Martha M. Stone Obituary
Grand Rapids Eagle - 22 July 1858

In this city, this morning (22nd), Martha M. Stone, daughter of Henry and Mehitable Stone, aged seventeen years, two months and eleven days.
Funeral services, by Rev. Mr. Morgan, at the Methodist Church, tomorrow, at 9 1/2 a.m.
The deceased left the following notes in manuscript:
Let me go! my soul is weary
Of the chains that bind me her,
Let my spirit bend its pinions
To A brighter, holier sphere,
Earth hath many friends who bless me
With their fond and faithful love,
But the hands of angels beckon
To brighter climes above.

Let me go! for earth has sorrow,
Sin, and pain, and bitter tears,
All its paths are dark and dreary,
All its hopes are fraught with fears.
Short lived are its brightest flowers,
Soon its cherished joys decay,
Let me go! I fain would leave it
For the realms of endless day.

Let me go! my heart hath tasted
Of my Savior's wondrous grace;
Le me go where I shall ever
See and know him fact to face.
Let me go! the trees of heaven
Rise before me, waving bright,
And the distant crystal waters
Flash upon my failing sight.

Le me go! for songs seraphic
Now seem calling from the sky,
'Tis the welcome of the angels,
Who, e'en now, are hovering nigh.
Let me go! they wait to bear me
To the mansion of the blest,
Where the spirit, worn and weary,
Finds at last its long-sought rest.


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