Luke A. White Obituary
(Grand Rapids Eagle - 20 Oct 1858)

In Grand Haven, at the residence of N. H. White, on the 15th inst., at 3 o'clock, a.m., Luke A. White, of New York, after a severe and lingering illness of many months.
The deceased was the third son in a family of seven children, whose venerable parents lie buried in the cherished land of New England. A native of Asfield, Massachusetts, this brother, accompanied by others, came to this place in the spring of 1835, and soon thereafter erected the dwelling that comfortably sheltered his few years' residence here, and which after many intervening years spent in the city of New York, has afforded him its comfort in the last days of his life, and the sacred spot whence his spirit passed to Him who gave it.
To the afflicted widow, who unceasingly and devotedly watched over the dying husband in the home of their early marriage, and to their only child, a son of fifteen years, whose hearts beat with sad bereavement, the patient endurance of wasting disease, and the awakened hope that seethed and lighted up the soul of the new deceased, become their sweetest and surest consolation, and in their bereavement, are they drawn to the Cross, where his spirit professedly found peace in death.
The ?obse---ies? of the departed were attended Sabbath morning, the 17th inst., by a large concourse of friends and acquaintances, who hastened to a most solemn and impressive discourse, on the occasion by the Rev. R. W. Landis, of Ionia. A large procession followed the dead to his last earthly resting place, and there deposited all that was left of him whose fiftieth anniversary that day claimed these mournful solemnizing.
Grand Haven, 18 October 1858

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