store

Boerema Shoes

John Kamstra Meats

Gerrit Van Strien, Funeral Director

Toren Printing Co


F. J. Kuiper, Dentist

Dutmer's Drug Store

Pipe & Raap Plumbing & Heating

The VanderWerf Printing Co

DeKorne Furniture Co

C. Thomas Stores

Gas Company

LaValla Rosa Cigars

Easton, The Taylor

Ryskamp Brothers Decorators

The L & J Store

Denison, Dykema, & Co

A.B. Knowlson Company

Kramer's Garage

Holland Furnace Co

Knee Heating Company

Droste's Cocoa

The Smitter Book Co

Dr. J.A. VandenBosch, Dentist

C.N.Smith Jeweler

Hoekstra Ice Cream Company

Albert Kol, Pharmacist

S. Harkema Shoes

Economy Dye House

Peter Joppe Dry Goods

Faingold Studios

The Franklin Bakery

Holland American Wafer Co

Golden & Boter Transfer Co

N. Hoekzema Shoes

Transcriber: Terry Start
Created: 11 June 2003