NO. 5, K. T.

Stationed at Grand Rapids, Mich.

Compiled by Sir ED. D. BENEDICT, Sir S. E. WATSON, Committee



DeMolai Commandery was organized at Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 23, 1856, under dispensation from Wm. B. Hubbard, Grand Master of Grand Encampment of U. S. A., bearing date May 9, 1856.

There were present the following Sir Knights: Rev. F. H. Cuming, P. G. C.; John Gilbert, Jr., G.C.; Rev. F. A. Blades, C. F. Ashley, Geo. F. Kelley, Fred Hall, Thomas Anderson, of Detroit Commandery No. 1; George W. Lusk, Peninsular Commandery No. 5; Calvin Merrill, P. G. C., Hartford, Conn.

D. S. Leavitt, named in dispensation as Grand Commander. Wm. P. Innes, as Generalissimo. Fred Hall as Captain General. Sir F. H. Cumming, presiding, assisted by Sir Knights Gilbert and Lusk.

After preliminary proceedings, Sir John Gilbert, as E. C., formed and opened the Commandery under dispensation.

By-laws were adopted August 29, 1856.

DeMolai Commandery No. 6 was constituted by Sir F. H. Cuming, P. G. C., under authority from the Grand Master of the United States of America, Nov. 11, 1856.

The following resolution was adopted March 5, 1857.

Resolved, That when the Commanderies "who have petitioned for letters of dispensation or warrant to organize a Grand Commandery in this State" meet for that purpose, we unite with them in the organization.

January 8, 1858, received invitation to be present at the organization of a State Grand Commandery at Detroit, Mich., Jan. 11, 1858. The following was adopted:

Resolved, That we accept the invitation extended to this Commandery by Eminent Sir John Gilbert, Jr., to be present at the organization of a State Grand Commandery at Masonic Hall, in the City of Detroit, Mich., on the 11th of January, at 7 o’clock P.M., and that the E. C., G. and C. G. of this Commandery, or such other Sir Knights as the E. C. may appoint to fill any vacancy that may occur in either of the above named officers, to be our delegates.

July 2, 1858, received Charter from Grand Commandery of Michigan as DeMolai Commandery No. 5.

June 2, 1873, Em. Sir L. H. Randall presented Commandery with solid silver libation set.

April 23, 1875, Commandery entertained by Em. Sir. L. H. Randall at his residence.

June 1, 1875, Commandery escorted Rt. Em. Sir L. H. Randall, G. C., to Kalamazoo.

Sept. 4, 1875, Commandery entertained Milwaukee Commandery No. 1, of Wisconsin, and a detachment of Peninsular Commandery No. 8, of Kalamazoo.

Oct 10, 1876, Commandery visited Centennial at Philadelphia, Pa.

June 6, 1877, Commandery visited Milwaukee, Wis.

May 30, 1878, Ascension Day, Commandery attended services at St. Mark’s Church in a body.

August, 1878, Commandery went to Put-in-Bay on excursion.

Nov. 17, 1878, Commandery attended services at the Universalist Church.

April 11, 1879, Commandery attended services at St. Mark’s Church.

August 15, 1880, Commandery went to Chicago, mounted, to attend 21st triennial Conclave. Returned August 19, with solid gold bugle and pair of handsome silk guidons awarded us as first prize for mounted drill.

Nov. 5, 1880, received from Ivanhoe Commandery, No. 8, of St. Louis, Missouri, acknowledgment of courtesies, while at Chicago.

May 8, 1882, Commandery attended 26th Annual Conclave of Grand Commandery of State at Detroit, Mich., 60 strong.

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Created: 28 May 2004
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