Mrs. O. Streenstra Obituary

(Grandville Ave. Record, 4 January 1918, pg. 8)

About twenty years ago the now late Mr. and Mrs. O. Streenstra came here from the Netherlands to make their home.

Mr. Streenstra who died about a year ago, may be called one of the earlier Grandville Avenue dry goods merchants. He commenced by selling goods with a grip, and with a small supply of saleable goods. Trade came to him gradually and increased proportionately until he was able to start a store. He prospered by his own efforts until he was able to erect the store now on the corner of A street. Later on he retired, because of failing health. During this time he built a home just north of the store. He also built a small one at the west. At some date later he secured a residence on Caulfield avenue. And so we trace their life history from a business point of view.

Mr. Streenstra died about one year ago and Sunday his wife departed this life at the age of 71 years. Some ten years ago a son died in a most sad way. Then a daughter departed this life leaving two children which the grandparents took charge of and have provided for them. They leave now one daughter, Mrs. O. VanderTil and a son who will no doubt come into possession of the property left. Both were members in good standing in the Franklin Street Christian Reformed church.

Funeral services of the late Mrs. Streenstra was held Wednesday from the home on Grandville avenue, services conducted by the pastor, Rev. Velkamp.

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