Old Settlers in Annual Reunion

(Article in Grand Rapids Herald, 1910)

214 at Gathering at Morton House – 19 Have Been Called by Death

The Old Resident’s association met in annual reunion at the Morton house last night, the banquet being attended by 214 guests. There was the usual hour of visiting in the parlor between 7 and 8 o’clock. This hour is always full of interest, as greetings are exchanged by some who meet but this one time in the year.

The usual bountiful supper was the next feature. After all were seated Rev. J. T. Husted offered the invocation. President George W. Thayer presided and made a short address. Rev. J. T. Husted gave the principal address of the evening. A musical program was given by a quartet, consisting of Mrs. Theodore Miller, soprano; Miss Jennie Lewis, contralto; A. Hazenburg, bass and William T. Harris, tenor.

The following numbers were received with hearty appreciate: "We Come With Songs to Greet You", "My Old Kentucky Home", "Michigan Pioneers" sung to the air of "Red, White and Blue", and "The Old Oaken Bucket".

The president spoke of the members who during the last year have passed to their reward, and read the list, as follows:

Mrs. S. S. Bailey, January 5, 1909

Solon W. Baxter, May 15, 1909

L. M. Carey, 1910

Miss Helen P. Cutler, April 5, 1909

Mrs. Aseuth Fisk, 1910

Mrs. Harriet Fisk, December, 1909

Col. P. V. Fox, February 20, 1910

Mrs. Cornelia G. Fuller, June 6, 1909

Augustus Godwin, March 22, 1909

Mrs. Mary A. Goldsbury, August 8, 1909

Edwin D. Hogadone, May 24, 1909

Harvey J. Hollister, September 24, 1909

Frederick Immen, June 19, 1909

John W. McCrath, February 8, 1910

William T. Powers, June 17, 1909

Fred W. Spraker, February 12, 1909

W. A. Stone, February 18, 1909

Mrs. Geo. W. Thompson, January 2, 1910

John C. Wenham, November 26, 1909


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