Kapi Club

(Monday, January 2, 1939)

The Kapi Club will honor its alumnae with a tea on Monday afternoon in the home of Jean Ann Daily of Benjamin Avenue.

Invitations have been sent to Jeanne Frisby Caldwell, Mary Jane Hagens, Alice Himes, Alice Hilardis, Jane Vannell, Ann Hamilton, Jean Wagner, Jane Phillips, Margaret Gezon, Jean Perkins, Ruth Bertsch, Valaire York, Ann Kingston, Mary Honeker, Helen Rigterink, Esther Miller, Bernice Bates, Betty VanPutten, Betty Cale, Jeanne Vining, Betty VanDuren, Florence VanderWerf, Mary Eileen Talbot and Maryal Boyd.

Others asked to attend are Ruth Darby, Janet Emerson, Janet Everest, Gail Everest, Jane Merrill, Maurine Palmer, Kathryn Zimmer, Marian Solomon, Barbara Wykes, Mrs. J. Garden Boyce, Mrs. Edward Tubbs and Mrs. Howard Davidson.

Mellia Overholt, Eleanor Westerman and Phyllis Barrows will pour. Miss Barrows and Julianne Kruse are in charge of reservations.

Plans for a date spread for members and their escorts have been completed for Thursday evening. After which, a group will go tobogganning.

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