The Printed Maps of Michigan

With a series of over one hundred reproductions of maps
An Historical Atlas
Of the
Great Lakes and Michigan

By Louis C. Karpinski, Ph.D.

Including discussions of Michigan maps and map-makers

By William Lee Jenks, A.M.


Michigan Historical Commission
Lansing, Michigan


Kent County

"Map of Kent county, State of Michigan. Compiled & Published by Sheldon Leavitt, Grand Rapids, Mich." "Merchants Lithographing Company, Agency of Northwestern Contintental Bank Note Co. Cor Randolph & Dearborn St. Chicago." "A.C. Sekell, Del." "E. W. Muenscher C. E. 1870-1."

547. In sections. Whole c. 55 x 60 in. LC

"Scale 1/9600"

Insets: "Map of City of Grand Rapids, Michigan;" "Village of Cedar Sprngs." "Village of South Ada"; "Village of Sparta"; "Village of Casnovia"; "Dalrymple & Dunn's Plat of the Village of Ada" "Village of Alaska"; "Village of Rockford"; "Village of Grattan Center" "Plat of the Village of Lowell"; "Village of Cannonsburg"; and "Plat of the Village of Grandville."

The scale of villages varies from about 400 to 750 feet to the inch.

"Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Kent, Michigan. H. Belden & Co. Lakeside Building Chicago, Ills." Date probably 1875 or 1876 "Engraved & Printed by Chas. Shober & Co. Props. of Chicago Lithographing Co."

548. B. LC.

This map is 15 1/2 x 12 3/4 in.

"Map of Kent County."

Township Plans

"Map of Walker Township. Towns 6 & 7 N. Range 12 W."

"Map of Grand Rapids Township. Town, No. 7 N. or Range, No. 11 W."

"Map of Ada Township. Town 6 & 7 N. Range 10 W."

"Map of Vergennes Township. Town 7 N. Range 9 W."

"Map of Lowell Township. Town 6. N. Range 9 W."

"Map of Cascade Township. T VI N. R. X. W."

"Map of Paris Township. T. No. 6 N. R. No. 11. W."

"Map of Wyoming Township. Town 6 N. Range 12 W."

"Map of Byron Township. Town 5 N. Range 12 W."

"Map of Gaines Township. Town 5 N. Range 11 W."

"Map of Caledonia Township.. T. V. N. R. X. W."

"Map of Bowne Township. Town 5 N. Range 9 W."

"Map of Alpine Township. Town 8 N. Range 12 W."

"Map of Plainfield Township. Town 8 N. Range 11 W."

"Map of Cannon Township. Town 8 N. Range 10 W."

"Map of Grattan Township. T. No. 8 N. R. 9, W."

"Map of Oakfield Township. Town 9 N. Range 9 W."

"Map of Courtland Township. T. No. 9 N. R. No. 10 W."

"Map of Algoma Township. T. 9 N. R. 11 W."

"Map of Sparta Township. Town 9 N. Range 12 W."

"Map of Tyrone Township. Town 10 N. Range 12 W."|

"Map of Solon Township. Town 10. N. Range 11 W."

"Map of Nelson Township. T. No. 10. N. of R. No. 10 W."

"Map of Spencer Township. Town 10. N. Range 9. W."

Each township is on a scale of two miles to an inch and is enclosed without ornamental borders.

City and Village Plans

"Sec. 36 Fisher's Station, Wyoming T."

"Byron Center. Secs. 16 & 21, T. 5 N. R. 12. W."

"Scale 660 ft to the In."

"Ross Station Sec. 26 T. 5. N. R. 12 W."

"Alaska. T. 5. N. R. 10. W."

"Caledonia Station. Sec. 29. T. 5 N. R. 10 W."

"Kent City."
"Casnovia. Kent Co."
"Scale 40 rods to 1 inch."

"Village of Sand Lake. N.E. 1/4 Section 5."

Scale 600 ft to the Inch.


"Village of Lowell. Towns, 6. & 7. N. R. 9. W."

"Scale 40 R. to the Inch."


"Sparta Centre. T. 9. N. R. 12. W."

"Scale 600 Ft. to the Inch."

"Grattan Center. T. 8 N. R. 9 W."

"Cannonsburg. T. 8 N. R. 10 W."

"Grandville. Sec. 17 & 18 T. 6. N. R. 12."

"Scale 660 ft. to an Inch."

"Cedar Springs. T. 10. N. R. 10. & T. 10. R. 11. W."

"Innes & Tinkham's map of Kent County, Michigan. 1855." "M. Acheson; Lith. Chicago."

549. Map itself 34 1/2 x 24 in., without border. D. G.

"Map of Kent county, Michigan, compiled by E. M. Harney & G. A. Randall, Milwaukee, Randall & Co., 1863."

550. 31 5/8 x 30 in. G.

Inset views of churches and residences, and also inset statistical information.

Cities and Towns.

"Map of the village of Ada situated on Section 34. T. 7. N. R. 10. W." "County of Kent Michigan." "Drawn by R. Andrewes Detroit 1836." "W. J. Stone Sc. Wah. City."

551. 19 1/18 x 23 7/8 in. U.B.

"Scale 200 feet to an inch."
Inset of Kent, Ionia and Barry Counties.

"Map of the City of Big Rapids Michigan. Compiled and drawn from recorded Plats, Surveys and other reliable data by James M. Colby Register of Deeds." "The Calvert Lithographing Co., Detroit."

552. 27 x 22 5/8 in. B.

"Scale 400 ft. – 1 Inch."

"Plat of the town of Kent, situated on the rapids of Grand river, the county of Kent and state of Michigan, by J. Almy, engineer." C. 1882.

553. 13 1/8 x 26 1/4 in. G.

"Sketch of Grand Haven, Ferrysburg & Millpoint. Shewing Entrance from Lake Michigan to Harbor, Railroad Depots, & Bayous & C. December 1861." "Lith by J. Sage & Sons, Buffalo, N.Y."

554. 13 1/2 x. 22 1/4 in. LC.

"City of Grand Rapids, Kent Co. Mich. 1853." "Surveyed & Published by Henry Hart. Civil Engineer & Architect, 140 Pearl St. N.Y." "Lith. Of Sarony & Major, New York."

555. 28 x 27 1/2 in. B.

Scale is about 375 feet to an inch. Insets: two views of Churches and "References to Plats & Additions."

"Plat of the subdivision of lots nos. 1 & 2, in section 25 township 7 N R 12 W, state of Michigan, generally known as the Mission Reserve & constituting part of the 5th ward of the city of Grand Rapids, as surveyed and laid out for the proprietor J. W. Converse, esq., by J. Almy, Nov. 1st 1856, and recorded in the Register's officer in the county of Kent in liber 7, at page 560." "Boston, F. F. Oakley's lith., 1856."

556. 22 1/2 x 30 5/8 in. G.

"City of Grand Rapids, Kent Co.": See "Map of the State of Michigan… By Samuel Geil, 1864."

"Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1868." "Drawn of A. Ruger." "Chicago Lithorgraphing Co… Chicago."
557. 33 3/4 x 17 1/2 in. NYP.

Large lithograph.

"Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1874. Charles Shober & Co., publishers. Chicago, Chicago Lith. Co., 1874."
558. 20 x 28 in. G.

Inset lists.

"Plan of the city of Grand Rapids, Mich. Compiled from official recorsd and special surveys, Published by Bird & Waters, 529 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1872." "A. C. Sekell, Draughtsman." "H. J. Tondy… 1872, by Bird & Waters… Washington."

559. 45 1/2 x 42 in. LC.

Views of 6 buildings. Plats: "Map of the City of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Mich. From Official Records, Original Plats and Actual Surveys by John F. Tinkham, C. E. 1872." "Entered February 1872 by John F. Tinkham…"

"Map of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1876."

560. 29 7/8 x 28 1/4 in. B.

Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
Created: 11 January 2002