Edwin Rhodes Obituary
(Grand Rapids Eagle - 29 Dec 1858)

In Ada, on the 22nd inst., Edwin Rhodes, aged 27 years.
It is seldom our duty to record the death of a person, whose loss will be more deeply felt, or whose departure leaves a greater blank in the community. The idolized son and brother - the stay and counsellor of a family deeply bereaved by the death of the father, whose place he tried to supply; the young man of talent, purity and exalted aims, has fallen, the victim of insidious disease. But he is not dead.
"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."
He was formerly known as a quiet, yet ambitious student in the Grand Rapids Academy; and was beloved by his teacher and associates for his modest manliness. As a student he was laborious and persevering. After finishing his preparatory course, he entered the University at Ann Arbor, and had just completed one-half his Collegiate course, when he was summoned home to the bedside of his dying father. The situation of affairs at home required a suspension of his Collegiate studies, which failing health prevented his ever resuming. He wasted with a lingering consumption and has passed from earth. His end was that of a Christian philosopher, who, looking back on a life well spent, can cast himself on the bosom of his God with unwavering trust, in the full hope of a blissful immortality.
Fair was his form, and pure his soul;
In truth and youthful honor bright
He stood, because his beacon star --
His guiding star was truth and right.
No stain of guilt, disgrace or shame
Is resting on his cherished name.

His spirit, winging for the skies,
Forsook its cumbering earthly clod -
But is it death to leave this clay,
And blend the soul again with God?
As 'tis not life on earth to stay,
So 'tis not death to pass away.

F. E.

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