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Members - Grand Rapids Lodge No. 11, I.O.O.F - 1889
From a booklet of members and by-laws belonging Henry Redlich,
initiated into Enterprise Lodge No. 212 I.O.O.F, Grand Rapids, Mich. in 1883.

E. Anderson
B. Allen
W. Bloomfield
J.P. Bloomfield
J.P. Best
W.H. Brown
M.H. Briggs
J.D. Burns
James H. Beddow
C.W. Bentley
H. Brown
W.L. Coffinbury
M.S. Carpenter
B.F. Canfield
J.C. Campbell
O.P. Colman
J.W. Crater
Frank W. Curtiss
E.A. Devendorf
Oscar Dye
W.H. Downs
W.H.S. Dear
Arch Elston
F. Eckhardt
S.A. Engle
Henry Fralick
R.A. Ferrall
A. French
G.V. French
John Fee
J.W. Freid
W.E. Grove
J. Gardner
C.N. Grove
J.B. Guilliford
S. Gutman
W.B. Hodges
Julius Houseman
M.W. Hufford
S.J. Hufford
W.J. Hunt
W.F. Hawks
W. Haynes
Frank W. Hays
C.L. Ives
J.A. Jones
F. Kennzel
L. Kipp
T.H. Lones
I.C. Levi
J.J. Levy
Elias Matter
O.C. Martin
F. Mattison
R.W. Merrill
J. Maus
J. Magson
J.L. Moon
F.L. Moone
Conrad Mueller
A.H. McIntyre
G.B. Osborn
C.P. Pickle
J.P. Purdy
O.M. Pierce
J.J. Porter
L.H. Phillips
E.F. Porter
F.A. Prindle
D.A. Raynor
G.H. Rackett
C. Ringold
Thos. Remington
W.H. Ross
H. Redlich
J.C. Riley
W. B. Sartwell
A. Smith
J.C. Surprise
A. Sweet
H. Schnable
D.E. Spencer
Wm. J. Standley
Aaron Stone
T.S. Stone
T.S. Tompkins
P. Tupper
S. Tyroler
P. Thibout
M. H. Treusch
H. Thum
S.J. Tucker
P.O. Voorheis
H. VanSplunter
M. VanFrank
J. VanValkenburg
Jas. VanSplunter
G.H. White
G.E. Wardell
C.E. Willmarth
J. Watson
W. Wiley
T.C. Ward
O.J. Wilder
H.N. Wilder
A. Yates

Document Source: "Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11, I.O.O.F., 1889" - Pamphlet of Members and By-Laws
Location of Original: Deposited at G.R.P.L.
Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
Total Names: 106
URL: http://kent.migenweb.net/masonic/gr11ioof1889.html
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