Officers of Violet 34, Rebekah Lodge, 1949

Marie Timmer, Noble Grand
Grace Belding, Vice Grand
Ruth A. Kinsel, Secretary
Flossie Whipple, Financial Secretary
Lavola Dilley, Treasurer
Olive Brady, R. S. To Noble Grand
Blanche Shaw, L. S. to Noble Grand
Orvena Johnson, R. S. to Vice Grand
Bernice Montague, L. S. to Vice Grand
Anna Roth, Chaplain
Doris Dove, Warden
Carrie Stellingworth, Conductor
Ruby Riker, Musician
Lavola Dilley, Captain
Ruth Jones, Outside Guardian
Mabel Bailey, Inside Guardian
Orvena Johnson, District Deputy

The Financial Secretary is: Mrs. Flossie Whipple, 112 Valley Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids 4, Michigan,
Phone 8-3394, who receives the dues of the lodge.

Contributor: Nancy Myer
Created: 23 July 2011