Dr. Frances T. Weed Obituary
(Grandville Ave. Record, 3 Aug 1917, pg. 4)

Dr. Weed was born on a farm near Lake City, Minnesota. She graduated from Lake City High School, then from Winona College. After teaching in public schools in Minneapolis she studied nursing. Later she took the medical course at the University of Michigan graduating in 1895.

She then located in the Reelman building on Grandville avenue in Grand Rapids. She became known for miles around her neighborhood, especially in the humbler homes. Many times there was no remuneration. She was not only a medical doctor but a "Father Confessor" who guarded the secrets of her patients. Twice she contracted pneumonia and her physician ordered her to a warmer climate.

She was in Los Angeles about eight years and soon made a place for herself there. She was proud of her bungalow home there. A motto on the wall of her home was, "The world is my country, to do good is my religion."
On the morning of August 3rd a gloom was cast over the whole neighborhood. The doctor was dead.

Rev. Thomas Williams, a personal friend, conducted the services. Miss Chapman, a close friend from Lake City, sang. The pall bearers were: Mr. Johnson, next door grocery man; Mr. leach, hardware man in the next block; Mrs. Russel, who owned the neighborhood plumbing establishment; Mr. O’Connel, local real estate dealer; Mr. Cornelius DeLeeuw, and Mr. Joseph Luxford, the last two formerly from Grand Rapids.

The neighbors brought bushels of flowers picked from their own yards.

She was dressed in her plain white waist, white stiff collar, little black tie, the same as you have seen her in the streets of Grand Rapids. There was her brother, Lincoln Weed, from North Dakota, class mates from Ann Arbor, friends from Minneapolis, Lake City, Grand Rapids and California. I was with the doctor when she made her last call.

(written by G. J. Johnson, 1917)

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