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Kent County, Michigan Queries 1996-1998 (Part 3)

Eldon Olson

My Grandmother's grandfather, William Briggs (b. 1804 in NY), died in Kent County in April 1877. I would like to ascertain the town where he died (and if possible, the day in April 1877).

Juli Ann
,KUIKSTRA, VISSER, BALL, BUDZYNSKI, FAULKNER, MICHALAK>Poland>Kent County>1880-1882, Joseph married to Antonia

WLODARCZYK> Poland>Kent County. They had Stanley Michalak married to Cora.

KUIKSTRA>Kent County. Cora's parents were Sanders Kuikstra and Petranella

VISSER>Kent County. Joseph and Antonia had a daughter Mary that wed Chas.

BALL>Kent County>daughter, Hattie that wed Edmund Budzynski>Kent County, daughter Frances that wed Fred WEBSTER>Kent County, son Frank that wed Katherine Faulkner.

The name Wlodarczyk is sometimes spelled Wudarek on the marriage licenses. I am able to trace to Joseph's father, Ignatious Michalak. Any info on any of these people or if you think we may be related please contact me. I will share all info that I have.

Also does anyone know what the POLISH CATHOLIC cemetery is called today in Grand Rapids??

Thanks so much, JuliAnn41@aol.com

Jon Hoover

We are trying to locate information about Hoover, Samuel m. Maria Abling (not marriage date). He was buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Greenville. Any information about him would be helpful. This line has been hard to trace. No info on his parents etc.

Thanks for help.
Jon Hoovar

Steve and Betty Snow

George Smith (1821-1901) his wife (Sarah last name uncertain) are buried in Caledonia Cemetery, Kent Co. MI. We are searching for further information about them and their descendants.

Shauna Dorman

Looking for information about the person who may have married Polly Peterson in the 1870's or earlier. They had a daughter, Vesta Pratt, who was my grandmother. She married Claude Sintz in 1903 in Grand Rapids, who built engines in Grand Rapids around the turn of the century? One of his engines was in the first automobile that was driven on the streets of Grand Rapids. The Pratts and Petersons were from Caledonia Township. Where can I find this information.

Beth Bourque

Looking for any information on Judge(?) Charles (?) Burlingame. Supposedly. Burlingame Ave. in Wyoming was named after him. I'm trying to establish a link through him to the Eddy family of 1630's Plymouth, Mass. Also looking for any connection he may have had with the Barnes family of Barnes, PA which should ultimately link him to the Eddy's. Thanks

Brenda L. Parker

I am searching for Maggie L. (nee Parker) Leonard and John D. Leonard who were married in Kent county in the year 1898. Anyone with info on this couple please e-mail. We have marriage license in the family bible, but no reference to where she and her husband fit in the line.


I am looking for the birth record of Betty Durham she was born abt. 1931. Possible Fathers name Michael Hyde spelling questionable on both names. Mother was Genevieve Durham. She is my grandmother. Need medical records for hereditary asthma disease.

Phyllis Metzger

My ancestor, Kirk Wood, was born in Kent County July 7, 1839, "near where the city of Grand Rapids now stands." His parents were Amos and Mary Wood. Kirk's sister, Alice Wood was also born in Kent County. The family moved at some time to PawPaw, Van Buren County, MI. I am most interested in finding more information about this Wood family.

Ed LaPreze

I am trying to locate any of the above surnames. Alexander LaPreze is buried in Newaygo Co. but resided in Kent Co. Most of his family and offspring resided in Kent Co. and Newaygo.

Edward LaPreze
Computer Automation Specialist
(417) 944-2220

Chris Mullen

Looking for information regarding COOPER, Samuel, died?? (age 94) at Plainfield, MI. Reported born in ENG.

many thanks
Chris Mullen

Karen Seibert

I am looking for information on Joseph Balcer (Balcerowicz before he changed it) and his wife  Mary Balcer (maiden name Lazarski). They lived in Grand Rapids and I don't have a time frame for their deaths other than after 1920. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Ben Pugsley

I'm attempting to locate information about my wife's mother, Lydia Louise Patton, born about 1882 in Kent county MI.

Any help would be appreciated.

From: Bob & Joyce
Reply-To: lucky@adelphia.net

I am searching for family members of Sidney Wetherbee.
Mr & Mrs. Sidney Wetherbee
sons: Leslie Russell Fales & Jack Wetherbee
daughters: Anita & Juanita Wetherbee
Leslie Fales had two daughters: Me (Joyce Fales) and Leslie Ann Fales, who was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mrs Wetherbees name may have been Clara Gang Fales Wetherbee (I am not sure)  All I know is that my dad, Leslie Fales, died in 1947 and I have never seen my
grandparents, my uncle , my aunts or my half-sister. and I would like to know more about them.

a better email address for me is: bhomeier@hotmail.com

From: "Jodi Jakeway"

Hello Mary,
I love this site....I use the NY GenWeb quite a bit...so many of our MI ancestors came from there! I have a website listing 2901 persons (939 families), all that eventually end up in MI.

The URL is http://familytreemaker.com/users/j/a/k/Jodi-L-Jakeway
The title of my page is "The Jakeway/O'Connor Homepage.

Will this site eventually get a cemetery listing? I find that the most useful at other GenWeb sites....looking forward to all your updates!
Jodi Jakeway
Belding, MI

From: "Larry Loiselle"
Subject: Vanderleest Family
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 19:11:54 -0500
 Can anyone provide any more information on these families, e.g., birth, marriage, death dates and places. Help?

Larry D. Loiselle
Route 2 Box 75-G
Manor, Texas 78653
(512) 272-5770

Descendants of Reink VANDERLEEST - 7 Jun 1998


1. Reink VANDERLEEST1 died on 26 Oct 1913 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.1

He was married to Tryntje ???.1 Reink VANDERLEEST and Tryntje ??? had the following children:

+2 i. Minnie VANDERLEEST.
3 ii. Bessie VANDERLEEST1.
4 iii. Edna VANDERLEEST1.
5 iv. Hattie VANDERLEEST2.
6 v. Jessie VANDERLEEST1.
7 vi. Hattie VANDERLEEST1.
8 vii. Ann VANDERLEEST1.


2. Minnie VANDERLEEST was born on 5 Sep 1895 in Grand Rapids, Michigan,USA.
2 She died on 1 Apr 1962 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.3 Minnie was married to Herman Van Sluyters (son of Joseph VAN SLUYTERS and Annie KAREL
born on 2 Aug 1895 in Holland, Michigan, USA; died on 21 Mar 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.). Minnie VANDERLEEST and Herman VAN SLUYTERS had
the following children:

+9 i. Donald VAN SLUYTERS.


9. Donald VAN SLUYTERS was born on 23 Apr 1924 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.2

He was married to Lois Jean RINGELBERG (daughter of Nicholas John RINGELBERG and Gertrude VERBRUGGE) on 10 May 1947 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 5  He was divorced from Lois Jean RINGELBERG in 1972 in
Lansing, Michigan, USA.5 Lois Jean RINGELBERG was born on 4 Jun 1925 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.5 Donald VAN SLUYTERS and Lois Jean RINGELBERG
had the following children:

+10 i. Ronald VAN SLUYTERS.
+11 ii. Karen Suzanne VAN SLUYTERS.
12 iii. Mark VAN SLUYTERS was born on 23 Oct 1954 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.2

He was married to Lois HIGDON in May 1973 in Lansing, Michigan, USA.2 Lois HIGDON was born in Michigan, USA.2


10. Ronald VAN SLUYTERS was born on 22 Mar 1949 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.2

He was married to Jacqueline BROWN.2

11. Karen Suzanne VAN SLUYTERS was born on 30 Apr 1951 in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, USA.6 She was baptized in Oct 1975 in South Baptist Church,
Lansing, Michigan.6 Born to Donald Van Sluyters and Lois Jean Ringelberg.
She graduated from Sexton High School, Lansing, Michigan in 1969. In 1974
she graduated with a BS Degree in Retailing from Michigan State University.
 Later she took 48 semester hours of Accounting at Austin Community College
and passed the CPA Examination in 1996. She currently holds a CPA license
and works as an Accountant. She was married to Larry Dale LOISELLE (son of
Virgil Willus LOISELLE and Erma Clara OESTREICH) on 16 Oct 1974 in East
Lansing, Michigan, USA.6 Married in the Alumni Chapel at Michigan State
University. Larry Dale LOISELLE7,7 was born on 18 Dec 1942 in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, USA.6 On October 9, 1976 Larry and Karen moved to Austin, Texas
and then in December 1976 moved to the country outside of Manor, Texas.
Karen Suzanne VAN SLUYTERS and Larry Dale LOISELLE had the following children:

13 i. Christy Cherie LOISELLE was born on 21 Aug 1976 in Lansing, Michigan, USA.6 Born at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan at 11:23 a.m. She is a Junior at Texas A&M University majoring in Environmental Engineering.
14 ii. Timothy Christopher LOISELLE was born on 31 Jan 1979 in Austin, Texas, USA.6 Born at Seton Hospital at 2.42 p.m. (first of twins). He graduated from Manor High School in May 1997 and entered the U.S. Army in July 1997.
15 iii. Thomas Christopher LOISELLE was born on 31 Jan 1979 in Austin, Texas, USA.6 Born at Seton Hospital at 2:46 p.m. (second of twins). He graduated from Manor High School in May 1997 and entered the U.S. Army in Sep 1997.
16 iv. Michael Christopher LOISELLE was born on 25 Mar 1983.6 Born at Seton Hospital at 8:23 p.m. He is in the 10th grade at Manor High School.

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Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 11:07:53 EDT
To: mrivette@iserv.net

I am looking for information that would show the relationship between Frederick C. Tusch (1808-1866) and Frederich W. Tusch (1814-1892) both residents of Kent County Michigan at the time of death.

Also for information on linked names of Ackerman, Meisner and Kortlander.

From: JuliAnn41
Message-ID: <6abcf993.34faefe1@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 12:43:59 EST
To: mrivette@iserv.net
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Subject: Surnames

MICHALAK>Poland>Kent County>1880-1882, Joseph married to Antonia
WLODARCZYK>Poland > Kent county. They had Stanley MICHALAK married to Cora
KUIKSTRA> Kent county. Cora's parents were Sanders KUIKSTRA and Petranella
VISSER> Kent county. Joseph and Antonia had a daughter Mary that wed Chas.
BALL > Kent county> daughter, Hattie that wed Edmund BUDZYNSKI> Kent county,
daughter Frances that wed Fred WEBSTER> Kent county, son Frank that wed
Katherine FAULKNER. The name WLODARCZYK is sometimes spelled WUDAREK on the
marriage licences. I am able to trace to Joseph"s father, Ignatious MICHALAK.
Any info on any of these people or if you think we maybe related ,please
contact me. I will share all info that I have.
Also, does anyone know what the POLISH CATHOLIC cemetary is called today in
Grand Rapids??
Thank you so much, JuliAnn41@aol.com

From: Rob Zaagman
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To: mrivette@iserv.net
Subject: Surname ZAAGMAN

From: Rob Zaagman

A citizen of the Netherlands currently working in New York, I am
researching my family's history including those who reportedly emigrated
to the USA. As that part of our history is particularly murky, I would
be interested in ANY information on persons with the surname of  Zaagman.

30, Bradford Avenue
Rye, NY 10580
(914)835-5574 (private)
(212)697-5547 (work)
(212)370-1954 (Fax work)

From: "Bryan Frazier"
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 21:55:15 -0700
SLOOTMAKER m Mia (Eva) VANVLIET in Holland =
before migrating to the U.S.
 I am trying to find the first name of Mr. SLOOTMAKER. He was killed in an explosion at the "gasworks", cc mid 1800's, in Grand Rapids. They had 4 children, Corniel, Andrew, Minnie and Jennie. After Mr SLOOTMAKER,s death Mia (Eva) married John DEPORTER. They were 
separated before the birth oftheir only child Adrian. Because of extreme hard feelings Adrian was named SLOOTMAKER at his birth. Adrian was my grgrandfather.
Corniel had 5 children, Micheal, =
Andrew, "Little" Adrian, Rena and possibly Martin. 
Jennie SLOOTMAKER m KRUGER. Her daughter Rena KRUGER m BLOOM.
Adrian "SLOOTMAKER" m Lora M. Wilson and had 2 children Alice died at age two years and John Adrian (aka =
Herbert Martin) my father.
Mia (Eva), my gr gr grandmother ran a boarding house in Grand Rapids for many years.
From: Jacboni@aol.com

Subject: Re; Kent Co Babcock/POWLEY

Hello Mary,
this is the first time to visit your kent co page. I am trying locate the parents of my GM Anna Mariay POWLEY, she was born 22 Jun 1876 Lowell Kent MI.
My query is to find something about her parents. In the 1880 census I find the family, it says her mother Mary or Marie Babcock was born in OHIO? how do you look for someone when you only have a state? Her parents may be Charles and
Rilla Babcock b in NY. That is all the information I have on her, please tell me where to look for help in finding them. Very much appreciated. Bonnie
Ferguson jacboni@aol.com

From: THoff57416@aol.com
Received: from THoff57416@aol.com

Searching for the names of three children born to Gilbert and Alice BAULER VANHOUTEN. Gilbert VAN HOUTEN and Alice BAULER were married in Grand Rapids in 1904. They had five children between 1904 and 1913. Gilbert developed TB and the family moved to Horseheads or Erin New York for treatment. He died in New York sometime after 1909. Alice returned to Kent Co. after his death with
William and Grace and possible two more children. She remarried to Lucius Acker about 1913 in Eaton Co. William and Grace were the only two children surviving at that time. Alice was a first cousin to Julia BLAZEN who married
Julius TISCH. Julius was a mayor of Grand Rapids. The TISCH family also may have lived at Marne at one time. Reply to Becky at THoff57416@aol.com

Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:02:45 -0400
From: "marlene.h"
Subject: Quillan Family
To: mrivette@iserv.net

The first 10 years of my life were under the guidance of Arthur Thomas Quillan, b 19 April 1888, Parnell...d 28 Oct 1970, b St. Patrick's Cemetery. The story is he was the youngest of ten boys, his mother passing soon after his birth. His father was a tailor.
He had brothers Frank, Andrew, and so on.
Do your church records, or cemetery records have any history for this family?
They need inclusion in our family history because of the contribution made to our growth by these wonderfully Irish men. Arthur was surrogate grandfather to us.
Thank you for your response.
Marlene Bricker Hansen
Kalamazoo, MI
(616) 375-7351
e-mail: marlene.h@internetmci.com

From: TerryOwens
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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 10:15:09 EDT
To: mrivette@iserv.net

Subject: Query Mauk

FREDERICK MAUK born Nov 1852 Pa, died June 26,1929 Grand Rapids Mi, buried
Graceland Memorial Cemetery, married CARRIE E ELWAY born May 1860 Pa, died
March 30,1947 Grand Rapids Mi. These are their children.
1.WILLIAM C MAUK born abt 1875
2.ROBER R MAUK born Oct 1880 Pa, died 1944 Grand Rapids Mi, married ANNA.
3.NELLIE E MAUK born April 1885 Pa, married WALTER BOTTS. they had a daughter
4. ETHEL M MAUK born Oct 1887 Pa, died in the Spring of 1947 Grand Rapids Mi,
Graceland Memorial Cemetery. married FRANK?
5. FRED M MAUK born April 1890 Pa, married a Phillippine Girl (name unknown)
Fred & his wife had 2 daughters- Carrie who was killed in an automobile
accident, and Betty Mauk
6. RALPH A MAUK born nov 17,1892 Pa, died May 1980 Grand Rapids Mi, married
7. RUTH ELIZABETH MAUK born Jan 29,1895 Pa, married PAUL DENNISON they had a
daughter named PRISCILLA DENNISON.
8. ARTHUR D MAUK born June 5,1898 Altoona Pa, Blair County, died Feb 13,1974
Fl buried in Parkview Memorial Cemetery, Wayne Co Mi. Married JANE SCHADDELEE
March 13,1920 Kalamazoo Mi.
9. 1920 CENSUS ELVA JANE MAUK born 1902 Pa, married CARL FRANS they had 2 boys


Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 17:40:01 -0400
Subject: Query
Message-ID: <19980713.164523.4294.2.pkswiler1@juno.com>
I have done extensive research on the DEN BRABER surname and would like to exchange information with others with the same interest.


From: "stevejen"
Subject: please help
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 01:22:14 -0700

  I am trying to find where my mother is buried.
   Her name was Jean Miller (maiden name Clark)
  ss# 368346510  born sept 3 1936
  died May 1968
     I am hoping the location of her burial is somewhere, maybe on the death certificate ??...I believe she is in the grand rapids area. ANY information would be helpful.
      Thank you,

steven miller stevejen@gateway.net

Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 00:51:49 -0600

Subject: Pine Grove Cemetery?

Is there a Pine Grove Cemetery in Kent county? I have an Ira H. Abel (d.1874) and his wife Almira (d.1888) that are supposed to be buried in Pine Grove, Alpine, Kent County, Michigan, but have not been able to find such a town or cemetery listed.

Thank you.

Diane Gilligan

From: "Ben Pugsley"
To: mrivette@iserv.net
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 21:32:43 -0600
Subject: PATTON, Lydia Louise
Reply-to: bpugsley@interplus.net


I'm attempting to locate information about my Wife's Mother, lydia
Louise Patton, born about 1882 in Kent County Michigan.

Any help you might be able to provide will be appreciated.

Regards, Ben Pugsley
http://interplus.net/~bpugsley (woodworking)
http://www.geocities.com/heartland/8112/index2.html (Sewing Machines)


I have been looking for a copy of Father John McGee's "The Passing of the
Gael" for years now. Last I knew it's been out of print. Does St
Patrick's in Parnell have copies available? Many of my family is in the
book; (i.e. Kelleys and Murphys)

I await your reply. Thank you.

James R Winslow
9333 Lincoln Blvd Apt 4233
Los Angeles CA 90045-3499

(310) 645-1593 Vox
(310) 645-1594 Fax.Mod

Email: WinslowJR@aol.com
Website: http://www.nvisionet.com


Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 15:11:31 EST
To: mrivette@iserv.net
I am having a difficult time finding listings of death certificates or obits.
I am looking for information on Joseph BALCER (Balcerowicz before he changed
and his wife Mary BALCER (maiden name Lazarski). They lived in Grand Rapids
and I don't have a time frame for their deaths other than after 1920. I very
much appreciate any help you can give to me. Thank you.
Karen Seibert

From: "K Behling"
To: mrivette@iserv.net
Subject: michigan gen web project query

I am looking for information on HILTON family who lived in Alpine &
Walker. David B. Hiton b 3 Sep 1783 md "Hannah b. 11 Dec 1792. Both are
buried in the Brooklawn Cemetary
They had 2 daughters, Mary and Aurilla, and sons John, David W., Leonard
K. and James Kendrick. All came from NY. Does anyone know anything
about the descendents of any of these people?
Does anyone know what part of New York they came from? Any info would be
appreciated. Thanks

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 18:48:08 -0800
From: Norm

Subject: Luce Query

Hi Mary,

I am looking for info re: the death cert and or info on my
gggrandfather. Name was William Addison Luce who died in an accident in
or around Grand Rapids at about 1908/9. He was born on 3/15/1863, m.
Ella Elenora Hinkley. He moved from Osceola County and was killed in
some accident in Kent County. The remainder of the family moved to the
West shortly after his death. Would appreciate any info from you or
contacts to find the info I am seeking, ie. death cert from the county

Norm Williams

From: "Patti Ryan"
Subject: looking for grandfather
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 14:20:39 -0700

Dear Mary:

I am trying to find info on my grandfather, named Clarence Robinson, born
6/23/1895 in Grand Rapids and killed himself by self-inflicted gunshot wound
at Mud Lake, east of Big Rapids on 8/14/38. His father was George Robinson
and his mother was Anna Van Amburgh Wenner. I was always told that we were
descended from Rix Robinson, but I can't seem to find a link. I know Rix had
one son and 2 step-sons. I can't find anything on the step-sons (I feel
strongly that this could be the link).

I would appreciate any help you could give.

Warm regards,
Patti Ryan
5702 Santa Cruz Ave.
Richmond, CA 94804

I am looking for information on a WEAVER family, and am really
starting from "square one." Am looking for ANY information on
the family of Hazel Irene Weaver. (b. early 1900s?)She died in
Grand Rapids, MI, in the spring of 1935. She was the widow of
George GENG? and at the time of her death was married to Harry A.
PAPPAS. She had several siblings, all believed to have lived in
MI: Donald, Clarence, Leroy, Stanley, Glen, Chester, Albert,
Alma, Rose, Gladys, Beatrice, Mabel. Any information on this
family will be appreciated.

Steve McCracken

From: Chris Mullen
Subject: Kent Query - COOPER, Samuel

Looking for information Reguarding COOPER, Samuel, died ?? (age 94) at
Plainfield, MI.

Reported born in ENG.

Many thanks,

Chris Mullen

From: Reese Jeppsen
Reply-To: rjeppsen@silverstar.com
Subject: Kent Query

Looking for information on Orson Cook and Maryette Rice who married
about 1839. Found in Gaines, Kent censuses 1855-1870.
Irene Jeppsen

Subject: Kent Query
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 19:57:21 -0400

Looking for any info on Rosa A. Burch REED (b. 11 3 1876 in Casco Twp.,
Allegan Co., MI. She married Ulysis S. Grant Reed on March 12, 1896 in
Allegan Co., MI. They were in Grand Rapids in 1950. They had 4 known
children: Emery, Metta (who possibly m. Albert Vansinger), Nina and Elwin.
 Rosa's parents were Henry and Harriet Hurlburt Burch.
I am also looking for any info on Amos BURCH(b. March 1855 in Indiana). He
was living in Grand Rapids in 1940. He married Hattie Knowlton on Oct. 13,
1875 in Holland,MI. They had two known children: Effie (b. 6 1 1878 in
Ottawa Co., MI) and Harry G. (George?) (b. aft 1883). Harry married Etta
Purchase on Luly 4, 1903 in Ottawa Co. They had a daughter die on May 10,
1904. No other info is known.
Any info is welcome

Reply-To: rrhanle@ibm.net


Am searching for information about a Charles Buck Whitcomb,
1836-1918. He was born in Port Byron, New York, Cayuga County and in
1861 answered Lincoln's request for volunteers in Coldwater Michigan. He
enlisted, went to the first battle of Bull Run, Manassas and was
captured the third day of the four day battle. He was sent to Libbey
Prison and was bayonetted in the leg by David Todd the keeper of the
prison. Todd was Mary Todd Lincoln's brother. He remained in prison for
13 months and I believe returned to Michigan. He was married to Adele
Marie Pickett in 1867, also from Port Byron, NY. Information I've been
told is that they may have died at Old Sailor's home but I cannot
verify. He was a member of the 1st infantry Michigan Volunteer company
C. Any help locating either their burial plots, or any other information
where I might seek the information would be appreciated. Thank You.
Ron Hanley, Rochester, New York. rrhanle@ibm.net

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