BOY IS DROWNED – Cornelius Stryker

(Grandville Ave. Record – November 15, 1918 – Pg. 1)

Cornelius Stryker, 16 years old, only son of Henry Stryker, 417 Graham street, S. W., was drowned in Grand River near Wyoming yards at 4 o’clock Monday afternoon when he became tired out in an endeavor to swim across the river, and James Jannenga, 18 years old, 661 Oakland Avenue, SW., and Henry Broersma, 16 years old, 626 Oakland avenue, were nearly drowned in an effort to rescue their companion.

The boys were trying to recover a dugout they had seen and all but Cornelius gave up the struggle to recover it, owing to the coldness of the water.

Young Stryker made the attempt but failed. He called for help and the two with him tried their best to get to his aid but failed. The sheriff’s department was notified and at once dragged the river for his body.

Cornelius had many warm friends in his home section who will miss his companionship.

The body not recovered at this writing.

(Grandville Ave. Record, November 22, 1918 – Pg. 1)
The body of Cornelius Stryker, drowned in the river a week ago last Monday, was found about 40 feet from where he went down by the Sheriff’s force on Monday of this week. The remains had not been decomposed as was expected which was a great relief to his parents and friends.

Funeral services were held on Wednesday at the Fifth Reformed church.

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