The Whatsoever Circle

(Grand Rapids Herald, December 31,1 1933)

Many years ago the Whatsoever Circle was organized by a group of high school girls, many of whom are still active members. The object of the circle as stated at the first meeting was charity.

The name then as now was the Whatsoever Circle, with the texts, "And whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do even so to them" and "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might," as guiding versions.

Weekly meetings at which sewing is the main occupation have continued summer and winter throughout the years even if only one or two are in the city to attend.

In the early years, bedding and garments were made for the needy and only this past winter two ambitious members bought materials and cut out garments and assisted by other members, made over 100 dresses for children. This was in addition to sewing on articles for the annual sale, the proceeds of which go to the maintenance of the Whatsoever endowment fund of Blodgett Memorial hospital.

For many years the circle’s funds from sales, gifts, and earnings were used to buy hospital equipment and assist those in need. Then it was decided to concentrate on a fund for some special purpose, which resulted in the establishment of the above mentioned fund.

For more than 20 years one of the members, Mrs. William H. Gay, president, has opened her home for the annual sale which each year adds a substantial sum to the fund’s principal, the interest on which is used by the hospital for the sick.

It is to the credit of the Whatsoevers that in the past lean years the fund has kept on growing and through its administration, hospital care has been given worthy mothers and their babies, the eyesight of one man has been saved and temporary relief afforded a paralysis case which needed emergency care at the hospital.

Resident members of the circle are: Mesdames David S. Brown, H. H. Fitzgerald, William H. Gay, William H. Gilbert, William Hoag, Isaac S. Keeler, Miner S. Keeler, Carl E. Mapes, Samuel A. Norman, E. Burton Newell, Charles R. Sligh, Orin A. Ward, Frederick P. Wilcox and the Misses Mary M. Bonnell, Cornelia E. Campbell, Eva J. Daniels, Kate L. Enos, Elizabeth Herkner and Clara T. Limbert.

Out-of-town members include the Misses Boltwood, Goshen, Mass.; Mrs. Jay Freeman, New York City; Mrs. James Gray, Carmel, Calif.; Mrs. Arthur Denison, Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Rosalie Rickenbaugh, Pasadena, Calif., and Mrs. Hugh S. Wilson, Wellesley, Mass.

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Created: 11 April 2007