West Side Ladies’ Literary Club
(Article – Monday, January 2, 1939)

The following have made reservations for the Wednesday club luncheon:

Mrs. Charles L. Ball, Mrs. Harry Budde, Mrs. C. A. Crumback, Mrs. George C. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Maxwell H. Frost, Mrs. Lutvig S. Goolian, Mrs. Leon C. Gray, Mrs. George Hoogerhyde, Mrs. Adrian Laban, Mrs. John C. Lamb, Mrs. A. E. Ludwig, Mrs. James McElwee, Mrs. Edward W. McKnight, Mrs. Charles Parker, Mrs. Fred Pierce, Mrs. Edythe Ruoff Pycock, Mrs. Maurice Raman, Mrs. Henry J. Scheneman, Mrs. Herbert Skinner, Mrs. Ray W. Spring, Mrs. Fred Stoffer, Mrs. Henry B. Struhs, Mrs. William TenHopen, Mrs. Thomas R. Thomasma, Mrs. Jack VanStee, Mrs. W. D. Werner, Mrs. Jack Wheeler, Mrs. James Williams, Mrs. Joe Williams.

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas Noa will be the speaker at the meeting.

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